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eager for sexWomen are less eager for sex than men and it is a commonly recognized and accepted fact. Have you ever wondered about the reasons why women have so low libido? There are many reasons why women are less eager for sex than men. Some of these factors are physiological and others are psychological. Women and men have different thoughts and opinions when it comes to sex. Let me give you a couple of examples. Men may appreciate a huge amount of different sex partners. Women usually want to have a single man to make sex with. The roles of men and women in sex are very different, and therefore, they treat sex very in a dissimilar way. Men are tops and women are bottoms. Look at the same situation in gay couples. Do you think that top gays and bottoms treat sex the same? No, they do not. A bottom gay usually wants to have a single top boyfriend. However, a top gay may want to penetrate as many bottom gays as possible. Bottoms are more attached to their tops. Sex for bottoms is a ritual of self-devotion. 

You may be annoyed by the behavior of women because it does not match your desires and needs. Imagine if every woman had the same sexual desire as men do. It would be great. Our sex-life would be wonderful and occasionally we would be raped by some horny women. That may happen only in some of our dreams. There are loads of factors that make women less eager for sex. Here is a list of some of them.


Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for your sexual drive and desire. This hormone may increase in your blood due to different reasons. Making sport and sex increase your testosterone level. There are also some kinds of food that may increase it.  Testosterone is a male hormone but women also have it. The level of testosterone hormone in their blood is very pitiful. If they had so much testosterone as men do, women would become men. Their voice would not be so tender and they also would have muscles. Without this hormone, you won’t have your beard, and your penis won’t get hard if your testosterone level is insufficient. You may recognize that your libido increases when you make sport or some heavy exercises. Our libido increases with the level of testosterone in our blood. The more testosterone you have, the more sexual drive you have. This is a rule. Naturally, women have a very small amount of testosterone in their blood and this is the main reason for their sexual unwillingness. More masculine men are more eager for sex than men who have less testosterone in their veins. 

Testosterone is the hormone of sex and passion. Women will never have such a strong sexual desire as men have.


The local environment is one of the strongest factors that prevent women from being very eager for sex. Keep in mind that there are different nations, cultures, and communities in the world. Living in a Muslim country may be very terrible for the quality of your sexual life. Women have desires, but sometimes they cannot fulfill them due to different restrictions in their community. It will be absolutely normal if a man has lots of sexual partners. People think that it is the nature of men to have multiple sex partners. When a woman does the same thing, in some communities she will be considered a whore. Women are afraid to lose their authority. It will be a great shame for them. Western countries are more liberal, and therefore, women there are more emancipated. Our society has different expectations for women and men. There are different stereotypes restricting women from being open-minded and sexually liberal. 


Men and women have different approaches to sex. Women enjoy being submitted to someone and men like dominating. Consequently, both men and women love different things in sex. For women, it is a great physical and psychological pleasure to devote herself to someone she loves. A man does not care about these things. He does not know that a woman devotes herself. Men are usually driven by a strong sexual desire to insert their penises somewhere. That is the common feeling every man has during his arousal. It does not strongly matter for him where he will insert his penis. A man may have sex without having any emotional attraction to his partner, and as a result, it is very easy for him to abandon that partner. Women won’t make sex with someone whom she does not like or love. Prostitutes will do it, but this is another situation. A woman devotes herself to her partner, and consequently, it is very important for her to continue her relationship with that partner. If a man abandons her, she feels used. That what exactly happens when you stop contacting your girlfriend. It is very important for a woman to be sure that her sexual partner will be with her after making sex. Women are very emotional, and therefore, it takes a lot of time for them to find someone to make sex with. A man can make sex with any possible woman, but women need to have some emotional attraction to a man in order to get closer. 

Girls treat sex differently, and therefore, it may seem that women are less eager for sex than men.

Women and men have different psychologies and physiologies. Thus, they have different preferences, mental, emotional, and physical inclinations. Try to understand their psychology and the way they think. Women are eager for sex but their desires and actions are different from men’s.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.