individualismLaws are always created by people. Sometimes, these laws contradict a human’s nature. Living according to these unnatural laws is truly terrible. Some if these ideologies are communism, socialism, and many other ridiculous ideas. I was very happy not to born in a socialistic republic. I know about socialism from books, TV, and different stories. I exactly know that my character and temperament are not suitable for a socialistic republic. I find that individualism is the most suitable ideology for me. In fact, individualism is something more than a simple ideology. For me, individualism is my philosophy, worldview, and lifestyle. I love individualism for many important reasons. I am sure that individualism is the most suitable ideology for a whole mankind.

When I analyze economies of different countries, I realize that the level of their success entirely depends on the government ideology. Let me give you some examples. Cuban people had a better life during the regime of Batista. Batista was a capitalist, and therefore, individualism was Cuba’s main ideology. Money was circulating in Cuba, and consequently, Cuban people had some sources of financial income. After Fidel Castro made his famous revolution, life in Cuba started changing. Poverty and misery were the main results of that socialistic revolution. In fact, Fidel Castro did not bring anything good to Cuba and Cuban people. Castro and his team fully isolated Cuba from the international community. Socialism makes all the people equal in poverty and misery. I see no advantages in communism and socialism. Every socialistic revolution brings nothing than poverty and desolation.

Even though I am a great fan of capitalism, I will not tell you about the benefits of capitalism in this blog posts. Instead, I will describe some of the main benefits and advantages of individualism. Individualism and capitalism are different concepts. Let me avoid explaining the major differences between these two words. I am an individualist. What is more, I am a born individualist. I was psychologically and mentally inclined to selfhood from my childhood. Further, my ideological choice became more conscious. Today, I clearly realize all the major positive sides of individualism. Here are some of the major positive impacts that individualism makes upon our world and life.


When you look at the world, you will realize that our world has a great diversity of absolutely everything. There is a diverse multitude of animals, plants, seas, oceans, mountains, people, races, nations, cultures, customs and traditions, food, climates in the world. Thus, God created this world with a huge diversity of everything. This makes our life more interesting. It is more interesting to live when you realize that there is a huge multitude of different races and nationalities in the world. All these people have different national mentalities and thinking. Travel is one of the most wonderful things we have in our life. Actually, travel is impossible if there is no diversity in the world. Why would we want to travel the world if we could find everything in our place of living? Egypt has some types of food that do not exist in the USA. Indian animals and plants cannot be found in Norway. Thus, diversity makes our life more exciting.

I cannot imagine my life in the same country and among the same people. This life would be tremendously boring. To be honest, I would not be able to bear such an annoying lifestyle. I am a very curious person. Therefore, I promptly fed up of everything that surrounds me. For this reason, I want more diversity in my life as possible.

If we analyze all the ideologies that were opposite a human’s nature, we will realize that all of them were aimed at destroying individuality. Socialism, communism, and different parochial religions strive to diminish a person’s individuality. In fact, these ideologies want to make people slaves of their governments. I have heard a lot of scary stories about life in the Soviet Union. The Soviet government was against all signs o individualism. According to its official government ideology, all the people were obliged to be the same. All of them were obliged to wear the same clothes and have the same quality of life. In the Soviet Union, the individualistic thinking was forbidden. What is more, it was very dangerous to be an individualist in the Soviet period.

Individualism lets people think and do whatever they want as long as their actions do not harm other people. Thus, individualism is the most democratic and free ideology that exists in the world. Individualism is a root of freedom. Individualism is a base for building a stable democracy. This wide diversity in the world would be absolutely impossible if the world was ruled by a stupid communist. You will find that countries with the highest level of individuality have the biggest stage of diversity in almost everything. At the same time, you will find out that nationalistic and xenophobic countries are the most boring places in the world. Usually, parochial governments of these countries strive to remove all individuality from hearts and minds of people. Individualism created diversity in the world. This is one of the reasons why I love individualism.


When you analyze behavior and characters of the most successful people in the world, you will realize that most of them are individualists. Some of the most famous individualists are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim, Elon Musk, Michael Zuckerberg, and many other billionaires. Individualism is a straight path to success and wealth. First of all, individuality changes your thinking and worldview. It makes a strong impact on your analytical thinking. Whilst a communist think about his community, an individualist always thinks about his personal interests and ambitions. Thus, an individualist always puts his personal objectives at first. Interests of his country are not interesting for him at all. If his country does not offer him what he wants, an individualist will move to another place. If you say that individualism if the main ideology and religion of selfish people, I will absolutely agree. In most cases, individualists are selfish people. Even though, it is better to be a successful selfish person than a communistic loser.

If I was asked about the best ideology for a personal prosperity and success, I would self-assuredly recommend individualism. What is more, individualism is beneficial for a whole society. You will find out that the most prosperous countries of the world have the biggest amount of rich people. Countries do not make their citizens rich. In fact, rich people make their countries more successful.


individualism makes you freeYour freedom starts in your mind. To be more accurate, your way of thinking makes you free or enslaved by someone or something. When I analyze the life of people in the Soviet Union, I realize that these people were enslaved both physically and mentally. Their minds were brainwashed by the Soviet government. Lenin and Stalin were their Gods. Atheism was artificially spread in order to make the Soviet Union the main idol. This is the exact picture of how people were living in the Soviet Union. All the religions were forbidden. Lenin destroyed hundreds or maybe thousands of churches and mosques. Actually, Lenin was the main antichrist of the 20th century. Though he was a genius as many people tend to think of him, this man was a very miserable person.

Individualism is the main enemy of socialism and communism. Its values and ideas are absolutely opposite to those parochial rules of enslaving ideologies. Individualism makes all the mankind free. Individualists never stick to different parties, groups, and communities. An individualist is an absolutely independent person. Individualists do not believe in idols and cults. Individualism does not criticize or oppose any religion that does not enslave a person.

Individualism is the best ideology that exists in the world. Individualism is my second religion. Advantages and positive sides of individualism are indescribably wide. If I were asked about the negative sides of individualism, I would say that individualism should not lead you to lose your humanity. As I said before, individualism is a selfish ideology to some extent. An individualist should never forget about being humane. Our humanity is the most important virtue. Whether you are a millionaire, a billionaire, a celebrity, or whoever else, you should never lose your humanity. Being helpful and kind to other people is very important. Individualism will not lead a person to selfishness unless this person has a selfish nature.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.