seduceSeduction is a psychological game. If you know rules of this game, you will have very good chances to succeed in it. If you are a beginner in the art of seduction, you will definitely need to practice a lot in order to master your seducing skills. I have been mastering my knowledge of women since my early ages. Of course, I was not too conscious during my early ages. Nonetheless, I was still gaining some experience even though I was a teenager. From my teenage time till nowadays, I have been mastering my skills. I found that it is crucial to have a package of important skills and characteristics in order to seduce a girl in a short period of time. In this blog post, I will provide you with thorough tips on how to seduce a girl in a maximally short period of time.

If you had sex with a girl at your first date, you won’t be able to say that you seduced this girl. The girl was very drunk or she was more eager to have sex than you? Then, what is seduction? To seduce means to apply and use your physical appearance, knowledge, skills, psychological talents, and communicative facilities to invisibly induce a woman to have sex with you. This is called as seduction. If you did nothing to get sex with a woman, it can’t be called as seduction. Seduction is a conscious cycle or a line of planned activities aimed at having sex with someone. Actually, sex is not the only purpose of seduction. Loads of men and women seduce to manipulate people. Therefore, we can say that seduction might have different intentions.


I have seduced several girls in as little time as two days. However, only a specific type of women are susceptible to seduction within such a short period of time. If a girl is naturally very hot and passionate, it will be much easier to seduce her. It is even possible to have sex with her the first day you meet. I have been in such situations. I have met girls who were ready to make me a blowjob the first day they met me. It is absolutely possible. However, the majority of women you meet will require much more time than two days. Nevertheless, there are still some recommendations that will help you seduce a girl in two days. Keep in mind that it might not work with everyone. If a girl is very hot and open-minded, you will have more chances. Otherwise, if she is very conservative, closed, and has a lot of psychological complexes, you will have to work a little bit harder. 


When a girl is drunk, she will be relaxed and confident. When she is relaxed and confident, she will do whatever she is dreaming to do. Women have a lot of picturesque sexual imaginations in their minds. If you manage to make her relaxed by the help of alcohol, she will show you her real nature.

Usually, I invite a girl to a pub, a cafe, a restaurant, or a bar. I do not drink alcohol since it negatively impacts my erection. My girlfriends always drink different alcoholic cocktails. When my girl is drunk, she will definitely ask me to drive her to a more silent place. Usually, this means that she wants to have sex with me.


Usually, women need a lot of time to get to know a man better. They love kind, generous, and caring men. Of course, it is impossible to learn a person in a day. However, if you show your positive character, it might work. If she is assured of your generosity and kindness, she will start trusting you more. This will significantly improve your chances in the art of seduction.

So how can you show her your care within two days? It is very simple. Invite her somewhere. Spend some money on her. Make her a small gift. This may work very well.

These are the only things I can recommend to seduce a girl in two days. In most cases, it will take at least more than a week to do that. If you are very lucky, and in addition, you follow the above-mentioned recommendations, you will have success in one or two days. Good luck!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.