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quora logoIn April 2014, Quora was valued over $900 million. D’Angelo also said the online knowledge base would introduce its first ads in 2015. Today is 20th June 2016 and I still don’t see any ads on Quora. All of us know that Google was not showing any ads at the beginning of its way. This is a common business strategy. All visitors don’t like advertisements. Too many ads on a website may make visitors abandon a service. Quora follows the same strategy. In the nearest future, it is likely to display its first ads. As soon as Quora start it there will be thousands, millions of advertisers ready to pay for ad style promotion.


According to my analysis in the nearest future, Quora may beat such Internet giants like Google, Facebook, and other online leaders.

Why do we search something on the Internet? Because we have questions and we need answers. Can Google give you full answers to your questions? No, it cannot do it. The only think Google can is just to give you millions of different links, which will transfer you to another web resources, where you may find answers to your questions. Some of the links given to you by Google may be outdated and some pages, which you will visit will be empty. Sometimes it may be annoying and you waste a lot of time surfing in the web, then returning back to Google’s search results list, and do the same thing many times. Thus Google does not give you full and detailed answers to your questions.  Even when you find answers to your questions, you don’t even know who gives you the answer. Usually, posts on different web resources are anonymous. There is only 1% of online authors and bloggers who create original content. Others merely copy and steal ready text materials. This means that you can’t surely trust the text material if you don’t know who originated it. Of course, Google will try to refer you to some of the most authoritative web resources, but this also cannot guarantee you anything.    

Let us look at the same situation on Quora. Quora is known as the largest knowledge base on the Internet. When you type your question in Quora’s search box, you will see numerous topics related to your search.  When you choose one, you see several detailed answers with the latest statistics and graphs. You can easily see who answers to the questions. Usually, authors on Quora are people, who have very good education and life experience. You may also see different answers and opinions to the questions. It is clear that Quora gives you the best answers you can find on the whole Internet. The main disadvantage of Quora is that it is a monolingual project. This fact cuts from Quora millions of real human traffic. It would be a great idea for Quora to launch their project in Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic languages. If they do so Quora will definitely outrun Google and become one of the richest websites on the Internet. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.