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physical businessThe Internet has totally changed our life. Nowadays, businessmen are divided into two groups. The first group of entrepreneurs makes real physical business. The second team is preoccupied with the commerce in the cyberspace. There are also people who prefer making both types of businesses. Every physical business needs to have its own online presence on the Internet. Almost every company has a website telling people about their business and offering online services. Both ways of making business have several advantages and disadvantages. In some cases, an online business may be more advantageous than physical commerce. There are also different occasions and situations where physical business is more convenient and appropriate. I have already written the post where I made a detailed comparison between online and physical businesses. 

I am an online entrepreneur and I am not involved in any type of physical business. I have some real estate business that brings me monthly passive income. However, I do not open new physical enterprises due to a multitude of diverse reasons and factors. Making online business is more suitable for my personality and preferences. Online business is not less profitable than a physical one. Making business on the Internet has multiple advantages and positive which I won’t discuss in this article. Let me explain you why I gave up making physical business. I am also going to tell you about the disadvantages of making physical business. Here is the list of the problems that you might encounter if you are willing to involve yourself in offline commerce.


When I say “government”, I mean all the people who have more power than you. Policemen, special agents (like FBI), politicians, and other people may be called on “government”. These people have more power than you. They never commit any crime because crime is legal for them. In some countries, politicians and policemen are the most dangerous criminals. I have traveled to many geographical destinations, and therefore, I know situations in different countries. Developed countries are more safe for making a physical business. While making business in the third world, you are never safe. At any time, you may be seized of your business and no one will help you. In these countries, politicians, policemen, criminals, and other powerful people cooperate in one team. I have encountered lots of people who were seized of their possessions by the powerful people who live in their countries. 

Usually, governments in the third world are very poor. They do not have any regular income sources. Policemen, deputies, and other government officials are not able to make a living on miserable salaries. They have a single option in this situation. These poor governments rob their rich citizens. Businessmen are the main victims of these criminals. 

Forget about a physical business and you won’t have any serious problems with corrupt members of your government. 


Mafia exists everywhere. There may be a couple of very small countries where mafia does not exist or it is very stealthy there. However, organized crime exists in almost every place in the world. Who are the people that are usually involved in criminal structures? In most cases, only marginal groups of people are preoccupied in organized crime. It is a rarity to encounter someone well-educated in a mafia. These people do not have any special knowledge to make money using honest ways. Crime is the only way for them to survive in this world. The countries of the third world are full of mafias. Japanese and Chinese mafias are worldwide famous. There are loads of criminal elements in the countries of the Central and Middle Asia. 

Mafia does not come to your house and look up your online activity. Criminals are not able to know how much money you have in your PayPal account. They know nothing about your Amazon royalties. These criminals do not know how much cash you make selling on eBay. Mafia does not know what does affiliate marketing mean, and consequently, they will never be aware of the millions you make online. Making money online is very secure and convenient because no one except you knows about your income. You may become a billionaire online and no one will know about it. There are loads of different offshore banks that will make your government blind about your real financial assets. When you make online business, you are almost 100% secure from the mafia.

Do you know who are the main victims of the mafia? People who make physical business are often recognized by criminals as potential income sources. It does not matter what kind of offline business you make. You may have a store, a coffee shop, a café, a nightclub, or anything else. Remember that mafia already knows everything about you. It knows your address, and schools where your children study. They have already collected all data about your family. You are a potential victim. Be aware of them.

Stop making physical business and you will get rid of terrible criminal elements. These people are very persistent. They do not care about your stress, depression, weak health, and other problems that you have in your life. If you don’t give them money, they will kill you or some of the members of your family. Mafia members are wild creatures, and therefore, do not hope that they will be merciful with you. 


You will have to deal with different people while making physical business. Online business saves you from this. You do not need to hear loud voices and complaints from your customers while making commerce online. Business on the Internet lets you stay in an absolute silence. This feature is very good for people who are very sensitive. I belong to this group of people. I am not able to bear uneducated, unintelligent, and marginal people. Encountering these people every day would be the most terrible thing in my life. Introverts are created for online business. It is more convenient for them. 

If you are ready to deal with loads of annoying, depressing, rude, and inadequate people, you may start your physical business right now. I do not suggest you to involve yourself in offline commerce if you are too sensitive.  


No doubts that online business is much cheaper than physical commerce. We should not even compare these types of enterprises. You may start your online store for 100 $ dollars right now. Can you tell me how much money will you need to open a physical store? I think that these numbers won’t be less than 100 000 $. I usually wonder why do people waste so much money on physical enterprises. Online entrepreneurship is very cheap, and in most cases, it is more profitable and effective than any types of offline commerce activities. There is no need to tell that physical business requires a large staff of workers. All of them require monthly salaries. Additionally, a person should consider about renting an office for a physical company. It is too difficult to launch a physical business. I thank my destiny for a great opportunity to make my money online without encountering these sophisticated difficulties and problems. 

If you have some exceeding money, you may start your physical business at any time you wish. However, making business offline is not appropriate for the person who always chooses the best options. Why should you invest six digits in a physical enterprise when you can launch it online for 100$? Analyze this data and do not hurry to make your final decision.   


All the above-mentioned things won’t cause anything except stress and depressions. Some nights, you won’t be able to catch a sleep. Physical business will physically and psychologically exhaust you. You will lose your energy and health. Do not assume that stress impacts only your mind condition. It is not right. If you are stressed for a long period of time, you will definitely see its terrible impact on your physical health. 

Your business should give you pleasure. We always succeed while doing something that we like. Being always stressed and depressed won’t make any progress in your commerce. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.