I will lie if I tell you that I have never tried to smoke. In my teen ages, I was facing the usual problem that every teenager has. Therefore, I had lots of reasons to try smoking. I can assure you that I really didn’t like it. I did not enjoy the odor of tobacco and the process itself, and therefore I never had a chance to become addicted to this terrible habit. I am a conscience man who thinks individually and it is very difficult to deceive me by common trends and movements. Let me tell you about the reasons why I don’t smoke.


If you have already read my previous posts where I enumerate reasons to stop smoking, you may have seen some graphics and statistics that I have provided to show you how harmful smoking is. There is no need to give the same statistics in this post. Just let me tell you what do I think about this. No doubt, smoking is extremely dangerous and harmful for our physical and psychological health. You have a great chance to die from lung cancer, you have chances to have some parts of your body to be amputated, you damage your teeth, and you start spotting terrible results of smoking on your nails. For your interest, usually, the nails of smokers have a yellow color. How does smoking influence your psychological, mental, and spiritual conditions? Usually, people smoke more when they are stressed and depressed. Smoking is considered to be an effective way to get rid of your terrible mental condition. So is it really true? No, smoking does not decrease your stress level. It oppositely increases your depression. Knowing that you are psychologically and physically addicted to something, does not make you healthier. You become more nervous. Smokers feel weak because they are not strong enough to get rid of this harmful habit. Smoking is harmful to both your physical and psychological health.

I don’t smoke because I do not wish to have any diseases and health problems. I do not tell you that I am a fun of living until ninety or a hundred years. God save me from this! Living so long is really annoying! The main idea that I want to expose you is that as long as I am alive and physically active, I want to be healthy and enjoy all sides of my life. I am a great fan of traveling and I cannot imagine my life without the ability to travel the world. I am also a great fan of sex. I like having different sexual partners. It is commonly known that in order to have an active sexual life, you need to have a strong erection. Smoking strongly impacts the quality of it. I still want to remain to be a playboy and enjoy hundreds or even thousands of women. Therefore, I value my health and I don’t want to poison myself with something that is disgusting and terrible. 


Some people smoke to relax and become calmer. There is no need to list all reasons why a person may have stress or depression in our daily life. Almost every one of us has stress. Those who do not know how to reduce their stress, expect smoking to be a stress-relieving activity. I have mentioned this fact above and I will state again that smoking oppositely increases the level of your stress and depression. Being conscious of the fact that you are addicted to something terrible and harmful, won’t improve your self-estimation. Thus, you will have more stress and get extremely depressed.

What do I do when I have stress? It is widely known and proved that reading is the best method to decrease your stress level. I enjoy reading and it is my favorite hobby. I can spend my full daily time reading something that I enjoy. I prefer reading to watching TV and other entertaining activities. There are loads of benefits which reading can give you. I won’t describe them in this article because I have already dedicated another blog post to explain to you how important and advantageous reading is. Reading helps me to relax and forget about my life and business problems. Communication is the second effective tool to forget about your stress. Usually, when we are alone, we have more time to think and be preoccupied with our problems. When we start talking to someone, we see that our problems have disappeared and we start feeling better. Actually, problems do not disappear. They may dissolve, but only after we resolve them. While speaking and communicating, we forget to abut our problems, and consequently, our stress level decrease. Sport is another good way to decrease your stress level. Everyone has his own preferring. Some love swimming, some tennis, some basketball or football. I am a fan of swimming and bodybuilding. Hard exercises in a gym make me feel very relaxed. Some people find sex to be the best tool in order to decrease your stress level. Let me tell you my opinion. When I have some problems related to my business, I do not even think about sex. I mean my libido goes down and I don’t want to have any sexual relations with anyone. Stress impacts some of our hormones and it inhibits the level of testosterone hormone in our blood. When you have less testosterone in your blood, consequently, your libido is very low. Therefore, I don’t think that sex is the best way to reduce your stress level. You may not even have the arousal when your stress is very high. It is necessary to decrease your stress and then make sex if you want to avoid some problems with your erection. 


No matter how much money I have in my wallet or in my bank account, I never waste it. Money does not fall in our pockets from the sky. You need to earn it by your hard work and therefore, money is so appreciated in our life. If everyone had money without any efforts these papers would not be so precious. When you make some efforts to get something, you start evaluating this thing. If you pay twenty dollars to a prostitute to make sex with her, that means that one hour with her costs 20 dollars. Her cost equals 20 dollars per hour. You can always multiply twenty dollars by 365/24 and give her your complete estimation.  In order to have sex with a non-prostitute,  you will make more hard work and as a result, you pay more respect to this girl. More effort you make to get something, the more respect you pay to this thing. Therefore money is so appreciated and respected. No one gets it by doing nothing. Those who earn money with ease, usually spend it with ease. This is not the main topic of my blog post. I am explaining this just to let you know that money is still valuable. In my previous posts, I have calculated how much money does an average smoker spends to get cigarettes. If a smoker smokes one cigarette package a day, his annual cost equals 8 322 dollars. If he smokes two cigarette packages a day, his net annual cost equals to 16 622 dollars. I think it is a very considerable amount of money to simply waste it. The most amazing thing is that smokers spend so much money not to enjoy their lives but to simply poison their organism with tobacco.  This is one of the reasons why I don’t smoke.


I am smart enough and I never follow common trends. For some people, smoking may seem to be stylish, fashionable, and prestigious. Let me explain the main reasons why people have these misconceptions in their minds.  The tobacco manufacture business is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Look at this statistic. 

I hope my thoughts will change your mind and you will give up this dangerous habit.  

It is a little bit outdated numbers but there is no doubt, that in six years these billions have considerably increased. So do you expect that bosses of these golden niches want to lose their profit? They will do everything to maintain their business and increase their profits. They use every possible tool and way to make more people smoke. Just imagine what will happen if everyone gives up smoking! This industry will be totally shattered and all of the businessmen evolved in this business will become bankrupts. One of the most effective tools used to make propaganda about smoking is TV. Advertising specialists attract celebrities to advertise cigarettes. If you are a fan of David Beckham and you do everything that he does, it is very likely that if you see him smoking, you will also smoke. Teenagers are more inclined to follow their heroes and icons. 

I understand this very clearly and I don’t want to give my money to someone who poisons my body and mind. Smoking is not a fashionable and stylish thing. All these celebrities who advertise smoking are weapons in the bloody hands of tobacco corporations. Sometimes it is very good to be fashionable. I don’t see anything attractive in wearing a pair of shoes which were very popular twenty years ago but are already outdated today. This kind of fashion principle is highly appreciated. I just don’t find anything stylish in the process of wasting your money to poison yourself. 

I don’t smoke and I have no inclination to put a cigarette in my mouth. I feel very happy to be absolutely independent of this terrible habit.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.