review When it comes to blog monetization, you will realize that affiliate marketing is the most effective way to make money blogging. From all the existing forms of affiliate marketing, you will discover that reviewing different products on your blog is the best one. In my previous article, I have described and explained the main reasons why you should start reviewing products on your blog. Today, I will teach you to review your products more professionally. To review a product, it is not enough to write a couple of positive words related to the item. Some bloggers do it. However, I never support this reviewing style. To professionally review products, a blogger needs to have some specific knowledge. Moreover, it is necessary to be very well acquainted with the product you are planning to review. A product reviewing process consists of different parts. The process is like Swiss watches consisting of peculiar mechanisms. To build a professional product review blog, a blogger will have to become a universal specialist. Good writing skills are not enough to build a good product review blog. This process is very sophisticated. If you have already read the previous article dedicated to benefits of reviewing products on your blog, you will be definitely motivated to start a product review blog. In fact, it is not necessary to build a separate product review blog. Look at my blog. It is cannot be called as a product review blog. At the same time, you will see loads of different product reviews on my blog very soon. I will merely create a specific category called ‘PRODUCT REVIEW’, and then, I will start reviewing interesting products. Thus, you do not necessarily need to build a product review blog in order to start reviewing some items. You can solely create a category dedicated to this niche. Anyway, your choice and decision are up to you. Right now, I will provide you with some useful information that will let you make your product review blog more effective. In other words, I will teach you to review your products more professionally.


Before you start reviewing different products on your blog, you will need to identify your real intentions. Let me clearly explain you why you need to do this. First of all, you should be aware that not all online stores accept affiliates. Thus, reviewing products of these stores will be financially useless. Amazon and Ebay have affiliate programs. Thus, reviewing their products on your blog will give you good income through your affiliate sales. Also, there are a lot of online stores that do not accept affiliates. If you have a sole motivation to start making money through your affiliate links, you will need to make a list of the most popular online stores that cooperate with affiliates. When the list is done, start joining these affiliate programs. On the opposite site, if you do not intend to merely make money by reviewing products, you can review any products existing on the web. Since you are not financially motivated to generate sales through your affiliate links, you will be able to review every product you want to review. This is why it is very important to clarify your intentions on the beginning.


To build a successful product review blog, you will need to review only products you are interested in. In other words, review products you would like to use yourself. Here are some of the reasons why you should do it. First of all, when we like an item, we will definitely try to find as much information regarding that product as possible. Secondly, when we are interested in the product, the review process will be more enjoyable. You will never succeed in something you dislike. Therefore, it is very important to review only products are interested in.

Whether you are writing blog posts, recording a podcast or a video, visitors of your blog will always understand your real emotions. If you dislike a product, your opinion will be clear for everyone. To make a professional and effective product review, a blogger must be truly interested in the item he is reviewing. Otherwise, you see no positive effective of your product reviewing activity.


To build a successful product review, you will need to professionally review your products. In other words, building an effective product review blog means filling your blog with professional reviews. Therefore, I am talking more about reviews themselves. Since common blogging rules are clear for everyone, it is necessary to emphasize your attention at the quality of reviews you will produce.
Before writing a review, you will need to find out everything regarding your product. You will need to analyze its quality, design, price, positive and negative feedbacks of its users. To do this, follow the following steps.


Almost every serious company has an official website. Every reliable organization strives to widen its presence on the Web. Usually, every company fills its website with all the necessary information about its history, technologies they use, factories, and many other things. Before you start writing a review, you will need to visit official websites of your product manufacturers. Collect all the official information about your product.


Today, before you make a purchase, you will definitely look at customer feedbacks. It is very important to know what people think about a product. Actually, customer reviews let us make the right purchase. If a product is bad, people will definitely mention it. Mainly, people do not lie about their real impressions. If they dislike a product, they will frankly write about the thing that caused their negative emotions.

Collect all the information about the product you are going to write a review about. Huge volumes of information will let your write detailed reviews. This will generally impact an overall success of your product review blog.


While reviewing products on your blog, you will need to be honest with your readers. Your honesty will be fully responsible for the success of your blogging project. Being honest in your reviews will give you more returning readers. People love honest reviews. As you know, honesty is the best policy. This rule is also applicable in the online business sphere.


Video reviews are always better than simple texts. When you watch a video review, you will be able to clearly see a product. Videos are better to show a product’s design, quality, and package. Embedding ready YouTube videos is the best solution in this situation. If you can record unique videos, it will be much better than simply embedding someone’s content from YouTube.


For me, it is absolutely clear that you are eager to monetize every single product review post on your blog. In fact, this is the main reasons why you are planning to review products on your web resource. Actually, your blog readers are not interested in your monetization intentions. In reality, they are not even aware of the fact that you make money through their bargains. At the same time, it is necessary not to overuse banners and affiliate links on your blog. People hate advertisement. I will never visit a website for a second time if I find out that it is overfilled with an advertisement. Other people have the same opinion regarding an overused advertisement. Insert two or three banners in your reviews. Place one of them in the middle of your blog posts. It is always better to insert the second banner in the end of your article. When you finish reading this post, you will see Amazon Native Ads in the end. I place them in the best places in order not to interrupt my readers’ attention.

These are some of the basic tips to professionally review products on your blog. If you follow all the above-mentioned recommendations, you will see positive results very soon. While reviewing products on your blog, do not forget about using your creativity and imagination. These two qualities are crucial to succeed in online business.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.