women refuseMen and women have different psychologies. Both women and men treat diverse things differently. They have different approaches and opinions regarding everything. It is not a secret that men are more eager for sex than women. There is a huge variety of different reasons and factors that make men need sex very much. A woman can feel very well without having sex for a long time. Testosterone is the hormone of is responsible for the level and quality of our libido. Men have much more testosterone than women do. This is the main reason why women are less eager of having sex. Secondly, men are ready to have sex anytime and anywhere. For women, sex is not mere physical action. For women, emotions and feelings are highly important. Therefore, on some occasions, women and men are unable to understand each other.  

Every man wants to have a good sex life. We can state that sex is the most powerful motivator for men. Men make tremendous careers, buy expensive cars and clothes, and make many other efforts in order to attract women. I can conclude that sex is the most significant motivator of a person’s success. To feel confident and satisfied, a man needs to have a high-quality sex life. For this reason, men work very hard in order to achieve some success in relationships with women. 

In this post, I am going to cover a topic that is highly interesting and important for every man. If you are a professional seducer or you are an amateur, no doubts, you have met loads of women who refused to have sex with you. No matter how handsome and rich you are, you have had at least five or ten refusals in your life. Some men do not succeed with women more often. Seduction is a sophisticated art, and therefore, it is always necessary to develop and enhance your skills. 

I am going to describe to you 5 reasons why a woman refuses to make sex with you. 


For men, it is not important when to make sex. A man does not even need to know a girl in order to be ready for sex. Love, passions, and many other feelings are not important for men. We are always ready for sex. Men do not pay much attention to emotions and many other sentimental senses. If we see a sexually attractive woman, we are already ready to have sex with her.

Women treat sex differently. A woman needs to know and trust a man in order to prepare for sex. Emotions are highly important for every woman. At the same time, a woman may be ready for sex, however, she does not want to look like a whore. Women think that a woman, who is ready for sex too fast, looks like a whore. If a girl loves a man, she will worry about her reputation. Especially, when a woman is intended for serious relations, she will care about her man’s opinion. A woman, who is ready for sex too fast, may look exceedingly available. Women are aware of that fact. Consequently, they never hurry to make sex with you. 

If you are too fast, you make immediate sexual hints, it is very likely that a girl will refuse to make sex with you. Do not be too intensive and prompt. Hide your desires. 


This is one of the reasons why a woman refuses to make sex with you. The western woman is liberal. If a western girl refuses to have sex with you, her religion is not the reason. Women in Muslim countries and in Middle Asia might refuse to have sex with a man because of religious beliefs. Adultery is considered to be a big sin, however, nobody treats this sin seriously. I can confidently state that Muslims obey their religion very strictly. Therefore, you have pity chances to pick up a girl in a Muslim country. Fornication is forbidden in Christianity and Judaism, however, the women who belong to these religions, do not afraid of this sin. So if an American, a European, a Caribbean, a Latin girl refuses to make sex with you, her religious beliefs do not influence their decisions.

Religious tabus may not let your girl have sexual intercourse with you. 


This is one of the most frequent reasons why women refuse to have sex with a man. Playboys and professional seducers look very suspicious. If a woman recognizes that you want to make sex with her, it is highly likely that she will refuse your sexual suggestion. Women know that men use them for sexual purposes. Usually, girls are intended to have regular and serious relations with men. It is always visible when a man wants to use a woman. Girls feel it very well.

If a woman thinks that you want to use her, she will definitely refuse to make sex with you. 


When a woman does not feel beautiful, she will never be confident in herself. These types of women are very shy and have a lot of psychological problems. If a woman is not satisfied with her attractiveness, she will be less eager to have sex. The women, who feel beautiful and seductive, are more likely to be open for new sexual relations. Moreover, less attractive women believe men less. They are aware of their unattractiveness, and therefore when someone swears to love them, they suspect men with bad intentions. 


If a woman does not like you, she might refuse to have sex with you. She may dislike your personality, your character, your psychological type, your approach regarding different concepts; all these things may cause her refusal. If you are not sexually attracted to her, she may also refuse because of this reason. We choose girls according to our personal tastes. Women do the same thing. If you are a fat, ugly, and disgusting man, you will have more refusals than a handsome playboy who rides Lamborghini. 


Very low libido is one of the reasons why a woman might refuse to make sex with you. You are eager to have as much sex as possible because of the high testosterone amounts in your blood. Women have much less testosterone, and consequently, they think about sex very rarely. A woman should have the motivation to have sex with you. Your motivation is the pleasure you get while making sex. You want sex for the sake of sex. For women, sex does not mean much. If a girl does not have any sex for several months or even more, she will feel OK. It is not a huge problem for a woman to live without sex. 

If she does not want sex, and additionally, she is not motivated by any other factors, your woman will refuse to have sex with you. 

In this article, I did not intend to describe all the reasons why a woman might refuse to have sex with a man. However, I strived to describe the most important and significant ones. Enhance your seduction skills and be smarter in order to become more successful with women.    

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.