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reviewing productsIn the beginning of any blogging project, bloggers do not think too much about all the available monetization opportunities. New blogs have no web traffic. Therefore, thinking about making money in the beginning of your blogging activity is not the wisest thing a blogger can do. Firstly, bloggers emphasize their attention and efforts at creating some valuable content. Often, it takes several months to fill a blog with some serious volumes of high-quality content. When a blog is ready, bloggers start using all the available tools in order to drive as much web traffic as possible. When your blog receives good amounts of web traffic, you will start thinking about the possible ways to monetize your blog. This is what usually happens with every blogger. I have passed all the previously mentioned stages. I was writing for several months until I got this number of blog posts on my blog. Then, I started doing everything in order to drive as much web traffic to my blog as possible. Today, I am thinking about the best ways to make money on my blog. I have deeply analyzed different monetization tools and opportunities. I realized that reviewing products on a blog is the best way to make money blogging. From today, I will start reviewing different products on my blog.

There are many different instruments bloggers can use in order to make money blogging. At the same time, no all of these tools are equally effective. For example, it becomes extremely difficult to be approved for Adsense. To be honest, I have not applied for Adsense yet. However, I am 100% sure that my blog will be rejected. There is a lot of content on my blog that Google Adsense will consider as adult content. In fact, to get your Adsense application approved, you will have to stop writing about sex at all. Other CPM ad networks might also reject blogs with some sexual materials. Therefore, affiliate marketing becomes the only possible option to start monetizing a blog. As you know, bloggers promote affiliate products in different ways. I find that reviewing products on your blog is the best method to carry out successful affiliate marketing campaigns. Apart from making money, reviewing products on your blog has a lot of valuable advantages. I decided to write a good blog post describing some of the major advantages of reviewing products on your blog. In my further articles, I intend to write some detailed articles on how to professionally review products. Right now, let me share some information that will definitely encourage you to start reviewing products on your blog.


Sometimes, bloggers may get fully exhausted. In this situation, it becomes very difficult for them to find new ideas for their future blog posts. I am sure that almost every blogger has been to this situation. Some days, you have thousands of different blog posts ideas. Other days, you are not able to find even a single idea for writing a new article on your blog. For example, I have not been writing for almost 5 days. I had absolutely no ideas in my mind. Yesterdays, I got nearly 50 ideas for my new blog posts. Thus, inspiration is like the weather. You never know whether it will be sunny or cloudy tomorrow. You never know when will rain. I see the same thing in my blogging activity. Sometimes, I write hundreds of blog posts in a single month. Other days, I have absolutely nothing to write about on my blog. Hence, bloggers are always eager of new ideas and projects.

Reviewing products on your blog will provide you with loads of new content sources. While reviewing products, you will have hundreds or even thousands of different items to review on your blog. Every single product will give you a new blog post. Sometimes, you can combine diverse items in a single blog post. Reviewing products on a blog is the best source of content. What is more, reviewing products will let you embed ready videos from YouTube related to your products. Thus, your content will become richer. As you know, Google and other search engines value content filled with high-quality photos and videos. Reviewing products is the best way to fill your blog with high-quality content. 
Find out some of the best online stores that are popular on the Internet. Of course, the most famous of them are Amazon, Ebay, Jet, Etsy, Gear Best, and others. If you are only interested in affiliate marketing, you will need to start cooperating with those products that offer affiliate shares. If you want to merely fill your blog with different types of content and making money through affiliate sales is not your main priority, you may start reviewing products of every online store on the Web.


We now that affiliate marketing is more profitable than running CPM, CPA, and CPC ads. Even if you look at income reports of famous bloggers, you will find out that the biggest part of their income comes from affiliate sales. At the same time, earning money through affiliate marketing is more difficult than running ads. Affiliate marketing requires some hard work to be done before you start generating income. Placing ads on your blog is very simple. Once you have placed ads on your website, you may forget about their existence. Placing ads is an absolutely passive way to monetize your blog. Affiliate marketing requires your work.

I have been promoting different products and services on my blog for a long time. Thus, I have enough experience to make serious conclusions regarding affiliate marketing. During all my blogging activity, I realize that reviewing products on your blog is the best form of affiliate marketing. I found that reviewing products is the most effective way to make money through affiliate sales. Thus, reviewing products on your blog will easily monetize your blog.


If you actively use Google AdWords tool, you already know about the most popular and searchable words on the Web. Before buying a product, buyers want to learn about that item more. Therefore, the majority of online shoppers visit different product review blogs. For this reason, good product review blogs are visited by huge amounts of people every day. People are already tired of reading blog posts dedicated to online business, blogging, travel, and other popular topics. People want to see some useful content. What can be more helpful than a blog helping you to make the right purchase? If you provide your readers with useful information, it is very probable that they will keep coming back to your blog. What is more, reviewing products on your blog will provide you with additional keywords that will rank you high in search engines.


Reviewing products on your blog will give you an amazing opportunity to test and review different products for absolutely free. Of course, it won’t be possible if your blog is not enough popular. To get products for free, you will have to work very hard. Manufacturers do not provide unknown and unpopular bloggers with free products. Nonetheless, if your blog is popular and famous, almost every Amazon or Ebay seller will be ready to provide you with free products if you review them on your popular blog. Sellers have a lot of motivation to do it. First of all, getting your products reviewed on popular blogs is the best way to build a brand. Secondly, positive and professional reviews will encourage people to buy products. Therefore, getting more positive reviews is the best way to boost the sales.

In the beginning, none of Amazon or Ebay sellers will agree to send their products for free. If they have no motivation to do that, they will never do it. As I told you before, your blog will need to have big volumes of web traffic in order to be recognized on the Web. When your blog is already popular and famous, you will start receiving a lot of offers from Amazon sellers. You won’t even need to contact them. They will do it instead of you. I am sure that you will be fed up of hundreds or even thousands of email suggesting you get their products for free.


As you know, blogging differs from other types of online businesses very much. To start making money blogging, a blogger will need to establish himself as an expert in a particular field. As soon as it is done, people will start trusting him. Thus, establishing yourself as an expert in particular categories will give you an incredible opportunity to succeed in affiliate marketing. All the famous and successful bloggers are professional experts. This is the main reason why people trust them.

Reviewing products on your blog is a great tool to establish yourself as an expert. Start reviewing products that you like. Usually, we are well acquainted with the items we like ourselves. Therefore, start reviewing products that you love. This will let you make honest and professional product reviews. After some time, you will be recognized as a good expert.

Written by Bahtiyar
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