gaysThe LGBT movement is spreading all over the world. As you see, this movement strengthens day by day. The number of gays and lesbians becomes bigger every year. The amount of married gay couples is overwhelming. Nobody forces straight people to become gays. Nobody makes propaganda of the gay lifestyle. These people make their decision on their own. In my previous article, I have proved that porn corporations do not force anyone to watch their porn videos. What is more, people are ready to pay for these porn materials. Can we blame porn conglomerates for this large spread of porn materials? We cannot blame them for that. People make their independent choice. We see the same situation when we start talking about gays and lesbians. Even though gay relationships are very popular today, nobody calls straight men to become gays. If there are so many gays around the world, we should never blame governments, television, special movements, and other individuals for this tendency. In fact, all people have a right to choose their sexual orientation. Therefore this word ‘blame’ is inapplicable when we see this huge extent of gays and lesbians around the globe. I think that everything must be allowed as long as people do not harm each other.

Over the past 5 years, the number of gays and lesbians has seriously grown. It is not an advantage, and at the same time, I see nothing wrong with it. All people are absolutely free to choose their sexual orientation. Thus, I am an absolutely liberal person. I have nothing against LGBT people. They never harmed me, and therefore, I have no reasons to hate them. If LGBT relationships reduce an overall population of people around the globe, I do not care about it. It is not my personal problem. Anyway, one day, all of us will die. When it happens, we will not bother ourselves with the state of this world.

As you know, I spend a lot of my free time analyzing different things. This time, I decided to analyze, and then, describe some of the main reasons why men become gays. It is absolutely clear that the number of gays around the world is much bigger than the number of lesbians. Let me clarify who gays are. First of all, gays are not bisexual. If a man calls himself bisexual, this means that he is attracted to both men and women. For this reason, this man is not gay. Gays are strictly attracted to men. Thus, gays do not make sex with women. Neither they find women to be seductive or sexy. A man is the only sexual object of gays. In point of fact, it was not too difficult for me to identify the main factors making men gays. A lot of men have already become gays. The major part of straight men is latent homosexuals. Hence, they are not fully conscious of their true sexual orientation. I do not want to prolong my preface anymore, and therefore, here are the reasons why men become gays.


Different hormones are mainly responsible for our behavior, preferences, and inclinations. If you see the differences between a teenage boy and a mature man, you will understand those specific hormones make a boy turn into a man. A boy or a teenager always has very low levels of testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone. This hormone makes men feel like real men. Low levels of testosterone can cause serious changes in a man’s feelings and behavior. Estrogen is the main female hormone. Both men and women have estrogen and testosterone in their blood. Men have more testosterone than women do. On the other hand, women have bigger amounts of estrogen than men do. The levels of these two hormones make men and women who they are.

The levels of testosterone and estrogen can be reduced and increased naturally or artificially. Usually, men with low amounts of testosterone look more feminine. These men are more tender and sensitive. Masculine men tend to have very high levels of testosterone. As I said, men with low levels of testosterone start feeling and behaving like women. Consequently, these men are naturally attracted to other men due to low levels of male hormones. This may be one of the reasons why men become gays. Usually, men with low testosterone levels tend to be bottom gays. In other words, these men are receivers.

Let me clarify that hormone imbalance is not the main factor that makes men turn into gays. A man with low levels of testosterone will not necessarily become gay. In some cases, this man will become gay. In other situations, he will remain to be straight. Thus, this rule is not absolute. There are loads of very masculine and brutal men who are bottom gays. There are a lot of different factors that make gays choose this passive role in sex. In most cases, low testosterone levels have nothing to do with this preference. I am going to discuss bottoming in some of my future blog posts.

At the same time, a man with too high testosterone levels can become inclined to gay sex. Testosterone is a hormone of sex. Over-exceeding amounts of testosterone make men hypersexual. In some cases, these types of men will not restrict themselves from making sex with both men and women.

Finally, hormone imbalance may be one of the reasons why men become gays. It might be one of the factors that make straight men inclined to a homosexual relationship. I want to mention that hormone imbalance is the less important and influential factor that makes men turn into gays. I think that 95 % of all gays have a normal hormone balance. In most cases, low or high levels of estrogen and testosterone have nothing to do with men’s sexual orientation.


The prostate is a male G-Spot that is hidden inside a man’s butt. This organ is extremely sensitive. Most of the men know nothing about their G-Spot. It is very difficult to artificially discover it. Only those, who have read or heard about the prostate, become interested in this organ. 99% of men around the globe have no idea about their G-Spot. Sometimes, scientists and sex experts call the prostate a male clitoris. The prostate has thousands of nerve endings. It is very sensitive. This organ is more sensitive than a man’s penis. Fortunately, most of the men around the world know nothing about the clitoris hidden deep inside their butts. Otherwise, most of them would become bottom gays, ad fans of pegging.

