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keyword planningNo matter what type of online business you launch, you need to have serious volumes of web traffic in order to succeed. A website cannot be monetized without big amounts of people visiting it on a daily basis. Therefore, almost every online entrepreneur makes everything possible in order to maximize the amount and the quality of web traffic on their web resources. People use different tools and options to drive web traffic. Some of them are Social Media Marketing, paid advertisements, guest posting, commenting on the websites with huge traffic, and many other instruments. However, the most important and effective traffic driving tool is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is practiced by almost everyone who wants to have good results in SERPs.

SEO is a very sophisticated system consisting of many different factors and mechanisms. All the search engines use different ranking algorithms. Yahoo does not function like Google, and Bing does not resemble any of them. Building high-quality backlinks, on-page SEO, reducing bounce rate, keyword planning, and many other activities are some of the main parts of SEO process. Today, I will talk about keyword planning. To be honest, I have never done it myself. Nevertheless, I hear a lot of people talking about keyword planning tools. People use these tools for SEO purposes. It is a well-known fact that SEO is a highly competitive sphere. In most cases, it is impossible to get good positions on SERPs if your keyword is tremendously popular. Google and other search engines value old websites with high authorities. Therefore, new websites have very low chances to win in this competitive area. For this reason, online entrepreneurs strive to carefully choose keywords to get good results on SERPs. Usually, people choose the keywords that are not competitive. For example, a new website will never get good ranks by the following keywords: ‘business’, ‘online business’, ‘travel’, ‘blogging’, ‘affiliate marketing’, ‘make money’, and many others. A new website can win with long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are the keywords that consist of several words.  For example, ‘how to build high-quality backlinks’, ‘optimize a website for search engines’, and etc. Long tail keywords may provide new web resources with some organic traffic.

As I have told you, I never use keyword planning tools. I decide to write this post in order to explain why I am not a fan of these tools. I think that it is unnecessary to use keyword planning tools for SEO. A good website can succeed on SERPs without these tools. If you carefully read my blog, you will learn how to get good results on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines within a short period of time. Here are some of the most significant reasons why I do not use keyword planning tools.


In fact, this is absolutely true. All the search engines independently decide what keywords are more related to your website’s pages. Even if you use different SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO plugin, search engines choose the keywords on their own. Even if you set a keyword by using Yoast SEO plugin, search engines will ignore it if it is not related to the main content of your page. Some people may use keyword planning tools in order to write some spammy articles. It is very easy to understand this strategy. A person chooses a particular keyword and starts writing an article with the main objective to rank that article on SERPs. I this situation, a person tries to get a high keyword density by repeating the keyword in the article. In fact, keyword density is not so important for search engines. Overusing a particular keyword may look as a spam sign. In this case, search engines will entirely ignore your page.

Google is more sophisticated than we imagine it to be. Spamming a keyword in an article will never help to rank on SERPs. Of course, keyword density is still very important in SEO. However, we should not overestimate its significance. For this reason, I think that emphasizing your attention at keywords in a completely meaningless and helpless activity.


When a person uses keyword planning tools, a keyword predetermines the main topic of his future article. Thus, a keyword commands a person what to write about. A blogger can find a perspective keyword, but at the same time, he may have nothing to write about. What should he do in this situation? Anyway, most of the amateurs will try to write something in order to get that keyword working. In the result, they will have very low-quality content. If a blogger continues working this style, his career will be over very soon.

To succeed in blogging, a person must write about the things he is good at. I never concentrate my attention at keywords. I never use keyword planning tools. I simply write about the things I want to write about.


This is the main reason why I never use keyword planning tools. Keywords are not much important for Google and other search engines. High-quality backlinks are more influential in SEO. If you want to have good results on SERPs, build as many high-quality backlinks as possible. The quality and the amount of backlinks pointing to a particular website are the most important ranking factor in SEO. You will never rank a website without powerful backlinks.

Our time is very limited. If you are a blogger, you will spend most of your time to write some content for your blog. What is more, you spend a lot of time, energy, and efforts to write guest posts, build HQ backlinks, monitor your SEO success, and many other things. Therefore, we must appreciate our time. Emphasizing your concentrations at the quality of content you produce would be the best decision to get good results on SERPs.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.