secret life of kim dotcom by david fisher


secret life of kim dotcom by david fisherWithout excentric and flamboyant people, our life would be very boring. Kim Dotcom is one of those bright personalities who made our world more exciting. In reality, if you look at the life of this German-Finnish entrepreneur and political activist who lives in New Zealand, you will see that he posses a very unique personality. For those who know nothing about Kim Dotcom, let me shortly tell you that this man created the world’s largest file-hosting and sharing website Megaupload (2005-2012). This website made him a millionaire, and at the same time, this web resource angered Hollywood and Barack Obama himself. As a result, Megaupload was taken down and its creator is being sued now in one of the US courts. Also, the US government wants to extradite him to American soil. 

The Secret Life of Kim Dotcom: Spies, Lies, and the War for the Internet by David Fisher is a book about Kim Dot Com’s life. The narration starts from his childhood and his life in New Zealand. Even though the book was written by David Fisher, the narration is autobiographical. It is like Kim Dot Com himself is telling you about his life. In the first part of the book, Kim Dotcom is telling about his first entrepreneurial projects and steps. Throughout the book, you will also get familiar with his risky temperament and flamboyant habits that sometimes brought him serious problems. Of course, finally, you will learn about Megaupload project, which is very interesting. In short, this book is about Kim Dotcom, his life, his business, and his lifestyle. 

You don’t need to like Kim Dot Com to enjoy reading this book. I am not a fan of Kim Dot Com, but I really enjoyed reading this interesting and captivating book. This book is like a fiction story with elements of documentary, thriller, comedy, business, and many other subjects. The personality of Kim Dotcom is very unique, and therefore, his life is like a big drama. Apart from his flamboyancy and grandiose lifestyle, I don’t see many attractive qualities in Kim Dotcom. Yes, he is a millionaire, but financial success is a combination of efforts and luck. Therefore I am not easily bought by people’s wealth. You can buy this book, and it will entertain you while reading. As I have told you, The Secret Life of Kim Dotcom: Spies, Lies and the War for the Internet by David Fisher is like a groundbreaking blockbuster that will keep you captivated from the beginning till the end.

Written by Bahtiyar
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