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vietnamese womenVietnamese women do not resemble any other Asian women in the world. First of all, you will never confuse Vietnamese women with any other Asian ladies. Vietnamese women have a unique beauty and charm. Their appearance is exotically gorgeous and unrepeatable. These ladies do not look like Thai or Filipina girls. What is more, Vietnamese women have an original national mentality and worldview. Vietnamese girls are not as open-minded and western-oriented as women from other Asian regions. If you want a quick mistress, Filipinas and Thai women are the best for these purposes. Dating Vietnamese women is better for serious relations. If you want to have a loyal girlfriend, Vietnamese woman will be able to give you exactly what you want. Of course, Vietnamese women are not as popular as those easy and available women from other Asian countries. Nonetheless, you will find out that Vietnamese women have several advantages and positive sides that lack in other Southeast Asian girls.

I have dated several Vietnamese women. I know these ladies very well. I cannot say that they are absolutely ideal. No, I will never claim that there is something perfect in this world. Can you say that casual shoes are better than moccasins? No. Both of these types of shoes are good for different purposes. If you are planning to climb mountains, it will be better for you to wear some sports shoes. If you are invited to a restaurant or to a business meeting, it will be preferable to wear classic shoes. You will see the same situation while comparing different women with each other. All women were created for different purposes. Therefore, it is wrong to say that some women are better than others. Of course, some women nations can be the best in sex. At the same time, there are a lot of other women who are bad in bed; however, they are perfect wives. In this blog post, I will describe some of the most notable advantages of Vietnamese women. In other words, you will see some of the main reasons why I recommend dating and marrying Vietnamese women.


vietnamese womenWhilst the feminists’ movement actively spreads around the globe thereby making women more masculine, Asian women are still feminine, weak, and dependent on men. For men, this is an advantage. Vietnamese women are very feminine. You will find that the majority of Vietnamese girls have long hair, womanlike manners, and habits. Femininity is what Western men like in Asian women. Usually, a feminine woman looks more charming, elegant, seductive, and captivating. You will see all of the previously mentioned qualities in Vietnamese girls.


vietnamese girlsIf you are an avid traveler, you already know some peculiarities of Asian women. For example, some Filipinas are already spoiled by international men attention. The world always talks about Filipinas. Everyone thinks them to be the most beautiful women in the world. Filipinas are frequent winners of The Miss Universe awards. Thus, there are a lot of reasons for Filipinas to be proud of. Therefore, some of these girls love boasting.

You won’t ever find these qualities in Vietnamese girls. Vietnamese girls are very modest. In fact, these girls have nothing to be proud of. They have not forgotten their terrible past yet. Several decades ago, Vietnam resembled today’s Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Vietnamese girls were never spoiled by men’s attention. I can say that modesty is a very good quality for a woman. A modest woman will become an ideal wife and mother. This is one of the reasons why you should date or even marry Vietnamese girls.


As I have previously mentioned, Vietnamese women do not resemble any other Asian women in the world. If you are looking for open-minded women, I am sure that you won’t be satisfied by Vietnamese women. No, being open-minded is not a quality of Vietnamese girls. If you look for someone playful and naughty like Filipinas and Latina women, I am confident that you won’t be satisfied by Vietnamese women. Vietnamese girls are not open-minded. They are not extroverts like Brazilian and Argentine women. At the same time, introversion of Vietnamese girls might be a great advantage for serious men who are looking for a serious union. You won’t find your Vietnamese woman to be open-minded and playful. However, you will be always sure that your Vietnamese girl if truly loyal to you.

Loyalty is one of the most important qualities. If you want to build serious relationships with women, you will always need to make sure they are loyal to you. A good wife is always a loyal woman. I can assure you that Vietnamese women are loyal. Even if you are out of your city, your Vietnamese girlfriend or wife will always loyally wait for you. Infidelity is unknown to Vietnamese women. Today, it is very difficult to find a loyal woman. It is probable that near to 85% of American or European wives betrayed their husbands at least once. I am sure that Asian women are better wives. At the same time, we should realize that there are different types of Asian women. From one Asian nation to another, women differ very much. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful while choosing an Asian wife.


One of the best qualities of Vietnamese women is that they do not care much about the size of your wallet. In other words, you won’t find Vietnamese women to be too materialistic. Of course, every person cares about money. However, for some people, money is the most important thing in the world. Whilst Filipinas and Thai women will do everything in order to stealthily get to know your financial status, your Vietnamese girls will never care about your money unless you tell them about it. To be honest, I have dated different types of women. For example, Russian women are some of the most financially avid girls in the world. If you have an expensive car, luxurious clothes, I bet you will make sex with almost every Russian woman at the first date. For Russian women, money and social status are the most important life priorities. You won’t ever find these mercantile qualities in Vietnamese women.

Being less materialistic than other women makes Vietnamese women ideal for marriage. Dating and marriage do not resemble each other. These are absolutely different concepts. Family life requires patience and understanding. Not every woman is ready to become a good wife and a caring mother. If you marry a Vietnamese woman, you might be sure that she will be the best wife you can ever imagine yourself.


For Vietnamese women, a family is the most important priority in their life. Vietnamese girls are not avid careerists as Korean girls. Vietnamese women are not looking for having some fun like Filipinas do. Vietnamese women are not self-observed as Latinas. An average Vietnamese woman wants to find a good man. Vietnamese women dream of having a good family. Being family-oriented is in DNA of Vietnamese women. This factor makes these women ideal wives and mothers.

These are some facts about Vietnamese women. I have described you some of the most serious reasons why you should date or even marry these cute girls. When you are in Vietnam, get to know some Vietnamese girls. Communicate and explore them. I am sure you will be convinced that my words are true.

Written by Bahtiyar
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