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a wifeMarriage is a very serious thing. If you regularly read my blog, you already know that I am not married yet. In fact, I do not want to get married now. There are so many things I want to do before I get married. The first of them is to travel the whole world. Make sex with women of all nationalities. I want to have a mistress in every city I visit. To be honest, I do not need a wife. Things like ‘love’ and other tender concepts mattered for me when I was a teenager. For me, marriage and family are some of the last and less important priorities. Thus, I can self-assuredly conclude that I was not created for a family life. When I was a child, I never dreamt of having children and a wife. I get tired of new women very fast. One or three sex acts are absolutely enough for me to become tired of a woman. You may think that I am not a serious person. Actually, I am a very serious and punctual person. Nonetheless, I get tired of new things and people very quickly. Secondly, I prefer a travel lifestyle. This is not the best lifestyle for a family man. These are some of the reasons why I do not want to get married. To be honest, I cannot even predict after how many years I will get married. This is my nature and I cannot do anything with it.

Even though I am not a family man, I have met loads of women who betray their husbands. This is a big problem. In point of fact, it is not a real problem for me or for other men who love seducing married women. However, it is a huge problem for married men. None of us want to betrayed. Am I right? If you have a wife, her betrayal will be the last thing you want to happen in your life. The union between a woman and a man is a holy union. This is why I say that it is a big problem when a woman betrays her husband. Let us be honest with ourselves. There are loads of very serious reasons why a woman betrays her husband. I decided to write this blog post in order to describe and explain the reasons and factors that make a woman betrays her husband. For a woman, betrayal is not a mere caprice. There are very severe reasons why a woman starts betraying her husband. Betrayal of a woman does not resemble betrayal of a man. Men treat family life not as serious as women do. Therefore, we should analyze this situation in meticulous details.


Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the reasons why a woman starts betraying her husband. Sometimes, we start thinking that sex does not matter much for women. This is our subjective opinion or a sole assumption. In fact, sex is very important for a woman’s psychological and physical health. Therefore, a woman always needs to be sexually satisfied. When I say ‘satisfied’, I do not mean a mere orgasm. Reaching a climax is one of the parts of a sexual intercourse. The whole process of sex gives a woman pleasure. Orgasm is not as important for women as it is for men. During sex, women’s feelings and emotions are more intense than men’s. I will be absolutely correct if I claim that women enjoy the penetration that men do.

A man and a woman might have an ideal relationship outside their bed. They may have a lot of topics to discuss, they perfectly understand each other. Sometimes, when it comes to sex, this ideal couple may have some problems and disagreements. If you perfectly understand each other, this does not mean that your sex will be awesome. A man and a woman must be temperamentally fit to each other in order to have a great sex. Otherwise, dissatisfaction is inevitable.

There are a lot of things that may cause a sexual dissatisfaction in a woman. Sometimes, a woman wants to reach a climax, but her husband cannot give her what she wants. In some cases, women want to have a sweet cunnilingus, but their husbands are unable or unwilling to do it for them. When there are some relationship problems between a man and a woman, these disagreements will definitely affect the quality of their sexual life. These are some of the reasons why a woman is not satisfied in bed.

Sexual dissatisfaction makes a woman search for some external relationship. In this situation, a woman wants to find a lover. Usually, she does not care about the age, financial status, and the level of IQ of her potential lover. A woman wants to merely satisfy her sexual desires and needs. She starts betraying her husband.


In my practice, I have met loads of women who hate their husbands. In the beginning of the marriage, a family life might seem to be ideal and perfect. However, these are mere assumptions of a young soul. Further, day by day, month by month, and year by year, all the feeling and emotions die. A husband and a wife start hating each other. All the romantic words, swearing, and gestures disappear nowhere. A woman starts realizing that her husband is not the one she always dreamt to live with. Her hatred increases day by day. If a man ahs a disgusting character or manners, a woman continues hating him much more. In this situation, a woman is tremendously vulnerable. As all people, a wife needs some love, attention, and warmness. There is nobody to give her what she wants. Her husband became a very tough and rude person. Mainly, he is preoccupied with financial problems of their family. Often, a husband has no free time to spend with his family.

If a wife starts hating her husband, she will definitely look for someone who will give her some love, tenderness, and care. When a woman hates a man, she will hate everything associated with that man. His kisses, hugs, and caressing won’t give her anything but additional hatred. A woman wants to fill that huge vacuum in her heart. There will always be someone who will give her the things that are missing in her life. If she wants love, sex, or care, someone will definitely give it to her. This is one of the most widely spread reasons why a wife betrays her husband. In this situation, her betrayal is a symbol of her hatred towards her husband.


This might be one of the reasons why a wife betrays her husband. Why do men betray their women? Usually, we do it because we love sexual diversity. The same naked body stops causing your sexual arousal. We always need some diversity. The same breast, vagina, and butt do not look attractive and seductive after a few sexual intercourses. I hope all of you have heard about the Coolidge syndrome. To be sexually healthy, a man needs some sexual diversity.

Women have different psychology and physiology. It is absolutely clear that women are not as eager for sex as men. Nonetheless, we should never underestimate the level of their libidos. Sometimes, women are hornier than men. We should accept this fact. Previously, I have told you that sexual dissatisfaction may cause a woman’s betrayal. Right now, I am telling you that a woman can start betraying simply to have some sexual diversity too. As we are interested in women’s genitals, women have the same interests. One day, a woman may be fed up of her husband’s penis. It might be not so wide and big as she wishes to have inside her vagina and mouth. At the same time, a woman may be satisfied with the genitals of her husband, however, she wants to taste something new. In this situation, she will wait for some appropriate time to start betraying her husband.


Financial dissatisfaction is one of the widely spread problems nowadays. You will never find a single woman who is absolutely financially satisfied. Almost all of them dream about a new bag from Louis Vuitton, shoes by Jimmy Choo, and a belt by Hermes. This is a nature of women. Not only women love beautiful and luxurious clothes and accessories. There are loads of men who are fans of shopping. To be honest, I am one of them. I do not remember a single month when I did not buy myself something. I love expensive jewelry. I adore expensive and rare perfume such as black musk. I love expensive cars. Thus, all of us love beautiful and expensive things.

If a woman lives with a man, who cannot satisfy hr financial needs and caprices, she will definitely find some who will do it instead of him. This is what usually happens in our modern daily life. If a woman wants to buy a luxurious clutch from Gucci, but her husband has no money for that, she will get this money from another man. If you cannot satisfy financial and materialistic needs of your wife, prepare yourself for being betrayed.


Let me classify women into two groups. There is a group of good family girls and there is another group of bad girls. Logically, both of these groups of women have different qualities and features. Family-girls have more loyal natures. They are less prone to betray their husbands than bad girls. Bad girls were not created for a family life. When a bad girl gets married, she feels no obligations towards her husband. If she wants to betray him, she sees nothing bad and disloyal in her intentions. Thus, we should realize that some women have natures that are inclined to betraying. It is very easy to spot this type of women. You do not need to be Sigmund Freud in order to identify this type of women. In my further articles, I am going to give you exact signs of a woman that is prone to betraying.

These are some of the common reasons why a wife betrays her husband. I did not intend to describe all of the factors that may lead to betrayal. Usually, I strive to simplify and shorten my narration. This is done in order not to overload your mind with tons of different information. Small amounts of data are very good for intellectual digestion. Further, I am going to analyze why men betray their wives. Hope it will be a very interesting blog post.

Written by Bahtiyar
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