succeedSuccess is a very relative concept. For some people, having a family and a couple of children is already a great success. Other people are looking for some local success. Becoming a deputy or a minister in a small city is their daily dream. A small group of people is eager of having a global success. These individuals dream of being featured in Forbes’ top 100, and so on. Becoming a billionaire might be one of the dreams of these personalities. Thus, success is a truly relative concept. From one person to another, the definition of success may differ. For some people, success means wealth and fame. For others, success is a high career position. Anyway, success is sort of a satisfaction. When you succeed, you are not frustrated. Hence, I can claim that success leads to satisfaction. Mainly, it is a psychological type of satisfaction. When you are successful, your ego got what it wanted to have. In a case of a fiasco, your ego is usually very frustrated and disappointed. Some people strive to be successful in order to solely satisfy their ego. For others, success compensates their psychological complexes. From all points of views, success is a very meaningful and abstract concept.

Previously, I have written a lot of blog posts dedicated to success. I have given a lot of arguments to prove that our success does not entirely depend on ourselves. There are loads of different external circumstances that predetermine the level of our success. In most cases, these circumstances do not let us succeed at all. Today, I will not return back to the topic I have discussed in some of my previous articles. I decided to write this post in order to describe some life situations and reasons that do not let you succeed. When I say “succeed”, I mean “to reach your aim.” We always tend to call ourselves successful when we reach our objectives. Otherwise, we call ourselves ‘losers’. If success does not fully depend on the level of your professionalism, skills, knowledge, efforts, and hardworkingness, there must be a lot of other reasons that prevent you from being successful. Hence, I dedicate this blog post to describe these circumstances and factors that limit your abilities to some extent.


This is one of the main reasons why a person cannot succeed. To reach something, you need to be motivated. Nothing in this life happens without a strong motivation. I am writing this article because I have some motivation to do it. First of all, I want to monetize my blog. I want to make money blogging. To reach this objective, I need to produce high-quality content on a regular basis. This is what I exactly do day by day. I see a lot of parents motivating their children to be successful. In most cases, these children are not motivated to succeed. They may have everything they want, or there may be other reasons that prevent them from being strongly motivated. Anyway, parents are not able to force their children to do something they do not wish to do. In this case, we should not expect any success. If a person is not motivated to be successful, nothing and nobody will change his mind.

Analyze yourself. Do you have a strong motivation to become successful? I do not know what does success mean for you. For me, success means millions of dollars and a lot of international fame. This is what I call success. Having a good job may be a success for you. It all depends on the scope of your think. Only a small amount of people around the world have a global think. Most of the world’s population think locally.

Before asking yourself about the reasons of your regular fiascos, ask yourself about your motivation. Do you have any motivation to succeed? Do you really want to become successful? If yes, is it your own thought or somebody strives to motivate you? Thus, you will get a good answer. A strong motivation is more powerful than your skills, professionalism, knowledge, and hardworkingness. Even if you have all the previously mentioned features, you will never success if you have no motivation.


I will be absolutely right if I say that different countries of the world provide their citizens with different opportunities. It is not a secret that a citizen of the USA has more career opportunities than somebody living in Mozambique or Kenya. In fact, the USA is the best region for all types and kinds of entrepreneurship and businesses. If you want to become a worldwide known singer, the USA offers you all the necessary opportunities and chances. You want to write an international bestseller, please, the USA has everything necessary to make your book globally known. Does a citizen of Afghanistan have the same opportunities as someone who lives in Germany? No. This means that all of us are predestined to some extent. Our place of birth predetermines the quality of our further life. There is no need to prove that the level of our success is also predestined by the region where we live. Even if you are more talented than internationally known geniuses, you will never succeed if you live in the wrong region.

Analyze your talents, skills, and abilities. Do you live in the environment that lets you develop and implement your born abilities? This is the most important question you should ask yourself. If you dwell in a bad region of the world that cannot offer you anything but poverty and crime, you will never succeed unless you abandon that place. Immigration will be the best thing you can do in this awful situation. The country where you live is the most important factor that is responsible for your success. Do not blame yourself for being unsuccessful if you live in the biggest hole of the world. You should blame your destiny. Your current geographical situation predetermines your future career and business opportunities.

