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sex scenesIt is very difficult to find a single film without sex scenes in it. I am not against sex. Neither do I dislike sex scenes in movies. What is more, I am a great fan of porn films. Thus, I love sex scenes in movies very much.

However, have you ever thought why film directors always include sex scenes in movies? I have seen loads of threads on the Web asking about this tendency. I know the answer. In this, article, you will fin out why sex is so widely used in movies.


Some people will express emotions of disgust while watching sex scenes in movies. Usually, they will do it in public. When they are absolutely alone, and there is nobody who could potentially blame them for being immoral, they will watch the same sex scenes or even porn videos with great pleasure. Believe me or not, this is how people behave.

Even though people love hardcore sex scenes, film directors try to represent sex in its tenderest and the most romantic form. Also, film directors are aware of children watching their films. Therefore, sex scenes in films are not too much explicit. You might see a naked butt and breast in a film. However, it is very unlikely to see something more.

Thus, people love sex. Film directors aim to make their films more successful. This success involves financial profit of their films and an overall popularity of their motion pictures. Popularity always leads to money. Hence, film directors always try to guess their watchers’ wishes and expectations. A film with a few beautiful sex scenes like in Titanic will be always well-tolerated.


While trying to manipulate or affect people, it is always better to use instincts. Instincts are always more powerful than logical and rational thinking. When you use primary instincts to influence, there is a 100% probability that it will work. When you look at Coca-Cola bottle, try to emphasize your attention at its shape. To be honest, it reminds me of a sexy, curvy girl’s body.

Film directors always try to use the most sexually attractive people in their films. Sexy people reminds people of sex, and sex always attracts people. To make money, a movie has to be attractive. Otherwise, all those millions of dollars invested in its production would be wasted.

Sex is widely used in business, politics, and many other spheres of our life as the most powerful motivator. Some people use sex to manipulate others. Women always use sex to manipulate men. Golddiggers know the power of sex better than others. Can we say that film directors manipulate us by including sex scenes in their films? No, they don’t. The directors know that we love sex, and they merely give us what we like. Our satisfaction means their success.

Written by Bahtiyar
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