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the PhilippinesThe Philippines is one of the most attractive countries in the world. This country is the major playground for men around the world. American, European, Russian, Arab, and other men from all countries of the world regularly visit this wonderful country. I am a great fan of the Philippines and I love this country for a multitude of dissimilar reasons. I love this country very much, and therefore, I want to encourage people around the world to visit this awesome country. Unfortunately, I was not born in this country but I am happy with the fact that I am able to enjoy traveling and living in this wonderful place. Here is the list of reasons why I encourage you to travel and live in the Philippines.


The Philippines has the biggest sexual variety in the world. People of all sexual orientation feel very comfortable in this country. If you are a fan of transsexuals, the Philippines will become your paradise. There are thousands and maybe millions of shemales in the Philippines. Most of them are really gorgeous and sexy. Gays and lesbians will also feel well in this sexually liberal country. Sexual diversity in the Philippines is really great. If you have specific sexual preferences, you will find everything you want in the Philippines. Your country may be very conservative and you may not be able to find yourself what you want. There are many countries around the globe where you cannot even fancy about a sexual liberalism. For example, such countries as Saudi Arabia, Ireland, and Iran may seriously restrict and limit your sexual life if you dwell in them. There are many other sexually unliberal places around the globe and I won’t mention them in this article. The Philippines is good for both traveling and living.  The Philippines will certainly satisfy all your sexual desires and dreams. Sexual diversity in the Philippines makes this country very attractive for tourist from different countries of the world


I love Philippinian people for a couple of significant reasons. I like their national mentality. People in the Philippines are very generous and kind. They are very emotional and sensitive. I have a lot of Philippinian friends and I can definitely rely on them if I need some help or assistance. Pride and rudeness are not qualities of Filipinos. They are very simple and open-minded. One of the most important factors needed to be considered while choosing yourself a country for living and traveling is a national mentality of local people. You may live in a very developed and rich country but if people of that country have bad qualities, your life there may become terrible. We always deal with people. Even if you are a programmer, a blogger, or a writer who spends most of his time alone, you will need to contact with local people. Communication with people whom you don’t like may be very stressful. I cannot imagine my life living amongst people whom I hate or dislike. It is very important to surround yourself with people whom you appreciate. Filipinos are highly thankful for such things as loyalty, fidelity, and friendship. They know how to respect people and their values. These people are fit to become your best friends.

A wonderful national mentality of Filipinos is one of the most attractive factors that make the living and traveling in this country exceptionally pleasurable. 


Philippinian women are worldwide known for their beauty and attractiveness. Local women are very popular amongst American and European men. It is internationally recognized that Pinays (Philippinian women) are best mothers and wives. Western men are fed up with their cold, unemotional, and insensitive Western women, and therefore, they go to the Philippines and marry local women. Asian sensitivity and warmness make this woman very eye-catching and seductive for men around the globe. I am not married yet but I plan to marry a Philippinian girl. I think that it will be the best choice and option for me. Philippinian women are regular winners of different International beauty competitions. If you want to live and travel amongst the most gorgeous and beautiful women in the world, you should come to the Philippines.


The climate in the Philippines is tropical. There is no winter in the Philippines. If you live there, you won’t even recognize any differences between summer and winter. It is always sunny and hot in the Philippines. If you are a hot nature, Philippines will be the best place for you to live and travel. I do not like cold weather and I hate living in a country with a cold climate. I hate winter and I do not find anything attractive in it. I love the Philippines for its wonderful climate. In the Philippines, you may enjoy your life four seasons a year. Bad weather won’t restrict you anymore from swimming and sunbathing. Living and traveling in a country with a suitable climate is tremendously imperative for your mental health. There are people who are very sensitive and cloudy weather may cause them stress and even a severe depression. I belong to this group of people, and therefore, it is very important for me to live in a country with a good and suitable climate. The Philippines is an ideal choice for me because its climate and weather always keep me feeling happy and very sexy. Usually, countries with hot climates have very hot and passionate people. That saying may be true if we look at Filipinos. They are extremely sexy. 

Wonderful climate in the Philippines is another important factor that makes this place ideal for living and traveling.


The Philippines has the most beautiful nature in the world. Its landscapes are amazing. Lovers of tropical nature will be in love with the Philippines.What can be more attractive than wonderful tropical palms, blue ocean, and absolutely white sand! Nature of the Philippines is really captivating. Instagram lovers won’t find more suitable places for taking photos and selfies. The Philippines has wonderful nature and this factor attracts tourists from all countries of the world.  

I did not intend to list and fully describe all advantages of traveling and living in the Philippines. I could not be able to give you so much information in a single post. It is better to write a whole book and dedicate it to this wonderful country. The Philippines is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world. The reasons to travel and visit the Philippines are infinite and I hope that you will complete my post in your comments. Leave your replies. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.