chinese girlsChinese girls have a very hot hidden sexual temperament. At the same time, Chinese girls are not famous for being sexy, passionate, and promiscuous. Only those, who have independently explored Chinese girls, will be able to tell everything about Chinese girls. I have done that. I have lived in China for an enough long period of time. While dwelling and traveling in China, I was having dozens of different Chinese girlfriends whom I made sex with. Therefore, I know Chinese girls very well. I do not resemble those men who judge Chinese girls by watching some Chinese porn films. Also, I think that it is absolutely inappropriate to build your conclusion about Chinese girls by looking at the government ideology.

Officially, China is a communistic country. However, when you come to China, you will find out that Chinese communism is a myth. Usually, a government ideology and propaganda makes a very powerful impact on people’s thinking, behavior, and lifestyle. It is well-known fact that communistic countries are less sexually liberal than capitalistic countries. Hence, some people might have different misconceptions regarding sex in China. Yes, China does not openly promote and advertise sex as South America does. However, you should not even doubt that Chinese people are sexually liberal and open-minded. Therefore, you will find Chinese girls to be very liberal and open in every aspect of their life.

I found that blog posts dedicated to sex in different countries are extremely popular. To be honest, sex-related articles are the most viewed posts on my blog. People are interested in sex. What is more, people are interested in making sex in different countries. I have already written a lot of awesome blog posts related to sex and girls in different countries. Today, I decided to write a detailed article exploring Chinese girls, having sex with Chinese girls, and sex in China. I have looked up the Web thereby reading different blogs that cover the same topic. To be honest, none of them provide actual information regarding sex in China. I decided to take my own experience, and then, mix it will all the existing information about Chinese girls, and write an informative blog post. I will separate the current article in two parts. In the beginning, I will give you a lot of useful information that will let you understand Chinese girls better. In the second part of the blog post, I will provide you with the most effective tips on how to make sex seduce Chinese girls, make sex with them, find prostitutes in China, and many other interesting and helpful things.


sexy chinese womanEven though China might seem to be a very strict and conservative country, you will find absolutely opposite things are hidden behind the curtains. China has one of the oldest cultures. The Chinese civilization and language are explored and studied around the globe. Chinese people are conscious of these facts. This makes them proud. Therefore, the senior Chinese generation strives to protect classic Chinese traditions, principles, and lifestyle. If someone says that Chinese women are conservative, this will be true while talking about the senior generation, but not about young Chinese girls.

Young Chinese girls are usually western-oriented. They do not stick to conservative Chinese traditions and ideas. Being sexually liberal and open-minded is very fashionable among young Chinese girls. Also, Chinese people are not too religious. Even though some of them might stick to their religion, I am sure that their creeds do not have any prohibitions in the field of sex. For example, you will find that anal sex is not allowed in Islam. There are loads of different sexual limitations in Christianity. In the case of Chinese people, you should be sure that their religion allows them absolutely everything in the field of sex. Thus, there are no religious, cultural, and mental issues that might prevent Chinese girls from being sexually liberal and open-minded. Oppositely, the modern world does everything in order to make them more sexually emancipated.


As it was explained in the previous article, Chinese girls are sexually liberal and open-minded. However, you will definitely find that the majority of Chinese girls are marriage-oriented. Chinese girls are not as hot and promiscuous as Latin women. Chinese girls do not look for sexual adventures. They are not avid international travelers. For a Chinese girl, building a family is the most important life priority. It might sound beyond belief, but Chinese men value virgin Chinese girls. If a Chinese man finds out that his girlfriend is not a virgin, he will never marry her. Yes, Chinese people are not Muslims, they are not orthodox Christians, but for some reasons, the cult of virginity is very popular in China.
In rural areas of China, people are more conservative and orthodox than urbanized citizens of China. Thus, you will find that Chinese girls living in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Urumqi, and other big cities do not care about their virginity much. In these big cities, it will be very easy to find some sexy Chinese girls for sex.


