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google penalizeSEO is very important for a website’s success. Of course, SEO is not the only way to drive some web traffic on your blog. Nevertheless, it still remains to be one of the most significant web traffic sources. Whether it is a startup project or a serious online business, all online entrepreneurs do everything in order to achieve the best results in SEO. It won’t be a secret if I say that Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Most of the people use Google to fulfill their searches. Google is conscious of its own importance and significance. For this reason, Google has established its own specific policy towards all the websites on the Internet. In some cases, Google penalizes some websites that violate its policy. All the penalized websites are included on Google’s blacklist. Since some of Google’s algorithms can be tricked, Google uses very tough methods while opposing the websites which activities contradict its terms and policy. When Google penalizes a certain website, this web resource will not appear in Google’s search results. The penalty might be temporary, and in some cases, Google may permanently penalize a website. In today’s blog post, I will tell you about the things that might lead your website into Google’s blacklist. The below-mentioned activities may become the reasons why Google may penalize your website.


SEO is divided into two types. One of them is legal and it is called as While Hat SEO. The second one is illegal and forbidden by Google. Black Hat SEO is widely spread on the Internet. Loads of online entrepreneurs and serious companies use Black Hat SEO technologies to manipulate Google’s algorithms. As for now, there are two major Black Hat SEO technologies that are very popular:


Bot traffic is absolutely useless. There are loads of online services that can send thousands of bots to your website. All traffic counting tools will count these bots as real people. The bots will open some of your pages, stay on them, and then, move to other areas of your website. In most cases, these web traffic bots are indistinguishable from real visitors. There are also a lot of software and special programs that generate bot traffic. Some of them are The Ultimate Traffic Bot, Traffic Robot, Supreme Traffic Bot, and others. While using these programs, you may configure everything you want. The bots will come from different countries, they will stay on your website as much time as you wish. Thus, you do not need to worry about bounce rate on your website. Even Google Analytics counts web traffic bots as a real human traffic.

Even though this traffic is absolutely indistinguishable from genuine web traffic, traffic bots are absolutely useless. Of course, they may improve your Alexa rank, and also, you can decrease the level of bounce rate on your website. Nevertheless, there is no a single website on the Internet that became successful with the help of web traffic bots.

While monitored manually, Google can identify web traffic bots. If it happens, Google may penalize the website using this Black Hat SEO trick.


Tools, that automatically build a huge number of backlinks for a particular website, are considered as Black Hat SEO methods. This is the most used Black Hat SEO technology that is widely used on the Internet. Auto backlinking programs are very well-known. Some of them are GSA Search Engine Ranker, Senuke, and Money Robot. These tools can create thousands of backlinks in a single day or even less.

Websites that get tons of backlinks in a short period of time look very suspicious for Google. If Google spots something unusual in your website’s backlinks, it may penalize you. Auto backlinking is a pure Black Hat SEO technology. If you do not wish Google to penalize your website, stay away from these illegal technologies.


Spam can be made automatically and manually. Most of the auto backlinking tools can post thousands of comments in a matter of a few minutes. Comments are usually posted for two main purposes:

a) Getting a backlink pointing to your website


b) Getting web traffic from the website where the comment was posted

Since Black Hat SEO technologies are very smart and complicated, they can post absolutely different comments on tons of dissimilar websites. From this point, spam may not be distinguishable from real comments. Nevertheless, if we look at the time when these comments were posted, it will be clear that they were written by using Black Hat SEO tools. For these activities, Google may penalize your website.


If your content is not original and you are too lazy to generate it, you will probably copy someone’s articles, and then, paste them on your blog. This is called content theft. You should know that posts, images, videos, and other materials on the Internet belong to someone. All of this information is copyright protected. While copying and pasting someone’s work, you commit content theft. If this is your blogging style, sooner or early, Google will penalize your website. Prepare yourself for that.

Google is a very important search engine. It is capable of providing us with tons of high-quality web traffic. Therefore, we should never do the activities that violate Google’s terms and policy.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.