new travel bloggers fail


travel blogsThere are thousands of different travel blogs on the Web. Since travel is the favorite hobby for millions of people around the globe, travel blogging is extremely popular nowadays. If you are a fan of travel blogs, today, you will find almost everything related to travel on the Web. There are loads of universal travel blogs writing about different aspects of traveling. Other travel blogs are dedicated to particular niches. For example, there may be a lot of travel blogs that emphasize at traveling in Latin America. A number of blogs are dedicated to extreme travel. What is more, you will find numerous travel blogs covering sex travel issues. Thus, the number of travel blogs on the Web is outstandingly huge. Travel blogging is definitely the most popular blogging niche.

Blogging becomes very popular nowadays. More people start making money blogging. There are already thousands of people who make a living by blogging. These are some of the main reasons why thousands of people start blogging every day. Since travel is a wonderful thing, a lot of beginning bloggers start blogging about travel. In other words, a big number of beginning bloggers decide to launch travel blogs. Of course, an amateur blogger might think that travel blogging is the most profitable blogging niche. Therefore, they decide to start their travel blogs. These beginning travel bloggers hope to repeat success stories of such famous travel bloggers as Matthew Kepnes, Johnny Wards, and others. After a few months, we see an absolutely opposite result. Instead of astounding success and fame, the beginning travel bloggers fail. Their travel blogs remain to be unrecognizable among a huge number of banal travel blogs. In the result, new travel blogs do not make any income. After a few months of struggling, new travel bloggers decide to give up travel blogging. This is what usually happens with 85% of new travel blogs.

I cannot say that I have a big experience in blogging. Even though I am not a blogger with decades of blogging experience, I have some good experience that lets me make some serious conclusions regarding blogging. Today, I will talk about travel blogs. The majority of travel blogs fail very soon. Only old travel blogs succeed and become popular. If a new travel blogger has no enough patience, it is very predictable that he will fail very soon. I launch universal blog writing about different topics. As you have already recognized, I write about making money online, business, travel, personal development, and sex. Thus, I have a good chance to compare different blogging niches. When I think about the popularity of my blog posts, I realize that travel related articles are the least viewed. At the same time, I see that sex-related information is extremely popular. For example, a few days ago, I published a post on how to find Indian girls for sex in India. Within a day, that blog post became one of the most popular and viewed articles on my blog. I do not see the same tendency while analyzing the popularity of my travel-related blog posts. Right now, let me describe some of the main reasons why new travel blogs usually fail very soon.


travel blogs and travel bloggerTo launch an interesting travel blog, new bloggers need to generate unrepeatable and unique content. Travel blogs need to be updated on a regular basis. Gorgeous travel videos, travel photos, and travel stories are the necessary elements of successful travel blogs. In most cases, it will be necessary to have some funds in order to launch travel blogs. Of course, you can start your travel blog even in your flat. In other words, travel blogs can be launched without actual traveling. This can be done. How, how effective will be the content produced in such conditions? I strongly doubt that a blogger will be able to produce great content while sitting at home. As I told you before, a good travel blog requires a lot of great content. Not all bloggers are capable of generating captivating travel information.

The number of travel blogs is really overwhelming. There are thousands or even millions of different travel blogs on the Web. Hence, we can say that there is a very serious competition in the travel blogging industry. Only the strongest travel sharks can survive in it. New travel bloggers have almost no chances to outrun famous and popular veteran travel bloggers. As I said before, high-quality travel blogs require traveling in ordered to engage people on the Web. A beginning travel blogger has not enough funds to travel the world thereby producing new travel content. Consequently, these circumstances will lead new travel blogs to a fast failure.


Travel is a highly competitive niche on the Web. Also, travel is an extremely competitive sphere on SERPs. It will require a lot of time to rank new travel blogs on Google. Almost every keyword related to travel is highly competitive. Thus, a web page will need to have high PA (Page Authority) in order to rank high on Google. With low competitive keywords, even new blogs can rank very fast. High competitive keywords require a lot of authority on SERPs. As you know, such metrics as DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) do not grow overnight. Therefore, new travel blogs have near to no chances to dominate on SERPs.

My blog is already six months old. I have a lot of travel-related blog posts here. All of them have ideal off-page and on-page SEO. All of my travel blog posts are at least 1400 words long. Some of them are even longer than 3000 words. Even though my travel content is incredible, none of my travel blog posts rank well on Google. When I look up my organic keywords in Semrush, I see that most of my best-ranked keywords are related to sex. I see no travel related keywords there. While ranking a travel blog page on Google, the page will need to have at least 35 to 40 PA in order to be on the first page. Hence, that travel article will need to acquire a lot of dofollow high-quality backlinks from travel related web resources. New travel bloggers are not enough experienced to obtain high-quality backlinks within a short period of time. Therefore, they see none of their travel blog posts ranked on Google.

Today, Google is the main source of web traffic for millions of online entrepreneurs. Without Google, it will be very difficult to succeed on the Web. Of course, if a new travel blogger has a lot of money to invest in advertising, his travel blog may become famous and popular very soon. However, more than 95% of new travel bloggers start their online enterprises from zero. Therefore, they have to rely on Google in order to get enough web traffic. Since it is tremendously difficult to rank new travel blogs on Google, most of them will fail very soon.


When I say that travel blogs fail, I mean that they are unable to generate enough income in order to comfortably maintain their own existence. Success is always associated with profit. If you make a lot of financial profit, this means you are a successful person. With no money, you will be a loser. I use the same approach while making my conclusions regarding travel blogs. To make money, a blog must sell something. Even if it does not sell anything, it must help others to sell something through advertisements, affiliate marketing, and other options. These are the only ways a blog can make money online.

Right now, let us look at the things travel blogs sell or promote online. Usually, these are air tickets, hotel booking, travel tours, and other travel related products and services. So how often do people travel? In Western countries, people might be enough rich to travel several times a year. In developing countries, and in the countries of The Third World, people have no money to travel the world. Hence, we can conclude that only a small number of people spend money on traveling. Accordingly, travel blogs have a very limited potential to be monetized.

These are some of the main reasons why most of the travel blogs fail. On the other hand, when travel blogs are managed by online business professionals, and everything is done correctly, the travel blogging niche can bring a lot of income. Usually, new travel bloggers have no enough professional and financial resources to succeed in this industry. This is why the number of successful travel blogs is so low.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.