Mövenpick Hotels & ResortsI have been living in Egypt for a long time. I love this wonderful and alluring country. It is one of my favorite Arab countries. Egypt is more liberal than Saudi Arabia and all Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. Egyptians are very kind and generous people. When you travel in Egypt, you won’t meet any proud and tough Arabs as it usually happens when you go to U.A.E, Kuwait or Saudi Arabia. Egypt is not a rich country. That is the main reason why Egyptians are more down-to-earth than Arabs from other countries. Egyptians are ready to assist and help you in any of your activities. Egypt is full of mysteries that have not been discovered yet. Millions of travelers visit this amazing destination. I think that a person cannot call himself a traveler if he has not been to Egypt. 

I lived in Egypt for a long time, and therefore, I had a lot of time and abilities to explore this place very well. I visited the Pyramids in Giza several times. The Cairo museum was one of the places that I was frequently visiting during my life in Egypt. Apart of traveling, my life in Cairo was full of romance and love. Egyptian girls are very cute, and for that reasons, I could not be passive towards their beauty and charm. A playboy remains to be a playboy even if he is in Africa. That is what exactly I did while living in Cairo. My nightlife in Cairo was filled with local parties and hangouts in luxurious restaurants and other leisure places. 

Girls demand special and unique approach. They always wish to see something extravagant and exclusive in your relations. I am aware of this fact, and for that reasons, I am PRO when it comes to organizing something very romantic and intimate. Cairo is full of different places where you may invite your girlfriend to have a perfect date. However, I always strive to choose the best options. Have you ever thought about a romantic cruise on the Nile with your sweet girlfriend? I think you have no idea regarding that. The Nile is the longest river in the world. The river is surrounded by different myths and legends. The Nile is the most mysterious river that exists in the world. All these factors make this river a perfect place for a romantic and intimate time with your lovely girl. The river creates an atmosphere of stability and calmness. Just imagine you with your girlfriend cruising the Nile. What could be more pleasurable than this journey! 

I have lived for enough long time in Cairo till I discovered the amazing opportunity to enjoy my time on the Nile. I was always recognizing loads of big yachts cruising the Nile, but I never paid a deep attention to them. So what did lead me to discover the Nile cruises? Let me narrate my story. I had an Egyptian girlfriend whose name was Latifa. I was dating her for nearly three months. Usually, we were visiting common and the most popular places in Cairo. Different malls, cinemas, and restaurants. One day I realized that our dates are too boring. We were always visiting the same places. Even if you go to thousands of diverse restaurants, all of them are restaurants. Of course, they have different decorations and design. All of them offer you dissimilar food. These are the differences between restaurants. However, restaurants still remain to be restaurants. I wanted to have something exclusive and unique. I was in my flat considering how to make our meetings more romantic and elegant. I did not remember how I discover the idea to have a cruise on some of the yachts that I was seeing every day. I knew nothing about them. I had no idea about how do they look like inside. From outside, the yachts did not seem to be exceedingly stylish and gorgeous. As always, I started searching for the services that manage these boats. The Internet is the best assistant in this situation. I found out that most of the cruise boats on the Nile are managed by Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts. It is a Swiss company. I started discovering more information regarding that company. In the result, I concluded that Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is a trustworthy travel company that has deserved the trust of millions of travelers around the world. Firstly, I was interested in its cruise ships. That what preoccupied me in the beginning of my acquaintance with Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts. I contacted Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts via online support on their website and booked a cruise for me and my girlfriend.

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts offers 8 different ships 

Mövenpick MS Hamees

ms hameesBeing among the largest and best-appointed crafts on the river Nile the Mövenpick MS Hamees features a comfortable and contemporary design with top facilities and attentive staff.

•    72 spacious and contemporary designed cabins

•    Our largest craft

•    Cruises from Luxor to Aswan

Mövenpick SB Feddya

sbfaaddyaFeaturing only four suites onboard our boutique sailboat Mövenpick SB Feddya offers you the closest experience to having your own private yacht – enjoy this exclusive concept for cruising the river Nile.

•    4 individually designed suites with dedicated butler 

•    Private yacht experience

•    Cruises from Luxor to Aswan

Mövenpick SS Misr

ssmisrOriginally constructed in 1918 and later transformed into a luxury Nile steamer for King Farouk, the SS Misr by Mövenpick  rekindles the nostalgia of a golden age with true luxury facilities and service.

•    16 cabins and 8 suites in art déco design

•    Steamship

•    Cruises from Luxor to Aswan

Mövenpick MS Sun Ray

mssunrayBoasting an elegant and traditional design with stylish features, spacious public areas and first-class service the Mövenpick MS Sunray offers everything you wish for your perfect stay.

•    66 spacious and elegantly designed cabins and suites 

•    Elegant & traditional design

•    Cruises from Luxor to Aswan

Mövenpick MS Darakum

msdarakunBeing one of the largest vessels cruising the Nile River our Mövenpick MS Darakum features an outstanding Moroccan inspired design and unique accommodation, facilities, and service.

•    44 cabins and 8 suites in a unique design

•    Moroccan inspired décor

•    Cruises from Luxor to Aswan

Mövenpick MS Royal Lotus

msroyallotusEnjoy luxurious onboard travel on flagship cruiser Moevenpick MS Royal Lotus which offers spacious accommodation and public areas the enable you to enjoy perfect relaxation.

•    60 luxuriously furnished cabins and 2 magnificent Royal Suites

•    Design mirrors natural hues of Egypt

•    Cruises from Luxor to Aswan

Mövenpick MS Prince Abbas

msprinceabbasBeing the most luxurious cruiser plying the tranquil waters of Lake Nasser our Mövenpick MS Prince Abbas offers the great chance to discover magnificent temples and tombs while enjoying first-class facilities and service.

•    65 spacious and elegantly designed cabins and suites 

•    Unrivaled Swiss quality service

•    Cruises on the Lake Nasser

Mövenpick MS Royal Lily

msroyal lillyMövenpick MS Royal Lily offers spacious and luxuriously furnished accommodation and public areas that enable its guests to experience a fascinating way to travel and relax at the same time.

•    56 luxuriously furnished cabins and 4 magnificent Royal Suites

•    Relaxing spa

•    Cruises from Luxor to Aswan

I booked Mövenpick MS Royal Lily for three days. It did not cost me too much.  The website of Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is very easy and convenient to navigate and make your bookings online. Customer support of Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is really awesome. First of all, let me state that design of the ship was tremendously luxurious. Its decorations were better than at any of the elite hotels I have visited in my life. You won’t have to worry about food while cruising the Nile on one of the Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts ships. Meals were very delicious. We had a great variety of food, drinks, and snacks to choose from. The ship staff was very delicate and polite. I was given a personal concierge. However, I did not use his services because I had no necessity to do that. Let me avoid describing you the details of my time with Latifa on Mövenpick MS Royal Lily. They would be too intimate and erotic to be written on the blogs similar to mine. What I can confidently state is that my time on the yacht was unforgettable and unrepeatable.

If you want to have a cruise on the Nile with your girlfriend or with your family, you should definitely use ships of Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts. It is a Swiss company, and therefore, it offers its clients Swiss quality service. Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts has the best cruise ships that can be found on the Nile.

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is exactly the best option for the people who want to have an ideal cruise on the Nile. 

Written by BAHTIYAR
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.