don't want children


don't want childrenI am not married yet, and I am not planning to marry for the nearest 10 years. I have never been married, and I don't have any children yet. What is more, I prefer having a childless life. This is not to say that I dislike children. No. I have a lot of nephews and nieces. I enjoy playing with them. However, I am absolutely sure that I do not want to have any children. In other words, I like living a childless life.

I think that only 10% of the world's population prefer not to have any children. There is no doubt that the remaining 90% of people are family-oriented. Well, I am not one of them. I belong to the 10% of selfish individuals who enjoy living without any children. I can divide this 10 % of people into two groups:

1) People who dislike nature of children. These people don't love children. They think that children are selfish, naughty, noisy, dirty, and many other negative things. This group of people does not want to have any children since they dislike children for their nature.

2) People who love children, but they do not want to have any of them. Usually, these people are selfish, ambitious, and etc. These people want to live for themselves. They love children. Nevertheless, they want to enjoy their careless life. This group of people is sure that children will make their life more difficult. I definitely belong to this group. 

Here are some of the most interesting answers on the topic from Reddit:
"Because I'm selfish.
Because I enjoy my life. It's free of the massive responsibility that comes with having to care for a child and free of the restrictions. I can take a holiday when I want, buy things without having to prioritize the needs of junior Wavyhill, do last-minute spontaneous things without having to find a childminder etc.
Plus, I hate children"

"I find children annoying, especially young children with all the high pitched yelling and screaming. I can handle all sorts of loud noises from animals, but loud kids just piss me off. Also, young children are always sticky for some reason, and that just grosses me out. Weirdly enough, I handle grossness from animals just fine. Also, I don't find human babies cute. Puppies kittens, baby alligators, etc. I find adorable, but human babies just look like lumpy hairless monkeys to me. I also do not want to spend money on a kid when I could use that money to pay for something I would actually enjoy. And I just don't think I would make a good father. I don't think I could teach another human how to function in society when I barely know how myself. I might consider donating sperm, though, as a way to continue my genetic line without the responsibility of raising my offspring."

"Because I'm nearing my 30's, I make good money now, and I want to save up and see more of the world now. Children all but kill that dream.
I should clarify you can still go on vacation with kids, but c'mon parents, do you actually get to go to all the places you want without hearing a "UGHHHH I'm bored! Can we go now?"

Now, when the short introduction to the blog post is ready, let me tell you about the main reasons why I do not want to have any children in my life. I will be absolutely honest with you. I don't care about a society's opinion regarding me. Neither does an individual's opinion bother me. I always tell everything directly. Being cunning and hypocritical is not my style. 


Selfishness is a part of my character. I was selfish during my childhood, and I am still very selfish. I am sure that selfishness is not genetically inherited. I think that life shapes us to be selfish. Neither do I assume that selfishness is something bad. No doubt, selfishness is the most beneficial thing for an individual. Societies dislike selfishness. Communistic and socialistic countries curse selfishness. On the other hand, selfishness and individualism are core fundamentals of capitalism.

A selfish person will be a very bad parent. It is a terrible idea to have kids when you are very selfish. Usually, parents devote themselves to their children. They forget about personal ambitions, desires, dreams, and wishes in order to satisfy their child. These parents are ideal. A selfish father will never care about his children. Thus, I don't want to have any children since I am too selfish. If I have a child, I will not take care of it. I am not satisfied yet. It is not the time for me to have a child.


This is absolutely true. I am still a child. I am not ready to take this huge responsibility of being a parent. I am too capricious and infantile. I am not ready to take care of someone yet. I even do not want to pet a cat. I love cats very much. However, taking care of them will tire me very quickly.


To be honest, I am not satisfied with the things I achieved. To be more clear, I have too many ambitions, dreams, goals, and I have not fulfilled any of them. My life is wasted due to ridiculous life circumstances. I was born in the wrong place and at the wrong time. This is my trouble. I am sure that a person who becomes a millionaire by the age of 20 and becomes worldwide famous by the age of 25, will have at least 40% of his ambitions fulfilled. This person might start thinking about having kids. In my case, 0% of my ambitions are satisfied. Now, I don't care about marriage and kids. To be honest, I think that this life is very stupid and problematic. We do not have any control over external circumstances. This makes us slaves to our life situations. I hate this fact.


There are definitely many types of freedom. Some of them are physical freedom, ideological freedom, financial freedom, and etc. With children, you will definitely lose your physical freedom. Now, when you are already a parent, you cannot leave your children and go abroad. You are not free anymore when you have a child. You are stuck with your children as long as they are still children. I want to live for myself. I do not want to lose my physical freedom.


Why would a person want to have children? I really don't understand it. Some people say you have to pass your genes. So why do you have to pass your genes? I also do not understand this thing. Ok, when you are already dead in your coffin, you won't care about someone carrying your DNA in this life. Dead people have their own problems. So even if you pass your genes to someone in this world, you won't care about it when you are dead.

Other people say that you have to leave an heir. Ok, if you are a billionaire, you have a large empire, you should leave an heir. It is a very good idea. Actually, I am not a millionaire yet. Therefore, I do not have anything to leave for my heirs. 

There is also a third reason why people would want to have kids. In most societies, it is an unwritten law to have children. Sometimes I ask men: "Why would you marry someone?" Most of them say:"Well, I have to." So when I ask about the reasons that make them obligated to have kids, most of them are not able to find a rational answer. As I said before, in most societies, it is an unwritten rule to have children. In Asia, this rule is widely spread and prevalent.

Hence, I don't see any reasons why I should have children.


Even if I don't have any children all my life, I will be absolutely happy if my ambitions and goals are satisfied. For me, happiness is not linked to love, marriage, and children. I will be happy when I am beautiful, healthy, famous, and rich. I do not need any children at all. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.