socialismCommunism is the most devilish ideology that ever existed in this world. Throughout our history, there was never such a dangerous and poisonous ideology as communism. If we deeply analyze different movements that existed in our life, we will find out that communism caused the biggest amount of deaths. Millions of innocent people were killed just because some stupid tyrants wanted to build ideal communism. Mao Zedong killed at least 80 million people for the sake of this ideology. If we count the total amount of innocent people killed by Stalin, Lenin, Mao Zedong, Benito Mussolini, and other crazy fans of the idea, we will find that this ideology was the most killing one that ever existing in the world. 

In this post, I am going to describe the main reasons why I hate this ridiculous ideology. 


The first thing that makes communism so disgusting is that this ideology is absolutely against a human’s nature. First of all, we should accept that all people have different genes. Thus, it is clear that everyone has dissimilar physical and intellectual capabilities. A physically impaired person is not equal to a physically healthy person. A man with schizophrenia is not the same as a mentally healthy individual. Thus, we agree that all of us are different. We have different DNA, and therefore, some of us will be always stronger and cleverer than others. If we look at the animal world, we will see that all animals differ from each other. Some of them are predators and others eat plants. Weak animals become victims of stronger animals. The same thing happens in our life. Many centuries ago, the strongest man was a leader of a group. Today, that situation has fully changed. Our intellectual capabilities are more important nowadays. 

People were always competing among themselves. This competition is beneficial for their personal development and enhancement of their personal qualities. Communism says that all people are equal, and this is the main problem of socialism. 


Being rich is a pure advantage in all aspects of our life. Poverty brings nothing that evil. All the evil existing in the world is a result of poverty. Criminals have no legal income sources, and therefore, they involve in criminal activities. Poverty makes people envious and tough. If you look at all the tyrants who existed in our world, you will find that most of them were very poor during their childhood and youth. Poverty creates nothing then evil and envy. 

Communism makes propaganda of poverty. If capitalism makes divides people into poor and rich, communism equalizes all the people in poverty. This is one of the reasons why I hate communism. 


Communism cares about the whole society. If something is good for the whole society and bad for an individual, communism never takes into consideration the needs and problems of an individual. If you are an introvert, communism does not care about your individual psychological inclinations. It will strive to unite you with the people whom you hate. Communism is the first enemy of individualism. Mixed-blood people are genetically different from the individuals who purely belong to a single nation. People with mixed blood are more inclined to individualism, and therefore, these people are hardly adaptable to a communistic lifestyle. Communism is against their nature. I am a mixed-blood person and I am aware of the problems mixed blood have in their life. 

What I definitely love in western countries is that they highly appreciate an individual’s rights and freedom. In the USA and Europe, individuals have all the opportunities to develop and enhance their born talents. This is one of the reasons why western countries are so prosperous. Communism treats an individual as a government’s slave. An individual does not exist for a communistic government. In fact, all the socialistic leaders were individualists. The USSR was the richest country in the world. So do you think that Stalin and Lenin had a simple lifestyle? No. These leaders were enjoying all the leisure of their life, whilst simple people were suffering and working very hard in that devilish country. 

Communism does not care about an individual and this is why I hate this bloody ideology. 


Communism is against the monarchical government system. I love the monarchical government system for a multitude of different reasons. When a person is born into a royal family, he has more reasons to be more patient, merciful, and understanding towards simple people. Look at Princess Diana. She was a kind and generous person. Do you wonder about the reasons why some governors are tough and bloody, whilst others are softer? In my previous article, I have written that the people, who have suffered much, are some of the most dangerous people in the world. All the tyrants and dictators had a very hard life. None of them had a normal childhood or youth. Their tough life made them so tough. Monarchs have a good and easy life; therefore, nothing makes them bloody and cruel. For this reason, I think that monarchs are better than the governors who come to power through a wild competition. 


Communism is against any type of entrepreneurship and private businesses. Do you know why most of the richest people are from the USA? The US government supports individual entrepreneurs and this is the main factor that makes this country so prosperous. A person will do nothing if he is not motivated enough. The financial benefit is one of the best motivators that make people achieve new levels of success. The US government has provided its citizens with all the available opportunities for personal development and success. 

Communism only cares about the benefits of a government. This crazy ideology does not take into consideration the personal prosperity of its individuals. Thus, I can say that communism is one of the most harmful ideologies that still exist in the world. 

I have described 5 main reasons why I hate communism. Of course, there are much more factors that make this ideology so dangerous and poisonous. Only a big book is capable of listing all the reasons why all of us should hate communism.             

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.