At the age of 18, every girl considers herself to be the Queen of the world. She is like a flower that blossoms. At this age girls are children. Their psychology, mentality and the way they think are childish. Their thoughts and expectations are full of dreams. They still think that one day they will meet a prince on a white horse.  At this time women are full of sentimental, romantic feelings. Let us see what happens with a  girl a little bit later at ages of 20 to 25. These years are usually spent to obtain the desired education and most of the girls in American and European countries do not seriously think about marriage at this time. Eastern girls get married very early. For example, in some areas of Egypt girl marry at age of 12. Usually, women from Arabic and Asian countries are already married before they reach the border of 25 years. Let us continue a journey of a woman’s life after 25. At 25 a woman usually has a regular job and she starts thinking about marriage. Her expectations regarding her future husband are still very sentimental and idealistic. She still does not see any differences between a marriage and a simple romantic relationship with men. Usually, a relationship between men and women begins very romantically. Feelings are very subtle. Men are extremely attentive and tender at the start of a loving attitude. A young woman thinks that this situation will remain forever. She believes that this boyfriend (husband in future) will remain extremely tender, romantic and will always tell her beautiful compliments until the end of their days. Her expectations are not down-to-earth. She has never been in a marriage before and she is not aware of the problems she will face in a real family. If everything is OK, a woman marries the man of her dream. The first months of her marital life seem to be fantastic. After a few months, she starts realizing that her husband is not so romantic, attentive, and tender as he used to be. She goes deep and starts searching for problems in herself, but she cannot find them. Her researches result in nothing than frustration and disappointment.  Beautiful compliments exist only in her long-term memory because she has not heard anything tender from him for a long period of time. 

Marital life is not easy and it is not as joy as some people expect it to be. I know loads of men who hate their wives and hundreds of women who hate their husbands. Marital live multiplies new responsibilities. At this time a woman has already forgotten about her own beauty because no one reminds her how beautiful and gorgeous she is. One day resembles another day. There is nothing new in her life. Usually, she is depressed. Her husband is always busy with his own problems and deals, and sometimes he does not even talk to her. There are loads of women whose husbands are chronic alcoholics. These women are extremely unhappy in their marriage. Sometimes her drunk husband may beat her. Before the marriage, she was blossoming and today her beauty is fading.

This is the standard situation of a married woman. In this condition, they are in need of attention. They want to feel 18 again. Beautiful compliments are the best gift for her now. A woman has no hopes that her husband will change himself and become a man, whom she knew before they were married. Usually, married women are in need. They need attention, romance, beautiful words, compliments, gifts, and care. When her needs are not satisfied in her marriage, she starts looking for someone who will make her feel young and beautiful again. This is the main reason why you can easily seduce a married woman. Young unmarried Queens do not need anything. They have tons of fans and men who are ready to do everything for them. They think that this paradise will last forever. Lately, when she is married, she misses her youth. She wants to be gorgeous and sexy. Being outstanding is not a single thing that is required for her high self-estimation. She needs to be praised. As I have told you, when a woman cannot satisfy her needs inside her family, she will look for someone outside. 

If you want to seduce a married woman, it will be extremely easy to do it. All the above-mentioned reasons make this group of women ideal for this purpose. You should implement the following methods to successfully seduce a married woman.


Usually, married women are above 25 and this is the age when both men and women start realizing that their youth is ending. Some people may say that youth continues till 30 but I do not agree with this statement. 25 years is a mature age when a person realizes how short his life is. The next 5 years will pass very quickly and you will see wrinkles on your face. Married women realize this. Men are not so concentrated on their attractiveness as women. The best thing for a woman is to be beautiful. When she is beautiful she is happy. Just look at how much money women spend to be beautiful. They spend thousands and millions of dollars on different clothes, creams, masks, visits to cosmetological experts, and surgeons. All this is made to feel beautiful and attractive. When a woman is not satisfied by her seductiveness, she starts to psychologically fade. Remember that there is no single woman in our world who is 100% satisfied with her face and body.  There is a 95 % likelihood that a married woman, whom you want to seduce, is not confident in herself and she thinks that her beauty is fading. You should do everything to make her feel young and beautiful again. Tell her as many compliments as possible. Try to look sincere. Flatter is your first enemy. If she thinks that you are flattering her, she may feel uncomfortable. Therefore try to avoid it. The ability to give sincere compliments is a real art. Write and read her beautiful verses. Bring some romance into her life. You should emphasize your attention to her beauty. Praise her face, body, legs, breast, and everything that is related to her. 


This method is very effective with both unmarried and married women. A woman needs to know that she is not a mere interest for you. She wants to see you taking care of her. Try to understand her psychological problems. Listen to her very carefully when she speaks. Try to resolve her problems. Give her some pieces of advice, and when possible, resolve her problems yourself. This will make her trust and believe you. Giving tons of compliments is the essential tool in the art of seduction. One of the most important factors is your attention and care. 


Your intention is the most important key to your success. You should realize that by seducing her, you help her to resolve her psychological problems. You do not intend to merely have sex with her.  Try to understand that the whole process of seduction will give her things which she really needs. Attention, beautiful words, compliments, sentimental verses, your gifts, your care. By seducing her, you are not doing something shameful and dishonest. All your actions will be beneficial for you and her. She will get rid of her depression and feel young again. You will enjoy the fact that you make someone happy. 

Remember the most important thing – all human relations require honesty and sincerity. So whether you are trying to seduce someone or you are just having a standard communication, try to be sincere. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.