personal storeSellers on Amazon and eBay encounter loads of difficulties and inconveniences. eBay or Amazon terms and policies may not resemble your personal desires and ambitions. There is no need to tell how ridiculous eBay can be when it comes to selling something brandish on their market. If you are an active Internet reader you may have already read scaring stories how eBay can suddenly suspend your account or put some limitations. It is well known why eBay follows its policy. You may remind yourself a famous court case between LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy) and eBay, and everything will become clear for you. eBay does not want to pay huge fines just because someone is selling counterfeits on their store. I would have the same policy in this situation. eBay’s customer support is terrible. There is no online chat or a message center on eBay. In order to contact them, you will need to phone them. What if you are located somewhere in China and you have no ability to phone them? Amazon also has its disadvantages. Some of them are that you need to be approved in order to sell in some specific categories. I did not dedicate this post to describe and review disadvantages of the two major online market stores. It is a preface for my further narration. All these problems on eBay and Amazon make sellers think about opening and launching their personal online stores. So let us see whether it is a good alternative or not.


You may easily open your own online store and start selling whatever you want, and the amount of the items you list does not matter for you anymore because now you are independent. The major factor needed to be considered in order to make good sales is traffic. More people visit your website – more sale you will make. Ebay and Amazon are the most visited online stores on the Internet. There is no need to give any numbers because you are sure that millions of people regularly visit these online stores. No matter what kind of an online store you build, your website will never have such a huge traffic as Amazon and eBay have. That means that fewer people will see your items on your website. On eBay and Amazon, you have a chance that millions of people will see your products and it is very probable that one of these millions will surely buy something from you. No matter how many promotions you make, your website won’t have such a huge amount of visitor. Amazon’s and eBay’s brands were built in many years. People worldwide trust these online stores and make daily purchases. So the main disadvantage of selling on your store is a lack of traffic. It is obvious that you will have a lack of visitors. You will have an additional task to drive traffic to your online store. This means that you will spend additional money to promote your online store because there is no other way to drive traffic rather than advertising and promoting it. In order to drive a high-quality traffic, you will need to place your banners on good web resources and it will cost you thousands of dollars. Driving traffic is not the cheapest thing on the Internet. A lack of visitors and potential buyers will be your first and the biggest problem if you choose to abandon eBay and Amazon to sell on your own online store.


Buyers buy when they trust. The amount of fraud on the Internet is overwhelming and everyone is scared to send his money to someone whom he doesn’t even barely know. Your online store will be new and you first task is to build your own reputation. You will need to receive lots of positive feedbacks from your buyers. Your reputation is your success. As soon as you have to build a trust, you will have regular buyers. This requires a lot of time. This is not a matter of a few months. You will need to successfully run your online store for several years in order to build yourself a high reputation. By selling on Amazon and eBay you avoid this disadvantage. People trust eBay, Amazon and no matter who you are, buyers know that their transaction and purchases are covered by buyer protection. You can start selling on these stores and don’t worry about the fact that you are new and customers do not know you. You can easily build yourself a high reputation and rating on eBay. It will take you a few months to receive lots of positive feedbacks on eBay and Amazon.  As you see, selling on your personal website gives you additional problems to worry about.


There are some listing advantages on your own online store because you are not limited. You can list any product in any categories. There is no eBay anymore to tell you how much you can or can’t sell and list. There is no Amazon anymore which limits you from selling in specific product categories. There is no Amazon anymore to demand that your product images must have a specific size and quality. You can upload any images you wish. This can be one of the biggest advantages of selling on your personal online store. At the same time, a product listing on your own online boutique has some disadvantages. On eBay, you may list one or two products if you want, and you will successfully sell them. Your seller profile will look OK if you have a few items to sale. Can you list one , two or three products on your own website? No, you can’t do that. Just imagine a whole website having one or two listed items. If you do so. your bounce rate will be 100%. Visitors will never visit your website again because it is ridiculous to list a few items for sale on your personal shop. Thus, you will need to have many items to sell. And to do so, you will need to invest money. What if you have no money to buy such a big amount of products to sell? As you see, this is one of the biggest problems you may encounter while launching your own store. Selling on Amazon and eBay will let you avoid this situation and you may successfully list a few items for sale if you wish.


Selling on eBay does not give you any options to choose your preferred payment gateway. Accepting PayPal is the only option for you if you want to make your business on eBay. Dealing with PayPal make some people think about abandoning eBay. This is the major reason why sellers give up selling on eBay. It is well known that PayPal is a very risky online payment system. You have chances that your account may be suspended and your money frozen. There is a large community of PayPal haters on the Internet. You may visit this website to read some horrific stories how PayPal freezes 70 000 US dollars and even more. No doubts, that if you deal with PayPal, you may lose your money anytime. Amazon’s payment gateways solutions are good and you don’t have to worry about them. Anytime you face a problem on Amazon, you may contact their customer support via online chat or a phone call. Report your problem and it will be resolved.  Thus, you have less financial risk on Amazon than on eBay. Selling from your own website gives you loads of opportunities and tools to choose your preferred payment gateways.  If you launch your own website, your solutions in the financial sphere are unlimited.


You can start your business on Amazon and eBay with a few dollars. All you will need to pay on eBay are seller fees. Selling on Amazon will be a little bit more expensive than on eBay. As you see, business on these two famous online stores does not demand huge investments and almost everyone can start the business.

You will need to have more funds in order to launch your own online store. What does a good website require? To start your own website you must buy a good theme and sometimes you will need a web designer to create you a stylish and eye-catching website, purchase a domain name, purchase SSL certificate, pay for SSL certificate installation, buy items for sale, pay money to promote and advertise your online store. Launching your online shop requires more funds than making business on eBay and Amazon. If your budget is limited, you will definitely have some financial problems while starting your personal web store.            



In order to sell on eBay, you need to sign in to your account, upload your item for sale, fill in some blanks and publish your listing. As you see, it is very easy to do. Listing on Amazon is more sophisticated because there are some requirements for the photos you upload. However, a product listing on both online stores giants is very easy and does not demand too many efforts. It will take you a few minutes to publish your listing.

Let us analyze how much effort does your own online store demand. When your website is completely ready, you will need to make photos of your items, upload them, customize your website configurations and settings which may sometimes require your efforts. Installing different plugins, customizing widgets and other configurations are the things which are unavoidable if you decide to launch your own online store.    


This detailed post states that it is still better to sell on Amazon and eBay than on a personal website.  Making business on the online e-markets has more advantages and financial benefits that trying to launch your own online store. Amazon and eBay provide sellers with all the necessary and ready tools to make a profitable and effective trade.  Launching your own online shop requires investments, more time and efforts. However. it will not hurt you if you use both options. You will be more successful if you sell on Amazon, eBay and try to launch your own online store.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.