Today, by the come of the Internet, almost everyone around the globe has equal opportunities to succeed. If you want to become internationally famous, you can use YouTube for this purpose. This video channel is visited by millions of people worldwide. This means that you have some chances to reach your dream. The Internet gives us unlimited opportunities to make money online. Regardless of your geographical situation, you can make money by the help of the Internet. Even though, there are still millions of people who have no access to the Internet. Therefore, people are still restricted and limited by terrible external life circumstances.


Everybody is talking about business. Yes, business sis the best thing to make money. While making business, you do not need to work for a boss. You have a free graphic. You never have to be always on time. You do whatever you want. While doing business, all the success entirely depends on the level of your efforts and creativity. Therefore, business is the best thing all of us can do for a living. At the same time, there is one point that was not mentioned. Even though business is so good, you are not able to start making business if you have nothing to invest. All types of businesses require financial investments. If you want to sell something online, you will definitely need to have some money in order to buy your inventory. Offline business is more expensive than any kinds of online enterprises. For this reason, we can self-assuredly conclude that making business is not free. Not everyone is capable of starting a business. If you have some money left by your rich parents, you can invest them to start a new enterprise. Otherwise, you should forget about making business. Potentially, you might be a very talented businessman. However, if you have nothing to invest, you will remain to be a potentially talented businessman. All your talents will not go further than being potential. There are millions of people who have brilliant business ideas.  These ideas could make them billionaires. At the same time, these unfortunate people have no money to start a business.

Look at your situation. You may have good organizational abilities, knowledge, and skills. You have thousands of great business ideas in your mind. At the same time, you have nothing to invest in your business enterprises. This means that you are a very unlucky person. The absence of money predetermines your further life fiascos. This is one of the most widely spread reasons why thousand or even millions of people will never succeed.


OI never underestimate the importance and influence of genes. In fact, all of us are combinations of 46 chromosomes. 23 chromosomes come from a mother, and the rest 25 come from a father. This means that we unwillingly inherit skills, inclinations, talents, potentials, and abilities of our parents. Usually, a son of a president becomes a president or a powerful person. A person who comes from a military family is very likely to become a soldier or someone who belongs to the military sphere. Homeless people usually produce new homeless babies. This is what I have recognized during my life. There is a sort of people who are genetical losers. These people have no will to win. They are not able to compete other people. This is the reason why they are naturally predestined to be losers. Usually, these people are not able to succeed. Their genetic borders do not let them succeed.

I do not claim that you belong to the number of genetical losers. I do not even know who you are. Anyway, analyze yourself. If you are a genetical loser, it is very probable that you will never succeed.


Sometimes, a person is not able to find his business or career niche. This is one of the common reasons why people cannot succeed. There are some rare people who are universally gifted and talented. These individuals are good at singing, dancing, painting, programming, writing, making business, designing, sports, and many other different things. Usually, these people are not able to find their niche in business or career. To be honest, I have a lot of different talents. I am good at sports, intellectual activities, business, arts, and creativity. I still have not found a single niche for myself. I am preoccupied with diverse activities. Fortunately, I succeed in some of them. I do not want to restrict myself to a single niche. Further, I plan to expand my business.

As I have mentioned, some universally talented people face some difficulties when it comes to professional orientation. At the same time, there are some people who have no talents at all. This group of individuals also encounter some troubles when it comes to identifying their career or business niche. Inability to find your niche is one of the reasons why you cannot succeed.

As all problems, this problem has a treatment. You need to carefully analyze your skills, talents, and abilities. What are you best at? I do not ask about the things you are good at. You may be good at multiple things. However, none of us can succeed in everything. It is always better to find a single sphere, and strive to succeed in it. Further, when you have already achieved some level of success, you can expand your interests and businesses.

It is never late to become successful. We are always young in our souls. If you did not succeed during your youth, do not be disappointed. You are still young in your soul. Which of the above-mentioned factors do not let you become successful? If you recognize some of them in your life, get rid of them as soon as possible. I believe, one day, you will definitely succeed!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.