sexiest Arab countryYou already know the topic of this article. However, it is necessary to make clear for my readers how do I carry out my research in this post. What does “the sexiest” mean? Let me explain it to you. In this post, I intend to suggest you the most convenient, the safest Arab countries for sex travel. Saudi women may be hotter than Lebanese girls, but sex in the Kingdom is less available than in Lebanon. So can we tell that Saudi Arabia is sexier than Lebanon? No, we cannot do it. When we say that a country is sexy, we mean that it consist of beautiful, gorgeous, hot, passionate, open-minded, horny girls, and sex with them is absolutely available. That is what I mean. In this post, I will make a small research and compare the availability of sex in different Arab countries. In the end of it, I will give you the name of the sexiest Arab country for sex travel. 

Arabian women are very mysterious and seductive. Western girls are more available around the world. Women in Arab countries have their own customs, mentalities, and behavior. They seriously differ from Western girls. Everything exclusive always attracts attention and interest of men. Most of the readers of my blog are people from the USA and the EU. I think you have already tasted loads of American and European women. We are usually interested in something that is unknown to us. Arabian society is very conservative and closed. Men around the world are completely unfamiliar with women in Arab regions. I guess that you are interested in having sex with a hot Arabian girl. Am I right? I already know your answer. 

It is necessary to remember that all Arabian countries are different from each other. They have dissimilar economic and financial status, some of them are more modern than others, and of course, a few Arabian countries are more liberal. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the most conservative and religious Arab country in the world. It may be very rich, and its citizens consume western products. However ,you should remember that people in this country are utterly religious and conservative. Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive a car. Thus, the government limits their freedom. I never judge or blame someone. I understand that every government cares about its own interests and priorities. There are no night clubs in the Kingdom. In restaurants, cafes, and other public places, men sit separately from women. Saudi Arabia is not the best Arab country for sex travel. 

Egypt may be less conservative than Saudi Arabia, however, it is also a very religious and strict country. I have lived in this country for a long period of time. Local men get angry when they see you with local girls. Going to a hotel with a woman is impossible. You will need to provide the certificate that proves that the girl is your wife. It is very easy to rent a flat in Cairo. Thus, you will be able to have sex with local girls in your flat. Keep in mind that owner of the flats will pay attention to your religion. Usually, they understand men’s naughtiness and refuse to give them their flats. If you are a Muslim and you plan to live with your family, you will be able to rent a flat there with a great ease. When you are a western man, with no family, your chances to get a flat are really miserable. The female circumcision is widely practiced in Egypt. 98% of girls in Egypt are circumcised. Religious leaders suggest to do it because it seriously decreases a woman’s libido. Thus, all women in Cairo have very weak libidos. Egypt is more liberal than Saudi Arabia. However, this country is not the best Arab country for sex travel. 

Ther are two Arab countries in the world that are considered to be very sexy and liberal. One of them is Lebanon and the second is Morocco. One of these countries is the sexiest Arab country in the world. I will restrict myself from the further comparison of these countries because I tried to do it, and in the result, I got a separate post about sex tourism in Lebanon. 

Let me state that Morocco is sexier than Lebanon due to a multitude of reasons. Morocco is the sexiest Arab country in the world. Let me prove my opinion.

First of all, it is necessary to know that women in Morocco are not pure Arabs. This country is considered to be Arabic, but in fact, it is Berberian. Usually, I used to compare Moroccan women with women from different Arab countries. I found out that Moroccan women are more open-minded and horny than other Arabic women. These women are considered to be the most liberal in the Arab world. This fact is well-known amongst people worldwide. Passion and lust are in the blood of Moroccan women. 

Both Lebanon and Morocco are full of prostitutes, gays, lesbians, shemales, and whores of all types. But this is not the most important criteria that let us identify the sexual level of a country. Prostitution is widely spread due to a variety of different reasons. It is not connected with the sexual mentality of a nation. Usually, prostitutes do not like their work. They do it just because they need to earn money and prostitution is the only option in their situation. Moroccan women are horny. In Morocco, you have great chances to seduce a local woman. They are very open-minded and horny. Their religion, culture, customs and other ideas do not restrict them from having a liberal sexual lifestyle. 

I have heard loads of sexy stories about women in Morocco. A girl in Morocco may wear a hijab, but this does not mean that she is not open-minded. The first impression is always deceptive. Let me tell you a story of my friend. He met a girl in Morocco who was wearing a hijab. He was giving her some sexual hints, but sex but she was refusing them due to her religious ideas. After a short period of time, she forgot about them and they made sex in the sauna. Women are very shy, and consequently, they do not reveal their real desires and intentions. Be more patient and you will succeed.

LGBT is widely spread in Morrocco. There are loads of gays, lesbians, shemales, and swingers in this Arab country. This region is considered to be the most popular playground of American and European men. Arabs from other countries are also very frequent guests in Morocco.  


Morocco is the sexiest Arab country in the world. It is absolutely liberal and democratic place. Fans of LGBT or a straight sex will find their fetishes in this region. Visit this wonderful country and you will be convinced in my words. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.