fetishesWhen it comes to perverts, you start immediately thinking about a small group of people, about those who have sick mind, body and who constantly want sex and have weird sexual fetishes. You never compare perverts with yourself, but if you look at the statistics, you will see that some of the fetishes, which previously were considered a prerogative of the minority, nowadays, have acquired a universal scale. This turns perversion into a norm, which, in fact, is a natural process. Here are just a few most common sexual fetishes from http://planetofbrides.com that were previously considered shameful, and today, they are either normal or being close to this normality.


bondageAccording to psychologists who specialize in sex, the most common fantasy is domination over a partner. Not in the way that you want to lead the process, but in the way that you want to take a rope, tie a girl, and then spank her well. In a study that was conducted by the University of Montreal in 2014, it is reported that 47% of women and 60% of men have it on the list of sexual fetishes.


At least 10% of men had real peeking experience in their past. It could have happened by chance, and it could have been willfully. However, the same Montreal study showed the fact that 64% of men have a persistent series of fantasies about watching a woman without her knowing. Therefore, even if you have never been peeking the girls in the shower, this does not mean that you do not want to. Women are much less interested in this form of sexual experience, although about a third of the girls reported that they would like to be peeped on by a third party when they have sex or are naked. It isn’t considered one of the strange sexual fetishes anymore.


foot fetishAlmost everyone likes a foot massage. If you have not tried it, then ask the girl to do that. She will not refuse. Alternatively, do a foot massage for her, but do not be surprised that this will lead to sex. There is a strong connection between the legs and sex. This was confirmed by the 2006 study that was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research. It says that the feet and toes have become one of the types of sexual fetishes among many people. Approximately 47% of 5.000 respondents associate their legs with sexual excitement. Legs, of course, give way to ass, bosom, and vagina, but they definitely enter the top ten most exciting parts of the body.


Do you know why porn is on this list? Porn is the brightest example of how "the case of perverts" can become an "endeavor of all." The Canadian study of 2013 proved this once and forever. The researchers intended to study the impact of pornography on viewers by conducting physiological tests on men who watch porn and men who have never watched it. The unfortunate researchers tried to find a man who had never watched porn for several months. They didn't succeed. As a result, scientists had to reformulate the tasks of the experiment and change its concept. The study affected men who had been watching porn from a young age, and those who had been watching porn as adults. What does this mean? Everybody watches porn. Each and every man does that.


Where should you have sex? In the bedroom? On the kitchen table? In the shower? At home? You do not have a very rich imagination, although you might have dreamed of having sex on the street, in a store, library or a toilet stall of an airplane. Canada pleased people again with research on this topic that makes it clear that 82% of men and women fantasize about sex in unusual places. Inappropriateness is the driving force behind sex outside the bedroom. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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