watches Thousands of years ago, men were wild creatures. They were untamed and dirty. This condition was absolutely natural for ancient men. Ancient women were not demanding their men to be clean and good-looking. Such things like style, design, and glamor did not exist those days. Today, everything has completely changed. It is totally usual to see a beautiful man. Today’s men pay a lot of attention towards elegance, style, and beauty. To be honest, I am one of those metrosexual men who are not worried about a personal look and style. At the same time, I always try to look natural. I dislike those weak and glamorous men who resemble women. Even if a man wants to look attractive and stylish, he needs to still remain to be a natural man. This is my personal opinion.

Men use different accessories to look more stylish and attractive. Metrosexual men choose the most glamorous and rich-looking clothes. Such accessories as watches, bracelets, rings, and chains are necessary elements of every good-looking man. From all of the above accessories, I would say that wearing watches is one of the best ways to look more glamorous. Beautiful watches are the best embellishments for every man. I am sure that stylish watches are much better than bracelets. I have a big collection of different watches. I was always wondering why people collection different things. When I started purchasing watches, I realized that it is absolutely impossible to choose the best watch. Every watch is individually unique and original. Watches have different designs, styles, and features. Therefore, it is always better to have at least 20 watches in your wardrobe.

There are different signs that let you identify a good watch. Some watches are made of high-quality metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. The majority of the world’s watches are made of stainless steel. Also, there are loads of watches which wristbands are made of rubber and silicon. In fact, the material of watches is not the main sign of its quality. Today, we pay foremost attention at the brand of our watch. Having a watch made by famous and expensive brands is the most important thing that makes us happy. Famous brands do not produce bad watches, and therefore, a serious brand is the main sign of a high-quality watch.

Men wear watches for different reasons. Nowadays, watches are not solely used to let us know the exact time. Today, a watch can tell you everything about their owners. By looking at person’s watch, you will be able to learn a lot of things about him. First of all, a watch tells you about the financial status of its owner. What is more, a gorgeous watch attract a lot of attention. Thus, a watch can be used as an effective seduction tool. An Impressive watch makes a man look more elegant and serious. There is a big multitude of benefits of wearing a watch. I decided to describe some of them in the current blog post. If you are not interested in wearing a watch, this post will definitely change your mind.


Today, we have a lot of different things that tell us about time. We have clocks in our flats, cars, our smartphones, tablets, and different gadget are also very accurate in giving us the exact time. For this reasons, watches are not the only tools that measure time. For this reason, many men neglect the importance of wearing a watch. They think that having a mobile phone will be absolutely necessary to be always on time. On the other hand, smartphones, tablets, and gadget are not as exact at measuring time as a high-quality watch. Actually, digital devices were not specially designed to measure time. Therefore, their accuracy is always questionable. What is more, all of the previously mentioned digital devices are packed with batteries that do not last longer than 24 hours if you do not recharge them. Thus, digital instruments are not enough reliable.

Having a good watch on your wrist will let you be always on time. A good watch is usually packed with high-quality batteries that last several years. Thus, wearing a high-quality watch will let you forget about digital devices. Moreover, it is always better not to use smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets too often. They damage our eyes and vision. I do not spend much time looking at screens of my digital instruments. I prefer looking at the sapphire glass of my watch that gives me the exact time whenever I need to know it.


Gorgeous watches are the best accessories for every man. Whilst women embellish themselves with earrings and bracelets, I find a watch to be the best attribute that makes a man look more elegant. With a good-looking watch, a man looks more stylish and glamorous. It is always necessary to be handsome and attractive. Even when there is nobody with you, you need to look gorgeous in order to remain to be in a good mood. An elegant watch will make you more extravagant and attractive.


I have a lot of experience in the field of seduction. I know woman psychology very well. When you motivate a girl financially, she will do everything in order to please you. Wealth, fame, and other materialistic staff are the best stimulators. What I have realized is that women pay attention at man’s watch. I bet that the majority of women know nothing about watches. At the same time, they try to intuitively evaluate a man’s watch. Men with a potentially expensive watch is considered to be a rich individual. Men with cheap looking watches do not deserve a woman’s appreciation. If a woman knows nothing about your car, she will try to identify your financial status by looking at your watches. Thus, if you want to show off and use your watch as effective seduction element, you will need to buy yourself a couple of expensive and gorgeous watches.


In the business world, it is very important to look impressive. Your business partners want to deal with serious and influential people. Therefore, you will always need to make a powerful impression on everyone you meet. In this situation, wearing an expensive and elite watch is crucial for your success.


Even if there were no benefits of wearing watches, I would still wear them because of that big esthetic pleasure they give me. Usually, good watches are made of different mechanisms and elements. Their constructions are very sophisticated. What is more, exclusive watches are always made of expensive materials such as crocodile and lizard leather. Some of them are made of silver, gold, and platinum. The majority of elite watches have diamonds built in their bezels. Thus, watches look very beautiful. Instead of buying paintings and other arts, I will definitely buy myself as many gorgeous watches as I want.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.