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quantity of contentBlogging became a very popular way of making money. Nearly 90% of bloggers do not make any money blogging. However, most of them are eager to monetize their blogs as soon as possible. For this reason, bloggers do everything necessary in order to generate high-quality content and drive tons of web traffic. High-quality content will not make you rich if your blog does not get any web traffic. Thus, web traffic means everything. When your web resource has a lot of web traffic, your abilities are almost unlimited. You can become internationally famous, wealthy, and influential. This is why big corporations, individual entrepreneurs, and small businesses chase web traffic.

To monetize a website, a webmaster needs to go through two main stages. The first stage is content creation. Only high-quality content is appropriate for monetization purposes. The second stage is web traffic driving. When your web resource is filled with all the necessary content, you will need to drive big volumes of web traffic. More traffic your website gets, more income you will make. This is a classic rule of online business. To maximize your profit, you need to increase the amount of web traffic on your website. As I have mentioned before, the first stage is content creation. High-quality content is a real king. Without it, all the famous dreams about monetization will remain to be simple dreams. Whether you are willing to drive web traffic through SMM (Social Media Marketing) or SEO, you won’t be able to achieve anything without high-quality content.

It is absolutely clear that high-quality content is a must. There is no way to drive web traffic or make money online without high-quality content. Here comes one of the most popular questions in the online business industry. How much content is enough to start monetizing a blog? This is one of the questions almost every beginning blogger asks himself and professional bloggers. All of us have already understood that the content must be of high-quality. It is absolutely clear. Different SEO researches have proven that plagiarized content has no chances to rank on SERPs. What is more, it is very unlike that some of the users of social networks will be interested in reading duplicate information. Blogging professionals made us clear that high-quality content is a must. This question is already answered, and therefore, I will try to give my answer to the question that still remains to be an open question. How much content is necessary to drive huge volumes of web traffic and start monetizing a blog? This is the question of the current blog post.


If you hope to find the exact number of articles needed to be published on a blog in order to get huge volumes of web traffic, I can assure you that you won’t find them on the Web. Nobody made specific researches on this topic. Nobody concluded the exact theoretical number of blog posts required to drive big amounts of web traffic.


It may look very logical that a website with a big number of articles will attract tons of web traffic. For an amateur in the online business, this may seem to be true. However, if you analyze this case in meticulous details, you will make a stable conclusion that a big amount of content does not guarantee you anything. The popularity of ranking keywords is the most important element in SEO. You may have 10 K high-quality blog posts, but if they have no good rankings of SERPs, you will not get serious volumes of traffic. At the same time, you may have 10 good posts that are connected with extremely popular and searched keywords such as ‘travel, ‘business’, ‘blog’, ‘make money online’, and others. If these 10 pages rank on Google’s first page by the above-mentioned keywords, you will get at least from 50K TO 100 K unique visitors every day. A big amount of pages that do not rank on SERPs is absolutely useless.


As I have previously mentioned, the popularity of your ranking keywords is the most important element of SEO. If you get a few good SERP positions by popular and commonly searched keywords, big amounts of web traffic are guaranteed. This is something you should understand. You should never emphasize you attention at the quantity of content. The qualities of your content and SEO are the most important factors in the blogging business.  I prepared some good infographics in order to prove my words.

Here is a personal blog of Amy Lynn Andrews.

amylynn blogTo be honest, I am not a fan of this blog. I discovered this web resource yesterday. Usually, when I see a popular blog, I start exploring it. I learn about the date it was created, a quantity of blog posts on it, its Alexa traffic rank, its stats in Semrush, and so on. This time, I did the same thing. Amy Lynn’s blog is very popular. Thousands of people visit it every day. Amy Lynn Andrews says that she makes 6 figure profits (annually) by her blog. When a website has big volumes of web traffic, you can make millions of even billions of dollars. It was not a secret for me. Her blog has 76 K position by Alexa, and 37.9 K position by Semrush. This means that her blog gets very serious volumes of web traffic. The blog was created on June 27, 2010. Thus, it is approximately 7 years old. In the beginning, I thought that her blog is filled with thousands of high-quality blog post. During 7 years, it is possible to write thousands of good articles. My blog is only 4 months old and I already have 400 awesome posts. I was truly shocked when I realized that her blog contains only 120 blog posts. I looked up her articles. I cannot say that they have something extraordinary. They are not too long. Neither are they filled with some complicated infographics, photos, and videos. Her blog posts are absolutely simple. With these 120 blog posts, this woman manages to make $$$ $$$ dollars every year. Her blog is enough old, and therefore, search engines value its age. I am a very curious person inclined to analyze different things. For this reason, I decide to look up her stats in Semrush.

Here is what I discovered. semrush rank

With this pity amount of blog posts, Amy Lynn’s blog has 15.3 K keywords ranking in SERPs. If you bided her keywords for advertisement, it would cost you 96 000 $ per month. I thought that there must be something extraordinary in her success. Consequently, I decide to look up her best ranking keywords.

Here is what I saw. keywords ranking

These 120 blog posts got all the popular keywords. She has 865 keywords which ranks are from 1 to 3 on Google. Her blog is # 3 by ‘how to start a blog’ (volume 49.500). This means that at least 49.500 people type this keyword in search boxes every month. Amy’s blog is # 1 by ‘how to blog’ (volume 6.600). As you see, Amy Lynn’s blog got the best positions in SERPs. With this small amount of content on her blog, Amy Lynn Andrews gets tons of organic web traffic on her blog, and make tons of money every day.

The above-mentioned case proves that the quantity of content on your web resource does not matter much. You can get millions of visitors even with a very small number of articles on your blog. A huge number of blog posts is not a must. If you carefully analyze Amy Lynn Andrews’ blog and her success, you will understand how blogging business works. Also, you will understand all the necessary element needed to get serious volumes of web traffic.

Written by Bahtiyar
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