brazilBrazil is a wonderful country. What are the most usual associations when you hear ‘Brazil’? When this word sounds, I imagine myself gorgeous and sexy women, football, carnival, glamorous beaches, and an awesome climate. These are my associations. I am sure that almost every man associates Brazil with indescribably beautiful and seductive women. This is absolutely true. Brazil is rich with sexy and passionate women. I will mention it below.

Even though Brazil seems to be an exotic paradise for some people around the globe, this country is not free of significant disadvantages and negative sides. A high level of poverty that results in widely spread crime is one of the things that make this country one of the most dangerous spots in the world. Nevertheless, every country of the world has its own disadvantages. Nobody and nothing is perfect in this world. Dubai is considered to be one of the 5 safest cities of the world. Even though, life in Dubai is not perfect. A tremendously hot climate and conservative government make life in Dubai too difficult. Singapore is one of the world’s most developed and safest countries of the world. On the other hand, it is not so sexy and passionate as Thailand, the Philippines, and Latin America. Thus, I can conclude that there is no a perfect place in the world. Paradise may be ideal. Nonetheless, I am sure that most of the men would exchange life in paradise to some sexy months in hot Brazil.

As I have told you, I love Brazil very much. I love it so much that I decided to dedicate a full article describing the main reason why I love this place. Most of the factors making this country so attractive to me are already predictable. Nevertheless, I will strive to provide you with some detailed explanations.


brazil womenAs I told you, most of the factors are very predictable. You could guess that I love Brazil for its women simply by looking at the title of this post. Brazilian women are the most beautiful women in the world. For a woman, it is not solely enough to be beautiful in order to attract men’s attention and desires. To be honest, a woman might be very beautiful, but at the same time, she might not look sexy and passionate. If you let me choose between a woman’s beauty, sexiness, and passion, I would definitely choose the last two things. A beautiful woman without a hot temperament and passion is useless. Of course, this type of women might be loved by the men who compensate their own ugliness and unattractiveness. For me, beauty is not so necessary. I am handsome enough, and therefore, I have never been in need of beauty. A woman’s sexiness and passion are the most important factors for me. What is more, most of the extremely beautiful women do not cause my arousal. I need to see something wild, naughty, and dirty in a woman in order to be sexually attracted to her. Brazilian women definitely have the things I love the most. Latin women are very hot. If we compare Latin girls with Asian women, I can say that in all spheres, wonderful Latin women are the winners. If you ask me about the sexiest and the most voluptuous women in Latin America, I will self-assuredly answer you that Brazilian women are the best ones.

A man needs to have a high-quality sex life in order to be happy. You can be rich, famous, powerful, but if you are not satisfied with the quality of your sex life, you will never be happy. Living in one of the world’s unsexiest regions of the world can truly ruin a man’s soul. In Brazil, men revive their souls, libido, and passion. Brazilian women are very open-minded and sexually aggressive. This is what I exactly love in women. I hate passive women. Passion, desire, hotness, voluptuousness are the most important factors in a sexually desired and seductive women.


Brazilian climate fits my temperament. Usually, in hot regions, people tend to be hotter. Weather makes a great impact on our mood and behavior. While living in cloudy and gray regions of the world, people start resembling their climate. Therefore, I can say that climate is also very important for a person’s professional success. When you live in the country which climate you hate, you will always feel bored, stressed, depressed, and annoyed. Consequently, a fiasco in your daily activities is guaranteed to you. It is necessary to feel well in order to succeed. Otherwise, depressions will be your permanent friends. I hate the cloudy weather. What is more, I hate winter. I am always in a terrible mood in winter’s days. That is why a person must live in the country which climate he loves.

Brazil has a sunny climate. It always shines outside. As you know, a famous Brazilian carnival is carried out in January. What is a typical weather in January in the countries that are far away from tropics? Let me answer for you. Winter in those remote areas is always very cold, gray, depressing, and disgusting. January in Brazil resembles July in Moscow. That is why I love Brazil.


brazil beach‘Voluptuous’ is exactly how I want to describe Brazilian beaches. They are tremendously voluptuous due to its voluptuous female inhabitants. If you want to see the sexiest place in the world, come to Ipanema and Copacabana. You will never forget about this place. Beaches in Brazil are thousands of paradises on earth. Just imagine yourself hundreds of Brazilian women with seductive bodies that call you to action. All of them have near to nothing on their bodies. Is there anything that can be lovelier than this picturesque image? International playboys adore these places. I am definitely one of them. That is why I love Brazil.


In Brazil, people talk in the Portuguese language. Of course, Brazilian Portuguese and Portugal Portuguese are not the same. There are some small differences between them. Nevertheless, both of them sound indescribably beautiful and sweet. For me, it is very important to live in the country which language I love. Speaking in the language you hate would be a very serious trial of your patience. I have lived in some Arab countries for a while. I am absolutely fluent in the Arabic language. However, I do not like speaking the Arabic language. This language is considered to be beautiful; however, it does not suit my mentality and character. It is too soft for my temperament. The Brazilian Portuguese language is what I truly like. I am not absolutely fluent in Portuguese. Nonetheless, I know it very well. Portuguese sound very delicious. This is one of the reasons why I love Brazil.


Brazilians do not resemble cold tempered Europeans. People in Brazil are very friendly, communicative. Most of them are extroverts. This is what makes them so socially active. Living among the people whom you like is very important for your mental health and professional success. Social integration is one of the most important factors of our life. Living in the country that you hate may result in very sad consequences. Self-isolation, loneliness, depressions, stress, and professional fiasco are some of them. Finally, I love Brazilians for being very open-minded, relaxed, liberal, and hedonistic.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.