unhappyHappiness is an absolutely subjective thing. Happiness is a relative concept that varies from one individual to another. For every person in the world, happiness means different things. For some people, happiness means wealth, fame, popularity, a great professional career, high intellectual achievements, and many other things. For others, happiness means having a good family, parents, relative, children, and a soul mate. Thus, the definition of happiness is always dissimilar. I have written a detailed article describing what happiness means for me. Something that can be considered as a good thing, may not be good for you. For example, there are loads of people who love loneliness. I am one of these individuals. In fact, being a lonely person can be very beneficial for your professional success. For most of the people around the globe, loneliness is the scariest thing they might have in their life. Hence, from person to another, being unhappy means different things.

I have recognized that there are particular psycho types that are more inclined to be unhappy. Usually, most of them are very smart people. Have you ever wondered why children are always so happy? Have you ever seen an unhappy child? Yes, sometimes a child might feel unhappy. Nonetheless, their unhappiness is always a temporary condition. A child cannot be unhappy for a long period of time. Children have no depressions. They never fall into a melancholy. Have you ever wondered why ‘being unhappy’ can never be referred to a child? Let me give you the exact answer. Children are not enough smart to be conscious of all of the things that surround them. Even if a child lives in a big poverty, it is very unlikely that this poverty will make him unhappy. Typically, children do not know what wealth means. If there is no wealth, we would never know what poverty means. Wouldn’t we? If there is no beauty, we would never understand what ugliness means. Hence, everything in this world has its antonyms. Without antonyms, we will never know the reality that surrounds us. Children have no life experience. Their understanding and perception are very limited. When your conciseness grows, you will definitely become an unhappy person. I have read some book of Fyodor Dostoevsky. He is a very good writer. At the same time, he is a great philosopher. I strongly doubt that he was a happy person. In some of his poems, he says that being a too conscious individual is always dangerous. I memorized this phrase. I absolutely agree with his opinion. Being a too conscious person always makes you an unhappy person. Thus, high levels of consciousness are always connected with stress and depressions. Scientists, philosophers, and genius people are usually unhappy. You will definitely find out that people with a weak conciseness are the happiest people in the world.

Several months ago, I published some articles about smart people. I explained why smart people are usually very lonely. Then, I explained why smart people are not rich. Today, I will explain to you why smart people are usually unhappy. I have analyzed the situation of smart people. In fact, I am one of them. Therefore, I perfectly know how it feels to be a smart person. In this post, I will give share some of my personal thoughts and ideas. My position is strictly subjective. You may disagree with me. If this happens, do not hesitate to post your comments under the article.


Maximalism is not something that makes you a superbly happy person. Maximalists are the saddest people in the world. Maximalists are very self-demanding people. They demand a lot of things from themselves. Being the richest, the most famous, and the most powerful person might be some of the real ambitions of maximalists. In most cases, it is very hard to achieve too high objectives. Of course, almost everything in this world is possible. If you want to become the richest person in the world, I am sure that your life will give you some chances to reach your goal. Usually, when we want something, our dream will definitely come true. When you intend to do something, your life will always give your some good opportunities to achieve everything you want. At the same time, too high ambitions always require a lot of hard work. Often, a successful person forgets about joy, rolling, having fun, family, and other non-career related things. Last week, I heard that Kanye West was hospitalized in a mad house. His over exceeding hardworkingness was the main reason that caused his mental problems. Kanye West is definitely one of the most successful people in the world. He is a rapper, a designer, a showman, a producer, a musician, and a businessman. Kanye is a universal person. At the same time, he is a maximalist.

Maximalists are very demanding towards themselves. I remember my life at my high school. I was always trying to be the best student. In fact, I was the best student as long as I wanted to be. At 7th and 8th grades I had the highest marks in all school subjects. I also was the best in all the exams. To be honest, my maximalism did not disappear. I am still a maximalist. Actually, the level of my maximalism grows year by year. A few years ago, I was a little bit interested in human relationships. Today, I am fully devoted to my business projects. I demand a lot of things from myself. Actually, my self requirements make me unhappy.

As I said before, smart and genius people are more inclined to maximalism than average people. When I say a smart person, I do not mean a person with a high IQ. In fact, IQ is not a reliable test. I never judge a person’s intellectual capabilities by the level of his IQ. When I say a smart person, I mean a person with high thinking and analytical abilities. This does not mean that this person will have a very high level of IQ. Smart people are always maximalists. Their personal self-requirements make them very unhappy people.


Being a perfectionist in this imperfect world can be very difficult. I am a perfectionist, and therefore, I know very well how perfectionists feel. Who are the people who strive to perfection? Usually, these are very clever people. Perfectionists want to have everything perfect. They think about the things that happen in the world. They strive to analyze them. Finally, they realize that our life is absolutely meaningless. Perfectionism can be beneficial for self-improvement. At the same time, a very high level of perfectionism can harm your mental health.

If you look at schizophrenics, you will find out that there are a lot of truly genius people among them. Most of these mad geniuses are perfectionists. They are not satisfied with how the world is built. They are not satisfied with the things that happen in our world every day. Dissatisfaction is the main emotion of perfectionists. This quality makes them very unhappy.


Usually, a person with an average intellectual level will have average needs and objectives. People with extraordinary talents have great ambitions, ideas, and plans. Lenin is the best example of a genius people with high ambitions. In fact, Lenin made an international experiment. Whilst Engels and Marks solely wrote their theory in books, Lenin followed the theory step by step. There are lots of specialists who claim that Lenin was a mad person. Actually, there is a single step between geniality and madness. Therefore, genius and extraordinarily clever people are very near to become mad.

I frequently remind myself of my childhood. I had a very happy childhood. Simple things were making me happy. Every single day was bringing joy and happiness into my life. I think all of us were happy during our childhood. Growing up does not make us happier. Oppositely, it makes some of us very unhappy people. You can still be a very happy person even if you are an adult. Nevertheless, stresses and depressions are unavoidable. All of the smart and genius people have great ambitions. These unreachable ambitions make them very unhappy.

Most of the people in the world admire high intellectual potentials. Some of them merely admire this quality. Others dream of becoming superbly smart of even genius. In fact, these people do not realize that being smart does not necessarily make a person happy. Oppositely, most of the cleverest and gifted people are tremendously unhappy. This is why I wish you to be happy! Being happy is more important than being solely clever.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.