Stress is normal for all of us. However, it may be very dangerous if your stress level is exceedingly high. In this situation, your stress may turn into depression. Depression is more serious than simple stress. As I have already told you, stress is very usual in our society. What are the common reasons for stress? Any kind of problem may result in a high level of stress. If you have some stress, do not worry about it, but if your stress level exceeds particular borders, you should do something that will reduce it. What may happen if your stress increases and you ignore it? Your stress may turn into a terrible depression which may cause serious life difficulties. Suicide is one of the effects that depression has. How often have you been depressed? I think a mature man or a woman has had depression at least once in a lifetime. Stress may cause depression and depression may cause more severe problems.

So how should we avoid depression? It is clear that the best way to prevent depression is to reduce our stress level. It is absolutely impossible to completely get rid of your stress. However, it is possible to reduce your stress level. I am a busy person and I have big dreams, and goals. Thus, I become one of the most vulnerable victims of stress. I know what it can cause if you do not pay any attention to its level. Here are some activities I usually do in order to reduce my stress level.


Some of you may say that shopping is the privilege of women. Nonetheless, I do not agree with this statement. It could be true some decades ago but today men have changed. Men have different mentalities and psychology nowadays. A couple of decades before, men used to pay less attention to their appearance and beauty. Today, the situation has totally changed. Modern men are constant visitors and clients of expensive boutiques and shops. Being a metrosexual does not mean being someone very tender and womanlike. You may still remain to be very strong and brutal, and at the same time, you can be a metrosexual. 

Let us clarify that both men and women enjoy shopping. Women may be more devoted fans of shopping. However, there are some men who are more inclined to shopping than women. I can tell you that I adore shopping. I earn my money in order to spend them. I do not simply store my money in my case. I enjoy spending it and buying myself things that I like. Shopping is one of my hobbies and I can tell you that it is a very stress-relieving activity. Shopping lets me get rid of my stress very easily and quickly. When I am in a bad mood, I visit some stores, boutiques, or online shops, and buy myself something that I really like. Ordering something online from abroad has its own advantages. We say that our stress level reduces every time we buy ourselves something. Let us imagine that you go to a boutique and buy yourself ten different clothes. It may be for example 5 t-shirts, one pair of jeans, one jacket, and three pairs of fashionable shoes. Your stress level reduces as soon as you make your purchase. How long does your happiness last? Usually, from one day to two days. Typically, after two days of your shopping, you forget about the fact that you have bought something for yourself. What happens when we order something online from abroad? Let me describe this situation. Frequently, when I buy something online, I buy myself many items. For example, last time I have bought myself three t-shirts, one pair of pants, two Eau de toilettes, and 10 pairs of underwear. All of these items were purchased from different countries. It is clear that all the products won’t arrive at the same time. Hence, you provide yourself reasons to have a good mood every day because sometimes you may receive one item each day of a week. You may not like this method because it may require your patience and some time to receive your items. However, I use both ways of shopping. I enjoy physical shopping and at the same time, I am a fan of online shopping.

If you love shopping, this tip may be very effective for you to reduce your stress level. If you are not inclined to shopping, you may use some of the next tips that will let you get rid of your stress.


Sport is one of the most effective methods to reduce your stress level. I prefer hard types of sports because I consider them to be more effective. Bodybuilding is the best way to considerably reduce your stress. Making exercises using the training apparatus is a very good way to forget about your problems and difficulties. Huge amounts of testosterone, produced during heavy exercises, inhibit your stress hormones and, thus, your stress level considerably decreases. Swimming is another effective way to forget about a high-stress level. We are individuals and all of us have different preferences. I cannot suggest a particular type of sport for everyone because it may not fit you. You are the boss of your life and you should choose what sports fit your personality the best.


Reading is the most popular and powerful stress-killer. This method is very efficient because it is very cheap. Almost everybody of us has opportunities to read. Today, with the come of the Internet reading became easier and more available. Different gadgets such as electronic book-readers are the best friends of every book-lover. There are many ways to reduce your stress level. Nevertheless, I try to list the methods which I use myself when my stress is too high to be safe for my health. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Reading is a very calming and relaxing activity. Many scientific types of research have proven that reading is the best stress reducer. The advantages and benefits of reading are numerous. You will reach multiple goals while reading. As a result, you will gain new knowledge, new skills, and experience, enlarge your horizons, change your worldview, and reduce your stress level.


Our memory is full of a terrible and frightening experience. These memories are parts of our life and mind. We cannot get rid of them. There are some ways to forget about them but they won’t completely disappear from your memory. All of us have had some terrible moments. A few of us have been indifferent to troubles and situations. Some of them are diseases, hospitals, prisons, or other terrible places. This type of experience is very dangerous for your mental health. The only way to reduce its danger is to try not to remind yourself about it. Can you do it? Neither you and neither I can do it. There are some things that are out of our control. We cannot control something that is out of our conscious mind. You may feel a smell, hear a sound, or see an object, and it will suddenly remind you about your terrible experience. That is why I tell that it is absolutely impossible to control our memory. Every sophisticated situation has a solution. You can always avoid things or situations that may remind you of something that you want to forget.

Traveling is the best way to fulfill this trip. When you are abroad, you don’t see the same places and people anymore. You will have a new experience that will help you to forget some bad events that happened in your life. Traveling lets you forget about the people whom you hate. In your voyages, you will meet thousands of people whom you will love. There won’t be any place for anger and hatred in your heart anymore.

I think that traveling is the most effective method to reduce your stress level and improve your mental health. The benefits and advantages of traveling are really infinite and innumerable.


Children are so sincere. They do not resemble adults. Usually, mature people are spoiled by hypocrisy, selfishness, and envy. Children do not have such features. They are very honest. A child will be happy with a small gift you give him. An adult will estimate your present and try to guess its cost. If it is a cheap item, they will hate you and throw your gift in the garbage. A child will be happy even if you give him small chewing gum. They are very funny and kind.

I love playing with children. I do not play with them just to reduce my stress level. I still do not have any children because I am too much Playboy to take this responsibility. However, I have a lot of nephews. Their amount is near to twenty. They usually visit me at my home and we start playing without stopping. There may be some people who do not love children. I love them for many reasons and one of these reasons is that I am a child myself. I am very naughty and capricious. Playing with children helps me to forget about my problems.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.