Chinese girls are open to new acquaintances. Chinese women love foreigners. A Western man has a lot of chances to find loads of beautiful Chinese girls ready for dating. Arabs, Turkish, and Caucasian men are also very popular in China. Generally, Chinese men are not masculine males. What is more, it is not a secret that Chinese men have small penises. In fact, all Asian men have small dicks. Some people might say that the penis size is not important for women. This opinion is absolutely wrong. For a woman, it is more pleasurable to get a big and juicy penis in her mouth and vagina. Women love big penises. They like looking at big cocks. They like sucking and licking them. Western men have bigger penises than Asian men. Chinese women, all Asian and non-Asian women know about this fact. This is one of the reasons why Chinese girls will like to date Western men.

China might be an economically and militarily powerful country. At the same time, there are millions of Chinese people who live in poverty. Yes, China has a bug number of billionaires. However, the number of extremely poor people is overwhelming in China. For Chinese girls, it is usual to associate American and European men with wealth, success, and prosperity. Some Chinese girls think that all Western men are rich. In fact, an average American man is always richer than an average Chinese man. What is more, Western men look more seductive and sexier than Chinese men. This is another reason why Chinese girls love Western guys.


I hear about this fact from my friend who was regularly making business trips to China. That man was making sex with Chinese prostitutes. He said that Chinese vaginas resemble virgin vaginas. That time, I did not believe him. I thought that it was his personal experience. Further, I tasted Chinese girls myself. To be honest, his words were absolutely true. Chinese girls have very tight, small, and short vaginas. Chinese women have the tightest vaginas among all Asian girls around the world.

Penetrating a tight vagina might be pleasurable for some men. Other might not like it. What is more, you will need to be extremely attentive with Chinese girls since a big penis can hurt them very much. For me, penetrating a small vagina is very pleasurable. I find it more sexually exciting when my penis feels every mm of my girlfriend’s vagina.


All external circumstances make Chinese girls very easy to be seduced for sex. As all Asian girls, Chinese women love caring and serious men. If you approach Chinese girls by frankly showing your sexual intentions, it is very likely that you will fail. Of course, Chinese girls are not as sophisticated and unavailable as Korean, and Japanese girls. However, you will still need to work a little bit I order to get Chinese girls in your bed.

Be funny, easy, relaxed, and communicative. Invite your Chinese girls to restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and other entertaining places. Give them a couple of bouquets of wonderful flowers. Chinese girls are very feminine and tender. Therefore, most of them will love your splendid compliments. Read a couple of romantic love verses. Swear her in your love. Become her best friend. Do not hurry up to get her in your bed, and one day, you will enjoy her body.


chinese prostitutes Prostitution is officially illegal in China. The government is very strict. Corruption is punished very severely in China. Therefore, Chinese people are afraid of everything that is classified as illegal and prohibited. Until 2014, all Chinese sex bars, sex saunas, brothels, and red light districts very openly functioning. Nowadays, there are no official red light districts in China. All sex saunas, brothels, and sex saunas are gone underground. Nonetheless, there are still loads of prostitutes in China. All the brothels and other places for sex with Chinese prostitutes still exist. Actually, China has the biggest amount of prostitutes in the world. Here are some of the best methods to find Chinese prostitutes in China.


Wherever you go, taxi drivers know their region the best. Even if you do not use the Web to search for your desirable destinations, taxi drivers will the best yellow pages for you. Hire a taxi, and then, tell the taxi driver that you want to visit some sexy places in China. They will drive you to brothels, sex saunas, and other places where Chinese prostitutes work.


Today, almost every Chinese brothel, sex sauna, and individual Chinese prostitutes have their profiles on the Internet. Use Google to find Chinese prostitutes. I think this is the best way to find loads of hot Chinese prostitutes in China. Using this option will let you save a lot of time. Sometimes, Chinese prostitutes will be able to come to your apartments. Thus, you won’t need to spend your time and money on the taxi.

Written by Bahtiyar
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