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backlinks indexedBacklinks building is the most important part of a website’s SEO. In the previous article, I have explained why none of you should underestimate and neglect the importance of link building. In fact, a website’s backlinks are more important than its content. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines put quality and quantity of backlinks as the major ranking factor. There are some differences between Google’s and Bing’s ranking algorithms. However, both of these search engines giants value websites with high-quality backlinks.

If you are reading this blog post, you must have acquired almost everything related to backlinks and backlinks building. I guess you have built hundreds or even thousands of backlinks, and now, you do not see any results. What is more, you do not even see those backlinks in your backlinks profile. You use different online tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Monitor Backlinks, and other SEO services in order to find your new backlinks. Nonetheless, the majority of these SEO tools do not show even 40% of the backlinks you have built. Thus means that your backlinks were not indexed. Thus, your backlinks are absolutely worthless.

The majority of online entrepreneurs assume that link building is absolutely enough to improve rankings on SERPs. These individuals build thousands of backlinks, and then, wait until these backlinks will give them some positive results. These entrepreneurs know almost everything regarding backlinks building. However, they miss one important thing. Backlinks are absolutely useless if they are not indexed by search engines. Only indexed backlinks can give some value to the websites they are pointing at. Hence, you can spend a lot of time building backlinks, and in the results, all your hard work will be absolutely useless.

I knew near to nothing about SEO when I was starting the current blogging project. Soon, I realized that it is absolutely impossible to succeed in blogging without good SEO. Thus, I started learning about SEO. I was visiting different SEO blogs and forums. In the result, I realized that backlinks building is crucial for getting good positions on SERPs. Hence, I started learning to build natural high-quality backlinks. I was dividing my work on this project into two parts. The part of my work was dedicated to creating quality content for my blog. Secondly, I was building backlinks. After some time, I realized that the majority of my backlinks are not even recognized by search engines. I was using different SEO tools to check my blog’s backlinks. More than 80% of my backlinks were not even indexed by search engines. Thus, I wasted a lot of time. Backlinks building consists of two stages. Firstly, you need to build backlinks, and then, you will need to do everything in order to index your backlinks. I was doing the first time whilst the second stage was neglected. Today, I know everything about backlinks indexing. I have tested different backlinks indexing tools and services. I know advantages and negative sides of almost every SEO company that offers backlinks indexing services. I also tested almost everything that helps to index backlinks manually. In this post, you will find different ways to index backlinks.


When it comes to backlinks indexing, you will find out that people have a lot of misconception regarding this topic. A lot of people confuse backlinks crawling with backlinks indexing. Backlinks crawling means making a search engine bot crawl your backlinks. There are dozens of backlinks indexing services on the Internet. However, none of them guarantee that your backlinks will be indexed. The only thing these backlinks indexing services can do is to force a search engine bot to crawl your backlinks. If bots crawl your backlinks, this does not necessarily mean that your backlinks will be indexed. None of the backlinks indexing services can force a search engine to index your backlinks. Only search engines decided to include your backlinks in their index or not. Thus, nothing except Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines is responsible for your backlinks indexing. All the backlinks indexing services offer 100% crawling of your backlinks. When a backlink is crawled by search engine bots, its chances to be indexed will grow. At the same time, already crawled backlinks might not be indexed due to some reasons described in the next paragraph.

Backlinks indexing means getting your backlinks indexed by search engines. In other words, when your backlinks are indexed, they will be included in a search engine’s index. To rephrase it, indexed backlinks will appear on SERPs, and they will add some link juice to the websites they are pointing at. Only indexed backlinks are useful. Backlinks that are not indexed are absolutely useless. These backlinks do not add any link juice to the websites they are pointing at. Thus, if you have built a lot of backlinks and the majority of them are not indexed, your backlinks are totally valueless. Do not expect that no indexed backlinks will improve your blog’s DA( Domain Authority) or PA (Page Authority). As I said, only indexed backlinks are useful. If your backlinks are not indexed, you will need to forget about their existence. Here are some of the reasons why some backlinks are not indexed after crawling.


Spam is a usual thing on the Internet. Almost every webmaster gets loads of spam attacks every day. My blog gets thousands of spam comments every day. At the same time, you will not discover even a single spam comment on my blog. I check all of the incoming comments for spam. If they are spam, I will mark them as spam, and then, delete it. However, there are thousands or even millions of websites on the Internet that allow automatic comments publishing on their web resources. Usually, these websites are filled with spam comments and spam articles. These websites are ideal for Web spammers.

When a search engine bot crawls a spammed site, it is very likely that it will not index the majority of its links. Today, search engine bots are much smarter they used to be a couple of years ago. Hence, a search engine bot can easily identify a spam site. Search engine bots may crawl spam sites, but they do not index their links.

If you have built backlinks on websites that are filled with spam comments and articles, it is very unlikely that search engine bots will index your backlinks. There are thousands of backlinks on a single page of a spam site. Google’s capacity is also very limited. Therefore, it tries to index only the best part of the Web.


As I have previously mentioned, Google’s technical capacity is limited to some extent. It cannot crawl and index the entire Web. Therefore, Google restricts its bots from indexing too many links on a page. Some experts say that Google bots do not crawl and index more than 100 links on a page. Thus, if a page has hundreds or even thousands of links, the majority of them will not be crawled and indexed.


A website’s loading speed is a very important factor in SEO. Usually, crawler bots do not stay too long on a website which speed is very slow. If you have some backlinks on a website which speed is too low, it is very probable that your backlinks will not be indexed.


Google has a very wide blacklist. As Google spam experts say, more than 30 K websites get some types of penalties every day. Over 750,000 are already blacklisted by Google. When a website if fully blacklisted, it will not appear in Google’s index. Logically, Google bots do not crawl and index blacklisted websites. The penalized website might still work. However, its pages are totally removed from Google’s index. Thus, getting backlinks from penalized websites is an absolutely worthless practice.


The Web is tremendously huge. Crawling the entire Internet requires a lot of time and technical capacity. Therefore, Google sets some limits upon Google crawler bots. They are set to crawl and index only high-quality web resources. Moreover, serious websites frequently update their content. While doing it, they submit sitemaps, and sometimes, they ping their pages. These actions make Google bots crawl their web resources. In the result, the majority of links on their pages get indexed. On the opposite side, bad-quality websites are abandoned web resources. Usually, nobody manages or updates them. Consequently, bots have no motivation to crawl or index them.

These are some of the reasons why your backlinks are not indexed. Getting backlinks on high-quality websites will increase your chances of getting these backlinks indexed. Usually, high-quality backlinks are indexed within 2 or 3 days. Sometimes, it happens within a day. This is why you should concentrate on building high-quality backlinks.

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