lesbiansIn my previous blog post, I explained the main reasons why so many straight men become gays. Today, I will describe some of the key factors that make women turn into lesbians. The number of lesbians in the world is much less than the number of gays. Even though, the number of lesbians is still overwhelming. Homosexuality is widely spread in western countries such as the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and the entire EU. I do not claim that homosexuality does not exist in other parts of the globe. In fact, gay relationships and sex exist everywhere. Whether it is a western or eastern country, you will always find a lot of homosexual people there. Whether it is a Christian, Buddhist, or a Muslim country, it still consists of numerous lesbians and gays. Liberalism and democracy make lesbians and gays feel comfortable and safe. In more dangerous regions such as Iran, Turkey, Russia, and Middle Asia, gays and lesbians are forced to hide their real sexual orientation. In fact, nobody forces them to hide their real sexual inclinations. At the same time, due to the dangerous environment, gays and lesbians are forced to keep their homosexuality in secret. Whilst western gays and lesbians make gay parades, doing the same thing somewhere in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other strict regions of the world would be very unsafe. Therefore, LGBT people in these regions, are very stealthy.

When you look at these overwhelming numbers of lesbians in the world, you will realize that there must be very serious factors making these women change their sexual orientation. A woman does not become a lesbian simply becomes she is a born lesbian. There are loads of different environmental and social factors that make straight women become lesbians. To be honest, I have nothing against lesbians. In fact, all men love lesbians. If you visit some famous porn sites, you will definitely find out how popular lesbian porn is. Whilst gay sex and relationships seem disgusting for a lot of people, lesbian caressing, kisses, and sex look very natural for both men and women. If you ask any man about his attitude towards lesbians, he will definitely tell you that he likes them. What is more, lesbian porn causes huge sexual arousal in most men. Even though lesbian sex looks more natural than gay acts, there are still a lot of people who do not understand why women become lesbians. For these people, I decided to write a good article describing some of the possible factors making women become lesbians.


This is one of the less important and influential factors that might cause lesbianism in a woman. As you already know, all of us have different hormones streaming in our blood. These hormones regulate our behavior, thinking, feelings, and different types of physical and psychological inclinations. Each hormone is responsible for particular things. For example, normal levels of endorphins will always cause a good mood. At the same time, over exceeding amounts of endorphins may cause euphoria which is not always beneficial for a person’s mental health. Prolactin and cortisol are hormones of stress. These are the elements that cause your stress, and sometimes, they may cause severe depression. Your sex and sexual orientation are already caused by specific hormones. Mainly, there are two hormones that are responsible for these aspects. These hormones are testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone is a male hormone, and estrogen is the main female hormone. At the same time, these gender hormones exist in both men and women. Thus, every man has a few amounts of female hormones. Women also have male hormones steaming in their blood. If both men and women have male and female hormones, why some of these people are men and others are women? Men’s dominant hormone is testosterone. In a man, when estrogen starts dominating over testosterone, this man’s behavior and appearance become more feminine. The man starts feeling like a woman. Domination of one of these two hormones formulates a person’s sex.

Women with over exceeding levels of male testosterone hormone become more masculine. They become less tender, emotional, and sensitive. This means that their need for a man’s care starts reducing. Usually, these women are very independent. In some cases, over exceeding amounts of testosterone may cause women to turn into lesbians. This is one of the famous theories. If a woman has huge amounts of testosterone hormone in her blood, she will start feeling and behaving like a man. Logically, this woman will lose her interest in men. As I have mentioned during my life, women with big levels of testosterone strive to compete with men. These women are very tough. They do not resemble those tender and pretty girls. Usually, a woman with high levels of testosterone tends to be very dominant. In lesbian sex, these women are tops.

I want to mention that hormone imbalance is the least influential factor that might make women turn into lesbians. It is true that some lesbians are truly brutal and masculine. However, the majority of lesbians are still women. A greater part of lesbians has an absolutely normal hormone balance. Below, you will see a few more important factors that lead women to become lesbians.


In fact, women are more reliable and loyal than men. Sometimes, men behave like real animals. Quantity is a foremost important factor for men. I think that most men will never be satisfied with a single girlfriend or wife. Thus, men always look for new sex adventures. Men are more flirtatious than women. What is more, the level of testosterone in men’s blood is much higher than women’s. As you already know, testosterone is a hormone of sex. High volumes of testosterone always lead to a high libido. This is the main reason why men are always sexually driven. Actually, a man is always ready to make sex. Time and place do not matter much for him. Promiscuity in men is a very well-known fact. For example, a woman needs to get to know a man a little bit closer in order to have an intimate relationship with him. The majority of women need some time to get ready for sex with a new man. I do not deny the fact that there are millions of extremely promiscuous women in the world. Nevertheless, their percentage will equal 1% of the total amount of women existing in the world.  Thus, promiscuity is the second nature of every man.

I am a man, but I am still able to understand what does a woman feels when she is betrayed. Betrayal is one of the worst things that can happen in a person’s life. Especially, when your relationship is very serious, betrayal will cause very negative emotions. It is a clear fact that women are more frequently betrayed than men. Most of the women are loyal, regular, serious, and reliable. On the opposite side, men do not have the same qualities. Most of the men are still children.

The majority of lesbians have had some type of straight relationship. As a result, they were very disappointed with most of the men they had. In some cases, all of the men lesbians have met were full bastards. This disappointment made them think about how ugly a male soul is. After some unsuccessful straight relationships, a woman starts thinking about lesbianism. She perfectly knows how a woman feels. She knows that women are loyal and serious. Women are more reliable than men. She makes all of these conclusions. As a result, she concludes that a relationship with a good woman would not be so bad. From the point of regularity and reliability, women are the best partners. These thoughts make women start thinking about becoming lesbians. Finally, some of these disappointed and frustrated women become lesbians. Others continue bearing terrible and disloyal men.

If I was a woman, I would definitely decide to become a lesbian. When I compare men with women, I realize that women are much better than men. Women are more humane, caring, serious, reliable, emotional, and sensitive. I do not want to overgeneralize all the women around the globe. Of course, there are a lot of truly awful women. Nonetheless, the majority of women are very good personalities.

Finally, common infidelity and promiscuity of men might be one of the reasons causing women to become lesbians.


Usually, men are very selfish in sex. Most of them do not spend much on preludes. Men are not good at making cunnilingus. Some of them are professional at oral sex. On the other hand, most of them do not even know where a clitoris is situated in. What is more, men have very frequent problems with erection. Premature ejaculation is another problem that makes women dissatisfied with the quality of sex. Moreover, men are not ideal lovers. They are incapable of guessing the true desires and sexual fantasies of women.

When it comes to sex, lesbians know how to pleasure each other. There is no single man in the world who could perform such astounding cunnilinguses as lesbians do. Lesbians ideally know what their partners want to have sex with. The absence of a real penis is not a problem for lesbians. They use different strap-ons, dildos, and many other sex toys. Actually, the absence of a real penis is a pure benefit since it lets lesbians forget about such problems as a weak erection, a small penis size, and premature ejaculation. For these reasons, lesbians enjoy all the awesome pleasures of lesbian sex.

These are some of the common reasons why women become lesbians. Of course, the number of factors that make women lesbians is higher than I have described above. Even though I have provided you with only theoretical conclusions, my short explanations will still help you to understand the main motives of lesbians. I am going to continue this topic in my further blog posts.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.