I can say that this is the main reason why men become gays. Men, who are addicted to prostate stimulation, become bottom gays. If prostate stimulation is the only factor that makes a man turn gay, this does not necessarily mean that this man is attracted to other gays. This man can enjoy pegging with women and getting penetrated by transsexuals. Women are not great fans of pegging. MTF transgenders usually have a weak erection. In this situation, a man is the best option for a prostate stimulation lover.

If a man has tasted a prostate pleasure, he will never refuse from being penetrated. It does not matter much who will insert a penis inside his butt, anyway, it is not much important. The main goal is to have his G-Spot stimulated by something. This might be a real penis, a dildo, a plug, a prostate massager, or anything else.  After some sessions of pleasurable bottoming, a straight man gets his psychic changed. Further, he loses all the curiosity towards women. Women become less interesting. Vaginas, female breasts, and butts stop causing his sexual arousal. The penis becomes the main sexual object of that straight. man. Since it is so pleasurable to get a penis inside his own butt, this man starts looking for men with nice penises that could give him some great anal pleasure. This is how the transformation starts.

When I was a teenager, I was always wondering about the feelings bottom gays have while being penetrated. At that time, I knew nothing about the prostate and its stimulation. I was thinking that bottom gays feel pain, or at least they feel nothing. I was very wrong at that time. In fact, bottom gays get more pleasure during anal sex than tops. If a top gay is still top, it is very probable that he knows nothing about the clitoris hidden inside his own butt.


Most of the straight couples do not practice rimming. Rimming is always associated with something dirty and unhygienic. If a straight couple practices rimming, it is very probable that a woman will be licked. It is very rare when a girl gives her boyfriend some anal pleasures. Girls are so pretty and wonderful. I think most of the men would refuse to give their butts to their girlfriends. Thus, a man is never rimmed in a straight couple. At the same time, the anal zone is extremely sensitive. Being rimmed by someone is a very pleasurable activity. Both women and men enjoy this sexual practice. In a straight couple, women might be rimmed very frequently. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, men lose this opportunity while they are in a straight relationship.

In gay couples, everything is very simple. There are loads of gays who love butt licking. These gays see nothing dirty or unhygienic in rimming. These gays lick and kiss butts with great pleasure. Thus, someone wants to be rimmed, and at the same time, there are many gays who love butt licking. It is a destiny. Both of these individuals find what they want. Whilst a straight man has no opportunities to be rimmed in a straight couple, gay sex will satisfy all of his anal desires. This might be one of the factors making gay sex so attractive to men around the world. If you look at the number of gays, you will probably realize that there must be something truly extraordinary in gay sex. Otherwise, why would some many men become gays?!


Usually, in a straight couple, a man caresses his woman. This is common and usual. A woman can kiss her boyfriend’s lips, ears, neck, and usually, her caressing does not go further than that. Of course, a woman might make a good blowjob for her boyfriend. Nonetheless, it might not be what he exactly wants. Women are always very passive in sex. They wait for a man to be active and initiative. Women forget that some men love being dominated. Men also want to be kissed, licked, hugged, and caressed. In this case, if a woman does not give her man what he wants, a man decides to try new things. Sometimes, these types of men become gays. If a man wants to be caressed, it is very likely that he will prefer to become a bottom gay.

For some men, women look very selfish. Women do not love giving. They always take, and then, they demand more. This woman’s behavior annoys men very much. Consequently, some of them look for other sources of pleasure and satisfaction. In other words, some of these men become gays.


Do you remember your first sex? I remember those feelings I had when I was making sex for the first time. It felt so unusual and exciting. In fact, everything new always feels very extraordinary. Further, it starts annoying you. The same thing might happen with straight sex. I do not claim that straight sex bores all men. No, it is not correct. At the same time, we should realize that there are loads of very curious males who always search for new feelings, emotions, and of course, new sex experiences. It is very likely that these kinds of naughty men may try gay sex. These men are explorers. They love exploring new things. Everything unusual attracts and seduces them. For the first time, gay sex might be a simple experiment for them. Further, if they like it, they may fully change their sexual orientation.

These are some of the main factors that turn men into gays. I was not planning to describe the entire list of possible reasons why some men become gays. This would be a tremendously huge narration deserving to be written in a book. I decided to write a short article. Nonetheless, I hope to continue this topic in my further blog posts.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.