seo for bloggersPeople start blogging for a variety of different reasons. For some bloggers, blogging is a mere hobby. For other bloggers, blogging is a way to promote their business. There is no doubt that almost every blogger wants to monetize his blogging activity. It is very frustrating when you spend a lot of hours writing a great content, and in the result, nobody visits your website. All bloggers are eager of web traffic. Driving web traffic to blogs is one of the most popular and discussed topics on the Internet. Every blogger wants to have a lot of visitors. The purpose of his blogging activity does not matter anything. If a blogger writes and publishes his content, he wants to be heard by his readers. 

For that reason, bloggers search for different tools that could bring them some web traffic. I am new in blogging, however, I have already recognized that publishing your posts is the easiest stage in the whole process of blogging. Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular traffic-driving tools used by bloggers worldwide. I also actively use social networks to promote my blog. Nevertheless, Social Media Marketing is not as effective as a blogger desires it to be. If your Facebook page has 1 million likes, you may get some good amount of traffic. It is not easy to get loads of people following your page, and therefore, Social Media Marketing is effective in some cases. A new blog cannot fully rely on SMM. I use SMM, however, it does not give me the result I want to have. There are other ways to drive web traffic to your blog. Promoting and advertising your website on popular web resources is one of the best instruments to make your blog popular. It is clear for you that this method is not cheap. You need to have thousands of dollars to place your banners on popular websites. 

Traffic from search engines remains to be the best way to drive web traffic to your blog. That is why SEO is so popular. Everyone strives to optimize his blog for good SEO results. In fact, SEO is a science. When you launch your blog, you have to get familiar with SEO. It is necessary to learn and understand how do search engines function. Apart from your blogging activity, you should spend some time learning about SEO. Your blog will never be successful without a good Search Engine optimization. Yu already know many famous blogs. You got familiar with them through search engines. Am I right? If you look at popular blogs, you will find out that most of their web traffic comes from different search engines. Thus, it is absolutely clear that SEO is crucial for the success of your online business.

If your blog’s age is less than 6 months, it is considered as a new website. Search engines do not trust new web resources. Even if you have a great content on your blog, in the beginning of your blogging career, search engines will not provide you with huge amounts of traffic. Let me share my experience with you. Today, my blog is nearly 20 days old. I have loads of absolutely original posts on it. I have created a big amount of incredible articles in a short period of time. All of the posts are Yoast SEO optimized. On page SEO on my blog is awesome. However, I still do not get any traffic from search engines. I have consulted with different SEO specialists. All of them told me that my blog is still a baby for search engines. They told me that I should not expect any search engine traffic until my website is at least three months old. I have read numerous SEO topics on different topics. All of them state the same thing. New websites have pity chances to have good rankings on Google. Even though you have thousands of high-quality backlinks and loads of great articles, you won’t have any good positions on Google. Your domain’s age does not matter much for search engines; however, your blog should be at least six months old in order to look more trustworthy for search engines.  

If you are a new blogger, you are definitely put in this sophisticated situation. Your maximalist ambitions won’t be satisfied when it comes to SEO. Search engines are very complicated machines. They use diverse systems and mechanism while ranking websites. Time is essential for SEO. Thus, do not expect any traffic from search engines in the beginning of your blogging activity. 

I’d like to suggest you to do the same things I am doing right now. Generate new, original content for your blog. Publish it and share on social networks. Build backlinks for your blog. There are loads of discussions related to the importance of backlinks for SEO, however, I can undoubtedly state that backlinks still matter very much. There are many ways to build high-quality backlinks for your website. Use all of them. Optimize your articles for SEO using Yoast plugin. Yoast SEO plugin is essential for every blogger. Do the things I recommend you and be patient. Patience is necessary for any type of online business. 

Keep working and forget about high rankings in the beginning of your online activity.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.