car in HawaiiHawaii is one of my favorite travel destinations. Hawaii is a dream of every traveler. People who have never traveled will also confess that they dream to travel to Hawaii. Hawaii is a paradise on earth. Its picturesque landscapes, exotic trees, and awesome climate are so attractive. Hawaii is the place where dead souls revive. Travel is absolutely necessary to feel young and strong again. If you have not been to Hawaii, you have not lived a full life. You must visit Hawaii at least once in your life. 

I was dreaming about Hawaii for a long time. This place does not resemble famous tourist destinations like Dubai, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia, and other frequently visited areas. Dubai and Thailand like a big shop markets crowded by travelers from all countries of the world. If you say that you have been to Turkey or to Thailand, nobody will be amazed. Everybody goes there and it is not surprising. If you want to show off by telling your friends about your Pattaya vacations, nobody will be impressed by your story. Millions of travelers visit Pattaya every year. It is very easy to go there. There are no strict Visa requirements, and therefore, if you have some money to buy an air ticket and book your hotel, your travel to Thailand is guaranteed. Hawaii is not a big bazaar like Dubai. For me, Hawaii was always something exotic, rare, and exclusive. That is what Hawaii really means. This travel destination is truly exclusive. 

I always meticulously plan my trips. I book my hotel, buy my air tickets, and of course, I never forget to rent a gorgeous car. Taxi is not the best way to travel in a foreign country. I am a playboy, and therefore, everything in my travel must suit my lifestyle. Picking up beautiful girls on a taxi is a ridiculous thing. That is why I always prefer renting an eye-catching car. Sometimes it is Porsche, Ferrari, Hammer, Chevrolet, and other luxurious labels. These cars cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you rent one of them for two or more weeks, the rental cost won’t be too much. It is very convenient to travel in a foreign country using a good car. Most of the men travel for sex. It is very exciting to have sex with the women who are absolutely unfamiliar to you. All nationalities have different sexual mentalities, and consequently, all of them differ in bed. I am also one of those naughty travelers who enjoy sex travel. 

Hawaii is famous for its sexy girls. I knew about this fact very well. If you have not had sex with a Hawaiian girl, you are not a playboy. Going to Hawaii and forgetting about its devilishly beautiful girls is a ridiculous idea. Therefore, I worked very hard to plan my Hawaii trip. As always, I bought air tickets and booked a good Hawaiian hotel. I started having difficulties while choosing a car rental company. I wanted to rent a car right now and have it ready as soon as I arrive at Honolulu airport. I always do the same thing while traveling around the globe. I started searching for different car rental companies, but I did not like their cars, and additionally, their prices were too high. I started thinking that I won’t be able to rent a car in Hawaii. That was my mind condition until I found Envy Rent. 

Envy Rent is the biggest Hawaiian car rental company that offers approximately 119 luxurious cars at the lowest prices. Envy Rent can deliver you a car anywhere in Oahu island. Envy Rent is definitely the best car rental company in Hawaii. I compared Envy rent with other car rental organizations and made a conclusion that Envy Rent is the best. Why did I choose Envy Rent?


Envy Rent offers you a huge variety of stylish and exclusive cars. Envy Rent has more than 100 cars and most of them are really luxurious. If you are a playboy and you want to have some fun in Honolulu, Envy Rent will exactly satisfy your needs. An outstanding car is essential for the success of your sexual hunt. Girls are eager of rolling with the boys who drive gorgeous cars. That is the main reasons why you should rent a great car. You may the most handsome man in the world, but if you have no car, girls will not even recognize you. A good car is a necessary tool of every seducer. If you want to drive a car that will impress girls in Honolulu, Envy Rent is capable of providing you with the most luxurious cars that exist in the world.  

Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Ford Mustang 2015, Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010, Jeep Wrangler, BMW Z4 sDrive35is, BMW X5 xDrive35i 2012, Tesla S60 2014, Mercedes CLA45 AMG 2015,  Chevrolet Colorado LT, Dodge Challenger SRT8, Porsche Boxster 2013, BWM M3 2012, AUDI RS 5.4 2 Quattro. These are some of the best cars you can rent at Envy Rental in Honolulu.


Prices at Envy Rent are very funny. You can rent a luxurious car for 60 $ a day. Isn’t it funny? The same car somewhere in New York would cost you at least 200 $ a day. Envy Car is very attractive because of the low prices. At Envy Rent, you can rent Porsche Boxster by 119 $/ day. Isn’t it good? Porsche is one of the best cars that exist in the world. At Envy Rent, it costs only 119$/day. Thousands of Hawaiian girls will be yours when you drive Porsche. If your budget is limited and you want to rent a gorgeous car by a low price, Envy Rent is the company you are looking for. 


This is one of the advantages Envy Rent has. If you have booked a car online, Envy Rent will deliver it at the Honolulu airport for absolutely free. You won’t need to go to their office. Make your payment online, and your car is ready as soon as you arrive at Honolulu airport. It is very convenient. 


Unlimited mileage and no cleaning fees. You can drive as much as you want. Drive everywhere you want. There are no additional fees. 

It is very convenient to rent a car online. Just go to Envy Rent website, choose a car you wish to rent, choose your dates, make a payment, and everything is done. Envy Rent requests your driver’s license and car insurance (if you have no car insurance, you can buy one at Envy Rent).

I got myself Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010 for three weeks. The car worked like a charm. Its price was surprisingly low for me. I paid 65$ per day. Thus, in three weeks, I paid 1365 $. It is amazingly cheap. I was 100% satisfied by the service delivered to me by Envy Rent.

If you need a car in Hawaii, rent it through Envy Rent and you will be fully satisfied! 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.