american girlsAmerican girls are the sexiest women in the world. American girls are internationally known and adored because of their open-minded temperament, sexiness, passion, and sexually liberal behavior. Millions of men around the globe dream of having sex with American girls. If you look at the sexiest women of the world, you will see that more than 98% of them are American girls. The rest 2% are divided between European and Asian girls. A highly sexual temperament and open-minded temperament are not the only virtues of American girls. American women have loads of different advantages over all other women living in the world. Sometimes, sex and American girls seem to be synonyms for me. Even though Asian girls are becoming more popular than American girls, I will still keep dating and making sex with American women. One day, I may marry one of the gorgeous and sexy American girls.

I will this blog post universally dedicated to American girls. In the beginning, I will tell you a lot of interesting facts, and information about American women. What is more, I am going to describe some of the main advantages of dating and making sex with American women. Secondly, I will provide you with the most effective tips on how to successfully date American girls. And of course, as promised, I will give you a lot of brilliant tips on how to quickly seduce American girls for sex. Actually, seducing is always aimed at having sex with a person. However, there may be a lot of other reasons why a man might want to seduce a girl. I will teach you how to seduce American girls for sex. If you are looking for some gold-digging, you will not find them in the current blog post. I am not a fan of gold-digging. Even if I was a gold-digger, I would not target American women for this purpose.


If you ask the world about American girls, you will hear a lot of dissimilar opinions. It is like asking people about Coca-Cola. Millions of people hate this drink, but at the same time, Coca-Cola is still the most popular fizzy drink in the world. You will see the same tendency if you look at people’s opinions regarding American girls. The world is very big. There are billions of people who have diverse religions, cultures, principles, and creeds. Consequently, all of them will have absolutely different thinking and worldview. Thus, all people have different opinions regarding American women.


Some people say that American girls are very materialistic. This is one of the most popular claims about American girls. The majority of American men think that American women are the most materialistic women in the world. This might be true. However, let me tell you something that will defend American girls against this state. The world is materialistic. We live in a fully materialistic world. Materialism is the reality of our life. Those, who do not accept materialism, are dreamers. The quantity and quality of the material things you own will predetermine the quality of your life. This is absolutely true. We cannot simply ignore materialism. Materialism is a part of our life. What is more, there are a lot of reasons why a person should be materialistic.

All of us accept the fact that American girls are materialistic. However, should we treat it as a disadvantage? Can you criticize someone for defending himself? Is it fair to insult a person for thinking about his personal interests at first? No, it is not fair. Hence, being materialistic is not a negative quality.

When American women get to know new people, the will be always interested in their financial status. The USA is the most materialistic and capitalistic country in the world. Thus, all Americans need to adapt to tits tough reality. Therefore, all American are interested in having communications with successful and wealthy people. This is why American women will pay primary interest at men’s financial and social statuses.


American girls are very in communication. American women are not as sophisticated as weird as French, Swiss, or other European women. Being simple is a good advantage. Usually, people prefer communicating with simple people. What is more, the majority of men feel uncomfortable while interacting with complicated women. Thus, if you are a funny, relaxed, and positive man, you will easily adapt to American women. These women are not boring and self-observed. More than 70% of American women are extroverts. This psychological quality makes them very open and communicative.


Being frank is a part of an American behavior. Being direct is always better in human relationships. Asian delicacy might become very annoying from time to time. I always love when a woman tells what she likes and wants. While dating American girls, you will always what they think of you. If an American girl wants you, she will directly tell you about that. American women do not care about the public opinion. Therefore, being frank is very easy for them.


sexy american girls American sexuality is the most adorable thing of the USA. Men love American women because they are the sexiest women in the world. Sometimes, such external qualities as beauty and prettiness are not much important. Do you want to have a pretty, but at the same time, frigid girl? I am sure that you don’t. For me, a girl’s beauty is not much important. Her sexual temperament and passion are more precious for me.

American girls are internationally known for their open-minded sexual behavior. American women love absolutely everything in sex. If you want anal sex, oral sex, swinger sex, threesome, group sex, pegging, BDSM plays, almost every American girl will like different sexual experiments. American women are not religiously, culturally, or ideologically restricted. Nobody censors their sexual behavior in the USA.


American girls are the most communicative women in the world. American women love traveling. These women are very curious about foreign countries, cultures, and traditions. In fact, all Americans are avid international travelers. As I have mentioned before, more than 70% of Americans are extroverts. They are always open to new people. It is very easy to start a conversation with American women. If you are enough polite and gentle, almost every American girl will be ready to have a talk with you.


hot american girlsUsually, seduction is associated with deception and manipulation. When you seduce someone, you will always somehow manipulate that person. A person might be conscious of your manipulation. In this case, your girl becomes a conscious victim of your seduction. American women cannot be easily manipulated or deceived. According to the latest researches, American women have the highest IQ in the world. As far as I know, the average IQ of American girls equals to 117. This is a very high score. Hence, while communicating with American girls, you will realize that most of them are smarter and better educated than you. The USA has the best education in the world. Therefore, US citizens are usually more erudite and well-read than people from other regions of the world. For these reasons, American women are the most difficult women to be manipulated. To seduce American women in the USA, you will need to work a little bit harder than in other countries of the world.


American girls are not naive and simple as Asian women. When you approach an American girl, she will easily understand your real intentions. An American girl will never believe in your sincere and asexual interests. All American girls know that men want sex from them. This is why you should not try to deceive American women. Being manipulative, deceptive, and cunning won’t make you justice while dating American girls. Frankness will assist you more. Do not try to hide your real intentions. Usually, American women have no psychological complexes. Therefore, they treat everything as usual and normal. This is why I do not recommend being shy. If you like and want her, just straightly tell her about your feelings. American women love sexy compliments. What is more, they like dirty talks too.


While dating American girls, you do not need to be patient anymore. American girls are the most sexually liberal women in the world. Making sex is not a shame for them. These women do not need to love or trust you in order to sleep in your bed. American girls won’t worry about the fact that they met you only one hour ago. If an American girl wants you, she will definitely have sex with you.

In Asian countries, you need to be more patient and attentive. Usually, Asian girls treat first date sex as something lusty and shameful. Therefore, it is more than probable that more than 80% of Asian girls do not make sex on the first date. With American women, you won’t have such problems. These women are open-minded. First date sex is absolutely usual and normal for all American girls.

Once you have sex with an American girl, you will never want to make sex with girls of other nationalities. Actually, seducing American girls does not require special training and education. American women are extremely initiative. Therefore, is some of them like you, they will seduce you. Thus, you won’t need to bother yourself with seduction in the USA. Just be a sexy, handsome, successful, and good man, and you will get hundreds of sexy American girls in your bed. The USA is the most international and interracial country in the world. In the US, you will find American girls of all nationalities, ethnicities, races, skin colors, shapes, and sizes. What is more, American women are the easiest women in communication. You will definitely get laid with loads of sexy American girls in the USA.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.