juliaIn this blog post, I will tell you about my love story with a 16 years old Julia I used to date during my teen ages. I was a 16 years teenager when I dated a gorgeous 16 Korean Julia. This love story has a good start and a good finish. I believe that absolutely everything in our life ends. Nothing is permanent in this world. Therefore, all of us should continue living. Whatever happens in your life, it will never last forever. If you are happy today, tomorrow you might become sad. Today’s wealth and fame might disappear tomorrow. If you are young, very soon you will become old. If you are gorgeous and beautiful, you should remember that beauty is a temporary quality. Beauty loses its wonderful look very soon. Thus, everything is temporary in this world. Joy, happiness, sadness, hope, ambitions, success, failures, and motivations are always temporary. They do not last forever. If you analyze your life, you will understand that you will never meet the people whom you used to see every day in your past. Today, you have new people surround you. Your old friends, girlfriends, lovers, and neighbors are left in your past. Life consists of different cycles. During every cycle, you will meet new men, women, friends, and lovers.


When I think about my life, I realize that my teen ages were very truly hypersexual. I was never as sexually active as I was during my teen ages. When I was 14 to 17 years old, I was dating with dozens of beautiful and sexy girls. My relationships with them were not purely asexual. Thus, I was making sex with both of my teenage girlfriends. I was a boy with huge volumes of testosterone burning in my blood. I was really obsessed with sex that time. To be honest, I can confess that I was very happy that time. Sweet words, kisses, hugs, and sex were bringing me an indescribable pleasure and joy. Today, my emotions and feeling are absolutely different.

I was a handsome 15 years old boy. That time, I already had a lot of sexual experience. This is why I cannot call myself as an innocent teenager. I was the most sexually active boy among all of my classmates. I had a couple of good friends. In fact, it is impossible to have many real friends. Therefore, let me clarify that I had only a single excellent friend. That time, we were interested in music. We liked rap the most. We were discussing new music hits and singers. Girls and were some of our foremost important hobbies, interests, and activities. Teenagers are usually explorers. We were teenagers those days. Dating hundreds of different girls and making sex with all of them were some of the key priorities of our teenage life. We were exchanging telephone numbers of different girls in our city. Thus, I got a number of Julia from a friend of mine.


Today, when I am a mature man, I do not imagine myself phoning someone and suggest getting to know each other better. Those days, picking up girlfriend with the help of telephone was a usual thing for me. I phoned Julia. I introduced myself and told Julia that I wanted to get acquainted with her. She asked me about the person who gave me her number. I did not expose this information. I kept that in secret. Moreover, Julia did not insist anyhow. Our conversation was continuing for approximate an hour. We were discussing music, rappers, singers, and other popular trends. Julia was a very communicative girl. She was very open and relaxed. By the end of our talk, I made an appointment for tomorrow’s evening. Julia gladly accepted my invitation since she liked my sexy voice very much. Next date, in the evening, we met in a café. Julia was wearing a mini-skirt, a t-shirt, and shoes on very high heels. If you suggested me to describe Julia in one word, I would say that Julia was sexy. Sexiness was burning in her soul. I was able to feel that hotness and passion. She was dressed so sexy. Her movements, words, and voice were calling me to actions. Julia had an average height. She had a curvy body. Julia was mulata. Although she was a Korean girl, she mostly resembled Latin women. Julia was very beautiful. However, beauty and prettiness were not her main qualities. As I said before, Julia was extremely sexy.

We had some delicious meals in the café. Then, I suggest walking in the park that was situated near from the café. It was a hot summer day. My mood was in the best condition I ever had. Julia was blossoming like a rose. As I always do, I was attacking Julia with thousands of romantic compliments and words. She was already melting in front of me. Julia was already ready for whatever I ask her to do. I kissed her a couple of times. Her lips were very sweet. At the same time, my hands were caressing her sexy body. I remember my hands liked everything that was hidden under her mini-skirt. I even put my hands inside her underwear. Julia was enjoying it. By the way, she was still a virgin. A park is not the best place for making sex. To be honest, I have never made sex in parks. I was not actually planning to make sex with her, and therefore, that date ended by a couple of kisses and hugs. Further, we continued dating. However, our relationship still did not lead to sex. My love story with Julia ended as quickly as it started.


One day, Julia invited me to her girlfriend’s birthday. The birthday party was going to be held in a restaurant. I was invited with my friend. Julia promised to give me her love message where she would write her romantic confessions. I was very eager to see that message. Julia was a very sentimental and romantic girl. She had a talent to beautifully convert her thoughts into splendid word phrases. In other words, Julia has a literature talent.

We prepared some good birthday presents and came to the restaurant. It was already full with different teenage girls and boys. Julia was a very communicative girl. She had a lot of male and female friends. Therefore, I was able to guess that the birthday party was going to be very noisy and naughty. There was a lot of alcohol on the tables. Vodka, Champagne, Wine, Whisky, and many other different drinks were offered to the birthday party members. Like today, I was never interested in drinking alcohol. This is why I did not drink anything there. Music was very loud. Girls and boys were dancing. Everyone was already drunk. Julia was the drunkest among all of them. It is very pleasurable to observe young drunk teenager girls. When they are drunk, they will do everything they want. I was already recognizing effects of their drunkenness on me. Several girlfriends of Julia were very flirtatious with me. Since everyone was drunk, I did not lose my chance to make something naughty. I started dancing with different girls. They were hugging and even kissing me. I was doing the same things to them. Although Julia was very drunk, she was able to see my infidelity. Finally, I started kissing her best girlfriend directly in front of her eyes. This was the end of the game. I clearly understood that my love story with Julia came to its end. Actually, I was not seriously interested in Julia. If I had some serious intentions towards that girl, I would not behave so disloyally. I liked Julia as a teenager likes sexy girls. These were my feelings. I did not even care if Julia was getting insulted by my naughty behavior. I did not even care if I lose Julia after that birthday party.

The party was over. Everyone was going home. After that day, IU did not receive even a single phone call from Julia. I was not planning to call her too. I understood that my love story with Julia was over. I was not even frustrated by that fact. This is how the game was over.

Today, when I start analyzing my teenage life, I realize how many virgins I lost. In fact, I lost dozens of virgins whose virginity I could enjoy. If I was back, I would definitely change my behavior and start treating those girls more seriously.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.