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costa rica girlsCosta Rica is one of the most wonderful countries in Latin America. Its climate and landscapes are astoundingly beautiful. What is more, Costa Rica is famous for its gorgeous Costa Rica girls. The majority of male tourists travel to this country because of indescribably attractive Costa Rica girls. If you want to find ideal women, Costa Rica girls will definitely satisfy your request. Costa Rica girls are very friendly, caring, romantic, passionate, and open-minded. Since Costa Rica is situated near to the USA, you will find that Costa Rica girls are very well-acquainted with the Western culture and worldview. You can also find thousands of Costa Rica girls in the USA. However, these American Costa Rica girls do not resemble local girls who live in Costa Rica itself. Generally, all Latin women have similar temperaments, They are very passionate, hot, and sexually aggressive. At the same time, I would like to mention that Costa Rica girls differ from Latin women living in other regions of Latin America. The South America is very huge. Therefore, you will find out that national mentalities on different countries of Latin America are absolutely dissimilar. This is why you will need to know some special information in order to successfully approach Costa Rica girls. In this blog post, I will pack you with some useful information on how to succeed with Costa Rica girls.


 Even though you are going to travel for sex in Costa Rica, you will need to identify and clarify your real intentions. This is the first thing I always do before visiting a country. Determining your intentions is the best thing you can do in order to make your journey more successful and pleasurable. When we travel for sex, we will always have two different options. We can make sex with prostitutes or non-prostitutes. Of course, the first option is always easier and faster. While dealing with prostitutes, you will need to merely spend some of your money in order to get laid with them. It is easy, however, it is not the best way to travel sexually. I am going to describe pros & cons of making sex with prostitutes in some of my further blog posts. For now, let us clarify who you really want to make sex with in Costa Rica.

When you come to the country, you will find thousands of beautiful and seductive Costa Rica girls. Further, you will realize that some of them are professional prostitutes, other are semi-prostitutes who get periodically involved in this shady business. At the same time, you will meet a lot of Costa Rica girls who have no relation to prostitution. The majority of Costa Rica prostitutes have kids. Most of Costa Rica prostitutes are divorced. The level of poverty and unemployment in Costa Rica is very high. Therefore, thousands of Costa Rica women have only one way to make money. This method is prostitution. Costa Rica prostitutes do not care about your charisma and attractiveness. Quick money is the only thing they want to get from you. San Jose and Jaco has the sexiest Costa Rica girls. These two cities are the best places to get laid with Costa Rica women. Jaco has the biggest number of prostitutes. Hence, if you want to get laid with prostitutes, you will need to visit Jaco. Making sex with Costa Rica prostitutes is much quicker and easier than bothering you trying to seduce a non-prostitute Costa Rican girl. On the other hand, sex with Costa Rican prostitute won’t be as pleasurable as it is going to be with a non-prostitute Costa Rican girl. I am sure you won’t let yourself pleasure a prostitute via oral caressing. It might be very dangerous for your health. Therefore, you might want to taste non-prostitute Costa Rican girls. In this case, you will need to visit San Jose. Both of these cities have prostitutes. However, the number of prostitutes in Jaco is much higher than a number of working girls in San Jose.

costa rica girls Thus, firs of all, you will need to clarify your intentions. Different women require diverse approaches and seduction methods. If you want to make sex with Costa Rican prostitutes, you will need to have some bucks in your pocket. Getting laid with Costa Rican non-prostitute girls will demand a lot of time and efforts. Further, you will find some tremendously practical tips on how to seduce Costa Rican girls.


Whenever I talk about seduction and sex in Latin America, I always mention the Spanish language as the necessary tool for successful seduction. Costa Rica is not a developed country. The majority of Costa Rica citizens are not educated. Therefore, you should not expect that gorgeous Costa Rica girls are fluent in English. Generally, Latin people are not inclined to studying. They won’t bother themselves learning foreign languages if they do not need them. You will meet a lot of beautiful Costa Rica girls. I bet that 95% of them will not understand English. This is why you will need to learn some Spanish to successfully get laid in Costa Rica.

You do not need to be absolutely fluent in the Spanish language in order to make sex with Costa Rica girls. Knowing some general Spanish words and phrases will be enough to find yourself some sexy Costa Rica girls.


Costa Rican girls are very polite and tender. Whilst an American woman can directly tell you: “Fu.. you!”, Costa Rican girls will never do the same thing. In other words, Costa Rican girls are very good at hiding their real intentions and thoughts. This is a common feature of all Latin women. Be more careful with Costa Rican women. Try to guess their real intentions and thoughts.


Costa Rican girls do not know what punctuality means. Generally, the majority of people in Costa Rica are not punctual. This is why being late is an absolutely usual thing in Costa Rica. If you made an appointment with your Costa Rican girl at 17:00, be ready that she might come at 17:30 or even later. This is a widespread habit in all Latin America. Most of Latinos are hedonists. They prefer calm, pleasurable, and comfortable life. They do not chase money and fame. They do everything that fits their comfort. Therefore, Costa Rican women never hurry up. Prepare yourself for that.


If you want to find some astoundingly gorgeous Costa Rican women, you should visit some pubs and cafes that are situated near universities. University girls are always sexier and more open-minded than mature women. Also, they pay high attention at their look. This is why you will never lose if you try to get laid with some university girls in Costa Rica. Costa Rican university girls are very eager of having some hot relationships with Western men. University pubs and cafes are perfect places for getting laid with Costa Rica women. What is more, you will find that the majority of Costa Rica girls will be drunk in these rolling places. This condition will make Costa Rican student girls more relaxed and opened for new acquaintances.


Costa Rica girls are very playful and flirtatious. You will find that most of them are absolutely opened for new people. These women like joking, flirting, and rolling. This is why I do not suggest overload their minds with some scientific facts and talks. If you are looking for some intellectual women to have a smart conversation with, you will need to visit some of the European countries. With Costa Rican women, you will need to have the same behavior as they show you.


If you want to have a massage in Costa Rica, I will not suggest you visiting different massage parlors. In fact, they are brothels. So if you want to have some relaxing massage and sex with some of the Costa Rican prostitutes, you may visit these places.


If a Costa Rican girl is flirting with you, this does not mean that she likes you. In fact, being flirtatious and joyful is in DNA of Costa Rican women. They smile, laugh, and flirt all the time. These actions do not mean anything serious. Therefore, do not assume that her flirting means something serious. Even if Costa Rican women dislike you, they may keep flirting with you. As I have mentioned before, Costa Rica girls are very good at hiding their real intentions and thoughts. Consequently, you will need to be more insightful in order to successfully scan a Costa Rican girl.


There are millions of Western men coming to Costa Rica every year. This means that the majority of Costa Rican girls have seen loads of Western guys like you. This is why a beautiful English pronunciation does not make any effect on Costa Rica girls. Also, Costa Rican girls do not resemble those Asian girls who worship Westerns. Thus, your Western status will not help you anyhow whole dealing with Costa Rica women. These girls are not too materialistic. They value humanistic characteristics in a man. This is why it might take you a lot of time to seduce a local Costa Rican girl.

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