atheistsA few years ago, I did not understand why so many people are atheists. I never understood why people have so bad attitude towards God. As we grow, we start to understand many new things. We become more conscious of the issues we never knew before. 

Who is an atheist? Some people will say that an atheist is a person who does not believe in the existence of God. That is true. However, in this article, I am going to talk about the atheists who believe in the existence of God, but they dislike or hate Him. 

In this article, I am willing to explain why so many people become atheists. In other words, I will tell you about the main reasons why people do not accept God and start hating him. 


Everything happening in the world is God’s will. Evil and good things happen only if God permits them to happen. There is a great wisdom in the things happening in our life. Sometimes, a great evil event might cause many good things, and thus, we can state that the evil was not absolute. This is a big philosophical issue discussed throughout centuries. Good and evil are the most discussed problems in philosophy. Our life is not ideal and perfect. There are loads of the things we hate in our daily life. Is there a single person in the world who is absolutely happy? I am sure that it would be impossible to find such person. Life is full of evil and bad sides. We should accept it as it is. Life is not a paradise, and therefore, it has loads of serious disadvantages and negative sides. 

Most of the atheists are smart people. It was proved by the scientific experiments that atheists have higher IQ levels than believers. Atheists are thinkers. These people think and analyze much. While thinking about the world and life itself, atheists make a conclusion that our life is full of evil and that evil happens by the will of God. They start questioning themselves why does God permit these evil and bad things to happen. Atheists think using their cold materialistic thinking, and therefore, they do not recognize the wisdom behind those evil issues. In the result, they start hating God for all the evil happening in the world. It is very simple. Atheists think that God has a very bad and evil personality, and hence, God does not deserve love and other types of positive emotions. I have had a conversation with a 70 years old atheist. The man was a professor of different sciences. He was very smart. I did not ask him about the reasons why he became an atheist because he started telling me about it himself. He said that his friend’s 5 years old daughter was hit and killed by a truck. This event made him hate God. He asked me about the reasons why God permitted her death. I said that I do not know about it; however, there is definitely some kind of wisdom in this girl’s death. This was an example of how people start hating God. Something extremely evil happens in the world, and people start blaming God for that. 

I am not going to blame someone because I am a liberal and democratic person. If someone hates God, it is his personal right to hate anyone he wants to hate. Therefore, I won’t give my moral opinion regarding the people who hate God.


If a person is not satisfied by his own destiny, he will start blaming God for that. Everything in this world happens by the will of God, and therefore, He is the first to blame is a person hates something in his life. People may dislike many things in their destinies. A person may hate his appearance, the country where he lives, the people who surround him, the amount of salary he gets on a monthly basis; all this may cause a person to be unsatisfied by his destiny. So if a person is completely unhappy, he has no reasons to thank and love God. If we think logically, we can conclude that the person will start hating God for all the terrible things he has in his life. The first group of atheists is unsatisfied by the evil things happening in the world. The second one hates God for a terrible life and destiny. When you are successful, it is not a hard work to love God. You will definitely thank God if you are fully satisfied by the life you have. When your life situation becomes more difficult, your attitude towards God will start changing. In some occasions, the person put in extremely hard situations, will lose his patience and start hating God.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.