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affiliate merchants rejectAffiliate marketing is the best option to monetize your blog. Whilst CPM, CPA, and CPM ads require a lot of web traffic, earning through affiliate marketing is much easier. While running affiliate marketing campaigns, your blog does not need tons of visitors in order to be monetized. Moreover, if you look up income reports of successful bloggers, you will spot that most of their income comes from affiliate marketing. Thus, affiliate marketing is a very affordable method to make money by blogging. If done professionally, affiliate marketing can give very impressive financial results.

If you have already started blogging, you must have a personal account on the world’s most famous affiliate networks such as ShareASale, ClickBank, LinkShare, and CJ Affiliate. While submitting your website to different merchants through these affiliate networks, your application can be approved or rejected. If you have some experience in affiliate marketing, you already know that it is up to your affiliate merchant to decide whether accept your website or not. At the same time, if you decided to apply your website to various affiliate merchants, you must be confident in the quality of your web resource. Otherwise, I do not recommend you to hurry with affiliate marketing. Today, I cooperate with four major affiliate networks. They are ClickBank, ShareASale, LinkShare, and CJ Affiliate. In 99,9 % of cases, all of the affiliate merchants, who received my website application, approved my blog for affiliate cooperation. At the same time, some of them rejected my blog. Right now, I am going to explain some of the reasons why your affiliate merchants might reject your website application.


When your affiliate merchants visit your website, first of all, they look at your Alexa traffic rank. Also, they use another powerful web tools in order to identify the amount of web traffic your website gets every day. Affiliate merchants receive thousands of applications. For them, it is important to choose the websites that will give them effective results. As usual, a website with low volumes of web traffic will not make any leads and sales. Therefore, for your affiliate merchants, it is always better to reject these web resources. Affiliate cooperation is a business. As all businesses, people must do whatever to make more profit. Therefore, affiliate merchants will always choose blogs that are visited by loads of people every day.

If your blog is new and it gets only a few visitors a day, I do not suggest you apply your website to your potential affiliate merchants. If you are rejected once, you will need to wait for a particular period of time until you are able to submit your website again. Some affiliate merchants may permanently reject your blog. Thus, you will have no chance to apply again. Therefore, as I have already told you before, do not hurry up with affiliate marketing. First, let your blog grow. Wait until it gets enough amounts of web traffic, and then, apply your website to some of your desirable affiliate merchants. Otherwise, your website might be rejected.


This is another reason why your affiliate merchants may reject your website. For me, adult content means some porn materials. This is my opinion. As I think, a photo of a naked girl should not be considered as adult content. Porn photos and videos should be considered as a true adult content. Nevertheless, affiliate merchants have dissimilar thoughts and definitions regarding adult content. One day, I received a message from a company based in the UK. They told me that my blog contained adult content. So they suggested me to remove it, and then, they would accept my application. I was shocked when I received that message because my blog has no adult content. I was wondering which of my blog posts was considered as adult content. However, if you have some porn materials on your blog, your affiliate merchants will definitely reject your website. Therefore, I do not recommend you to post any types of explicit materials on your blog. Even a photo of a naked girl might be determined as adult content. Therefore, pay attention to the materials you publish on your web resource.


This is one of the most widely spread reasons why your affiliate merchants may reject your website application. It does not make any sense to promote the products that have no relation to your blog’s content. Travel related products and services will be best sold on travel blogs. Web tools are better sold on the websites dedicated to online business, marketing, and SEO. Therefore, affiliate merchants pay attention to the content of your blog. If your blog is related to their products, it is likely that they will approve your application. Otherwise, they will reject your website. 

While choosing affiliate merchants for your blog, look whether they offer products that have some relation to the main niche of your website. If not, prepare yourself to be rejected.


This might be one of the reasons why your application may be rejected. If your blog has a poor design, unprofessionally edited posts, no contact forms, your merchants may dislike it. Consequently, they will reject it. Huge companies do not want to associate their business with an amateur website, and therefore, they choose only the best web resources.

Before applying your website, make sure it look very well. The amateur design is not sufficient. If your blog looks terrible, affiliate merchants will definitely decline your application.


The privacy policy is crucial if you want to run affiliate marketing campaigns on your website. Whether you launch an e-commerce website or a blog, your web resource must contain the privacy policy. Otherwise, all of your applications will be rejected. A website without privacy policy looks unserious. Prepare a good privacy policy before you start applying your blog to your potential affiliate merchants.

These are some of the main reasons why merchants decline website applications. Before starting affiliate marketing, make sure your blog is perfect in all of the above-mentioned points. Fix it very well. If it has some adult content, remove it from your web resource. Enhance design of your blog. And of course, wait until it gets some serious web traffic.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.