trafficBlogging is the most popular movement on the Internet. There are near to 300 million active blogs in the cyberspace. Millions of people are blogging, and millions of new bloggers will start writing tomorrow. The blogging industry is developing and prospering. Very soon, all the offline journals, magazines, and newspapers will die. Online blogs and websites will become main sources of information. If you have not started blogging yet, you should do it as soon as possible. Blogging has loads of different benefits that I am going to mention in some of my further articles.

If you have already started blogging, you are already chasing web traffic. Am I right? Web traffic is the most desired thing for all bloggers around the world. When you have huge amounts of web traffic, you are heard by huge amounts of people. When you have large volumes of web traffic, you can easily monetize your blog. Web traffic is king. For this reason, new bloggers are concerned about web traffic more than they are concerned about the quality of their content. This is definitely one of the great es mistakes new bloggers make.

If you have already started blogging and your blog is not getting enough web traffic, there are some particular reasons that cause this situation. You might publish good posts on your blog, but at the same time, you still do not have many visitors. Nobody knows about the existence of your blog. Nobody is aware of those wise things you are writing on your blog. No one can listen to your recommendation and tips. As the result, you are unable to reach people, and of course, you can forget about making money by blogging if your blog is not getting enough web traffic. In this post, I will tell you about the major reasons why your blog receives so pity volumes of web traffic. This information will help you in order to avoid the main blogging mistakes.


Usually, I receive questions from new bloggers who are eager to drive tons of web traffic on their blogs. When I look up their blogs, I see that there are only 3 or 4 posts on them. Here is a question. How can these bloggers expect any web traffic with such a low amount of content on their blogs!? There a few sources of web traffic on the Internet. Some of them are Social Media Marketing, SEO, paid advertisements and promotions. SEO requires a lot of time to start working. When you share the same materials on social networks, you won’t have any results.

If you have just started blogging, you should emphasize your efforts at the quality of content you produce. If you have 50 or 100 posts on your blog, do not expect any serious web traffic. Even if some people visit your blog, they will not return back. People prefer blogs that have huge volumes of information. When a person sees 100 posts on your blog, he understands that you are just a beginner. Usually, we tend to spend more time on the blogs that have a lot of materials. New and empty blogs do not attract our attention.

No matter how good is your SEO or SMM, if you have no enough content on your blog, do not expect serious volumes of web traffic. Even if you manage to drive some, these visitors will never return back to your black. It is very important to have returning visitors on your blog. A big number of returning visitors is a clear sign that your blog is interesting and helpful for people.

If you are a beginning blogger, concentrate your efforts on creating some valuable and unique content. Write new posts when you have some time. Capture good photos. Record stunning videos. Upload original content on your blog. This is the main task you should follow during your blogging activity. Forget about web traffic in the beginning of your project. When your blog has something that can interest people, web traffic will start coming to your web resource.


Since my blog is new, 99,9% of my traffic comes from social networks. Even though I am actively working on my SEO, search engines do not provide my blog with a good amount of web traffic. Thus, social networks are the main sources of web traffic for me. I am not the only one in this situation. If your blog is less than 6 months old, Google and other search engines will treat it as a new website. As you know, search engines do not trust new web resources. Therefore, do not expect good organic web traffic if your blog is new. The only options in this situation are effective SMM campaigns.

Social networks are capable of providing your blog with good web traffic. Nevertheless, your success will fully depend on the quality of SMM campaigns you carry out. It is not enough to merely share your posts on social networks several times a day. SMM is a more complicated activity that requires more professional knowledge and skills.


Search engines can provide a website with high-quality web traffic. This type of web traffic is definitely better than the traffic from social networks. However, SEO needs some time in order to start showing real results. There are loads of people claiming to rank a website on Google within a week or a month. All of these promises are false. Nobody can rank a website within such a small period of time. Even if you build some dofollow backlinks from CNN, BBC, the Huffington Post, Amazon, and other authoritative websites, SE need some time in order to index all the backlinks pointing to your blog. Thus, SEO is something unpredictable. We can be familiar with some SE algorithms; nevertheless, we are unable to concretely predict how search engines will work. If you have just built your blog, it is very probable that you don’t have huge amounts of information on your website. Therefore, most of your time will be spent to generate some good content for your blog. Even if you combine SEO with content creating, it will take at least 6 months for SEO to start working. As Matt Cutts said, for Google, there is no a difference between a 6 months old website and a web resource which is one year old. A 6 months website is not considered to be a new web resource anymore. Usually, after 6 months, a web resource starts getting some web traffic from search engines. Until this time, a blog can receive some visitors from search engines; nevertheless, the number of them will be tremendously low.

These are the main reasons why your blog is not getting enough web traffic. A beginning blog must emphasize all the work at creating high-quality content and building a high reputation within its industry. This is the first step new bloggers should do. It is truly ridiculous to write 5 or 10 posts, and then, start expecting that millions of people will discover your blog. Right now, I have near to 400 high-quality blog posts. All of them are 100% original. What is more, all of the articles on my blog are written personally by me. Of course, 400 is not a big number. But, if we take into consideration that I have prepared this amount of content within three months, I have already achieved good results. Even now, I am not expecting to get tons of web traffic on my blog. I am still working on the content of my blog. Day by day, I add new materials. You should do the same thing. If you are a new blogger, I recommend forgetting about web traffic for now. Concentrate your work at creating good content. Make your blog interesting for your visitors. Make it unique and unrepeatable.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.