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about politicsAs you have already mentioned from my blog, I never write about politics. On my website, there is no a single website dedicated to politics. This does not mean that I know nothing about politics. To be honest with you, I have loads of things to write about politics. I have tons of information related to regional and international politics. Even though I am a very good political analytic, I do not plan to include politics as one of the categories on my blog. No, I won’t do it. I decided to write this post in order to explain you some of the reasons why I do not want to write about politics on my website.


I know everything about politics and I know everything happening in the world. However, I am not interested in these things. Even though I know much about politics, I am not truly interested in it. What I am really interested in is my personal health, success, the success of my blog, my travel plans, and my sexual life. These are some of the things I am honestly interested in. Even if there is a war somewhere, it won’t concern me much as long as it does not make any negative or positive impact on the quality of my life. Of course, I wish everyone peace and I want all the wars to stop. However, I am mostly interested in my personal life. Therefore, I do not care about politics.

As all of you know, it is necessary to write about your passions in order to b e a successful writer and blogger. I do just the same thing. I write about the things that are truly interesting for me. I publish materials about travel, online business, business, personal development, sex, psychology, philosophy, popular travel destinations, and many other wonderful things. These issues are really interesting for me. These are my passions. It is a great pleasure for me to write about the things I really love. Therefore, I do not even need to force myself to write my content. Politics is simply not interesting for my, and for this reason, and for this reasons, I excluded it from my blog.


about politicsPolitics is definitely one of the most boring things we have in our life. I never visit blogs or other web resources dedicated to political issues. They are so boring that I cannot stay for a long time on a website that writes about politics. Moreover, I do not want to tire and bore my reading by providing them with annoying content. I think that a good content must be entertaining, informative, educative, and engaging. These are my objectives while creating my blog’s content. Politics is very boring, and therefore, I never write about it.


Politics is a pure negative issue. Have you ever heard something positive from the political news? I have not. If you look up famous political blogs, you will find loads of news dedicated to political scandals, assassinations, lie, and many other negative things. Our life is mostly very negative, and therefore, I think that it is unnecessary to make it more negative by reading additional negative information. To be honest, whenever I visit a political web resource, my positive mood turns to a negative condition. I want my blog to be always very beautiful, gorgeous, and attractive. Till nowadays, I successfully fulfill my mission.

Let us make our life more positive by building wonderful blogs dedicated to travel, nature, positive thinking, online business, and many other incredible things we have in our life.


It is not necessary to explain to people what is happening in the world. Everything is absolutely clear. Politics is built on a lie. Everyone knows and understands this fact very well. So should we repeat this saying many times in order to assure people that politics is a lie? No, we shouldn’t. Everyone already knows about it. I think it is not necessary to write about politics. No matter what you write about politics, all the given things will be pure information. There are some differences between information and knowledge. Knowledge is infinite and more precious than information. Information lasts a few minutes or day, and then, it dies. Knowledge is immortal.

These are some of the reasons why I never write about politics. Politics is a terrible, annoying, stressing, negative, ugly, and deceptive thing. I do not see any benefits of writing about this topic on my blog.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.