flat in cairoEgypt is a wonderful and very attractive country. It is visited by millions of travelers around the world. The most famous historical buildings in Egypt are Pyramids. People travel thousands of miles in order to see them. I have lived in Egypt for a long period of time and I know that this country is full of beautiful and gorgeous places that every tourist should see in his life. Usually, tourists do not spend more than a week in this great destination. For some people, two weeks may be enough. During this short period of time, their interest is fully exhausted. These people do not know the real Egypt. Two weeks is a miserable period of time and it will never let you explore the whole country. 

I like exploring and studying countries. I love interacting with different people while traveling. The National mentality of local people is one of the most interesting and attractive things for me during my journeys. It is impossible to study a culture, traditions, and customs of locals if you stay in a country for two weeks. Even two months is not an appropriate period of time for me. I need at least four or five months of traveling and living in a country in order to fully get familiar with it. 

Let me tell you that Egypt is full of different surprises and discoveries. Do not leave it after two weeks of traveling. I think that you are also interested in local women. To seduce some of them you will need to spend a couple of months living and traveling in Egypt.

There may be many reasons to stay in Egypt for a long period of time. I do not intend to cover all of them because it is impossible. Staying in a hotel may be expensive for the beginning travelers or for the tourists who have very limited budget. In these situations, people start thinking about renting a flat. I understand these people and think that renting a flat is the best solution for the people who want to stay in Egypt for a long period of time. Living in a flat is much cheaper and it is more convenient because you will be closer to local people. You will be able to directly interact with them if you rent a flat.

The process of renting a flat in Egypt is not so easy as people tend to think. Egyptian laws do not resemble the laws of other, and therefore, western people may encounter some difficulties.

This blog post will answer your entire questions regarding renting a flat in Egypt.


It is more probable that you will live in Cairo. I spent all of my time in Cairo, and it is the most interesting city in Egypt. You may spend a few days in Alexandria and your interest will be fully exhausted in that place. Cairo is the best choice for the travelers who want to interact with Egyptians and learn more about the local traditions, culture, and behavior. Most beautiful women of Egypt live in Cairo, and therefore, I suggest this destination.

Cairo is a very big city. There are nearly 100 million people in Egypt, and at least 25 million of them live in Cairo. Some districts in Cairo are bigger than whole cities in other countries of the world. The city is very huge. It will be very difficult for you to adapt in this city in the beginning of your journey.

There are many different areas in Cairo and you should try to find the best of them. Do not search for a flat in remote districts because they may be inconvenient and very dangerous. There are some great districts in Cairo that resemble the places in some European countries. People there, are more liberal and open-minded than in other areas of the city.  


When I first came to Cairo, I thought that it is a good idea to search for a flat through newspapers. My opinion was wrong. This may work in Dubai because everyone there, uses the Gulf News magazine to find advertisements of all types. 

Forget about newspapers in Egypt. They won’t help you to find a flat.


Cairo is full of these agencies. It is not a problem to find a good agency that will help you to find the most suitable flat. I think that this is the best and the most effective tool to find a flat for rental in Cairo. 

The agencies take small fees for their service. As always, you need to be very aware of them. People who manage these offices know that you are a Western person and it is very probable that you have a lot of money.They will definitely increase their prices. Additionally, you are not a Muslim, and therefore, you won’t see any mercy from them. Being a Muslim in such religious country as Egypt is very beneficial because all people strive to help and assist you. The locals do not love non-Muslims.

Talk to the local men and find out about the current prices. If you are looking for a good flat in a good district, it will cost you from 500$ to 1000$.

Here is some useful information regarding a flat rental in Cairo:

If a flat costs 1000$ monthly, you will need to give a deposit that is equivalent to the monthly price of a flat. That means that you will give additional 1000$ to the real estate agency. This is the official law of Egypt and it is practiced in the whole country. If you damage something in the flat you are renting, you will not receive your deposit back. Usually, the agencies give that money back when you decide to stop renting. In the occasions when you damaged something in your flat, the money will be held and you won’t receive it. Be more careful and you will save your money!

Written by Bahtiyar
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