Saddam: His Rise and Fall by Con Coughlin


Saddam: His Rise and Fall by Con CoughlinSaddam Hussein was one of the most influential individuals of the 20th and 21st centuries. Powerful and independent people always have enemies. Saddam had loads of enemies within Iraq and around the world. Even though Saddam Hussein considered to be a villain among the US and EU population, in the Middle East, people regard Saddam Hussein differently. ‘Saddam: His Rise and Fall’ by Con Coughlin is a stunning biography about this person. 

Con Coughlin is one of Britain’s leading journalists, the executive foreign editor for the Daily Telegraph, and a worldwide famous expert on Middle Eastern affairs. ‘Saddam: His Rise and Fall’ is one of the most informative and detailed books about Saddam’s life. The author describes Saddam’s ancestors, his childhood, youth, his membership in the Baath party, his first political steps, time of presidency, capture, and execution. As a person who has read a couple of books on Saddam’s life, I thought that I know a lot about this leader. While reading this wonderful book by Con Coughlin, I concluded that I know almost nothing about him. You never know what you don’t know. Apart from his political activity, the author tells a lot about Hussein’s family life, his habits, hobbies, and his inner personality. 

This is a brilliant book and I truly enjoyed reading it. Saddam Hussein was a very mysterious and unique personality, and I was always interested in his life. ‘Saddam: His Rise and Fall’ by Con Coughlin reveals a lot of unknown facts and information about the Iraqi leader’s life. The book is readable and comprehensive. 

This book will be a great read for people interested in the Middle East, Middle Eastern political affairs, conflicts between the West and the East. People who are interested in the personality of Saddam Hussein will surely find this book a hidden gem.  

Written by Bahtiyar
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