sex in egypt


sex in EgyptI have spent enough time in this wonderful country, and therefore, I know its advantages and negative sides. Usually, I carry out marketing research on the Internet. I try to write about the topics that are really interesting and helpful for readers around the world. I have found loads of people asking about sex in Egypt. You may visit Quora and you will find that “sex in Egypt” is a very popular theme there. A local man has more chances for successful sex hunting in his own country.A tourist is an alien, and consequently, women are aware of him. Especially, when you travel in Arabic countries. Women in these countries are very shy and their sexual liberty is very restricted. 

While considering about making sex in Egypt, you need to keep in mind the following factors. The majority of people who live in Egypt are Muslims. There are some Christians and Jews in this country. However, the majority of its population are Muslims. Do you know how does a Muslim think? Remember that Muslims around the world have different thinking. Some of them are more religious and others know nothing about Islam. Let us look at Egypt. Can we state that this country is religious? Yes, Egypt is very religious and conservative country. There are thousands of mosques everywhere. You will find several mosques in a single small district. Mosques are everywhere in Egypt. There are thousands of Islamic scholars who are very influential. Their words have the power to change people’s minds. They teach people about Islam and everything that is allowed and forbidden in it. Thus, we can state that minds of Egyptian women are lost in thoughts with religious dogmas. Fornication is forbidden in Islam, and therefore, they avoid it. Every Muslim woman wears a hijab in Egypt. If you see a woman without it, you may be sure that she is a Christian or a Jewess. I have not seen a single Muslim girl in Egypt without a hijab. 

As far as I know, fornication is forbidden by the official law of Egypt. I heard some stories when young people were imprisoned for making a fornication in Egypt. Thus, young people are afraid of being caught. Boys and girls befriend each other in Egypt, but in most cases, their relationship does not go further than a mere friendship. Most of them are religious, and therefore, they afraid of adultery. It is clear that all youth has great desires and passion, but they cannot satisfy them due to a multitude of different factors. I have met men who were above 30, 40 and they were still virgins. That may sound very funny to us, but the opportunity to have sex in Egypt is a great luck. Women in that country are not open-minded. It is not easy to start a communication with them. If you are a foreigner, they will be definitely aware of you. Especially, if you do not look like a Muslim. There are some women in Egypt who prefer dressing in western-style. These girls like western culture and lifestyle. They may be more open-minded and liberal. However, their liberty is also restricted by the religious society. 

So how do people make sex in Egypt? 

If a man can persuade his girlfriend to make sex before the marriage, I think that they will be able to find some place for making sex. They won’t do it in a hotel because nobody will allow it. It is possible to make sex in a personal flat or in a car. Egypt and Cairo are very huge, and therefore, there are loads of different remote areas where you may make sex. It is very probable that a Muslim girl will agree to have sex before the marriage, and therefore, the only way for them to have sex is to get married. Let us look at the process of marriage in Egypt. Do you think that it is very easy? I pity men of Egypt because of their terrible sexual life. They cannot make it outside the marriage and they are not able to get married because of the financial reasons. The marriage in Egypt is not the easiest thing. A man needs to give some money to a woman before the marriage, and moreover, he should to have a ready flat or any other apartments. Egypt is a poor country and young men are not capable of providing these things. I have met many Egyptian men complaining me about their financial inability to marry. 

If you read this article very carefully and try to analyze everything, you will realize that sex in Egypt is a great problem. There are multiple factors that sophisticate the ability of people to have sex in Egypt. The same things happen in all Muslim countries. Look at Pakistan and India. You will see the same situation there. The sexual life is not liberal there and the marriage is not affordable for everyone. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.