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write about your life“Should I write about my life?”This is one of the questions beginning bloggers ask themselves. Blogging gives you truly unlimited opportunities and choices. You can write about anything you want. Of course, it is always better to write about the things you are good at. Professional blogs get more web traffic. As always, it is necessary to write about the things that are interesting for people. Otherwise, your blog will die very soon.  Today, our life is too sophisticated. Therefore, all of us value and appreciate our free time. None of us will spend some free time reading boring and meaningless things. For this reason, if you want to build a successful blog, it must be engaging. People should be interested in reading your blog. This is the main key to being successful in blogging.

Sometimes, a person has no professional knowledge. He is not good at cooking, at reviewing different tech tools, but at the same time, this individual wants to start blogging. If you are not good ar anything and you are not traveling, the only thing you can write about is your life. This may be the only option for a person who has nothing to write about. All of us have thoughts, worldviews, opinions, and different ideas. This means that almost everyone has something to share with the world. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you have already recognized that I do not write about my daily life. Thus, my blog does not resemble a daily diary. I hope to write on a regular daily basis very soon. Right now, because of some particular reasons, I do not write about my daily life and activities. I think that writing about your life is not always appropriate. Of course, writing about your life is always morally, ethically, and culturally appropriate. When I say “it is not appropriate”, I mean that writing about your life is not appropriate if you are blogging for some financial and monetization purposes. In this case, writing about your life may not be the best option.

I decided to write this blog post in order to describe the situations when writing about your life will be profitable. In most cases, diary blogs die very soon. People are not interested to read about your life if they do not know who you are. This is the main reasons why daily diary blogs do not survive. Anyway, in some occasions, writing about your life can give you some good results.


This is the first case when writing about your life will benefit you. As I have mentioned above, our free time is very limited. None of us want to spend it on reading garbage. All of us look for some meaningful, helpful, and practical information. Therefore, we usually choose the web resources to read. Websites with high authority deserve our attention. At the same time, unknown and low-quality web resources do not attract our attention.

Why do we love celebrities? Usually, a celebrity is a rich person. Do you know any poor people who are famous and popular? No. All of the famous people are rich. In fact, their wealth makes them famous and popular. I strongly doubt that all of us would respect and love Bill Gates if he was not the richest person in the world. Bill Gates is not handsome, sexy, or attractive. Bill Gates is rich. This is why we are interested in his personality. Thus, wealth makes a person famous and popular. We unconsciously think that famous people are better than we. If they are famous and rich, they must be more talented and smarter than we. This is the main conclusion we make. None of us are interested in unpopular and poor people. We love the people whose features we would like to have. If you love rich people, you definitely want to become rich. If you adore tall people, your height must be low, and therefore, you like something that you don’t have. Anyway, all of us are interested in famous people. Their ideas, opinions, and worldview look extraordinary for us.

Usually, when a famous person starts blogging, his blog becomes popular very soon. The personality of a blogger matters much in the blogging success. People are more prone to read blogs of the famous people. I have recently looked up Bill Gates’ blog. He recommends some books on his blog. I think that 80% of the readers, who see his recommendations, will definitely read those books. Will it happen if I recommend some books? Yes, it may happen. Some of you might pay attention to my recommendations. Even though, I strongly doubt that 80% of my readers will follow my recommendations. Thus, a famous person has more chances to succeed in blogging than a simple individual.

You can start blogging about your life if you are a famous person. If you are unknown and unpopular, nobody will be interested in your daily life. Nobody cares about the things happening in your life. No one knows who you are, and therefore, nobody is interested in your daily stories. There are millions of bloggers who write about their life. Most of them have already failed or they will fail very soon. Why should a person with a limited free time read about your boring life? Everything happening in your life might look very important and serious for you. If you broke your nail, this event will look for you more important than the war happening in Syria. Won’t it? This is how human beings were created. All of us are selfish. Our problems matter much for us. Nonetheless, we should not forget that people do not care about us. All of them are preoccupied with their daily problems. Therefore, it is foreseeable that blogging about your life will not give you any success.

However, if you are famous to some extent, you can start blogging about your life. I do not insist that you must be internationally famous. Some local fame will be enough to make your daily diary blog popular among your readers.


If your life is very interesting, you do not necessarily need to be very famous in order to start writing about your life. People love shows. The content you provide on your blog must be exciting. If your life is very versatile, you visit different places, meet new people, your daily diary blog may engage your readers. Even though you are not famous, people will be interested in reading your blog if you provide them with some interesting videos, photos, and blog posts. Your content must be entertaining or educative.

Look at your life. If every day of your life resembles another day, there is nothing interesting in your whole life. If your life is monotonous, you should forget about writing about your life. Our life is tiresome and boring, and therefore, do not make it more boring by telling us your boring and depressive stories. Having an exciting and versatile lifestyle gives you a great opportunity to launch an interesting daily diary blog. In this case, writing about your life will be very profitable. You will get a lot of readers, and thus, you will be able to easily monetize your blog.

I think that these are the only situations when blogging about your life will bring you some fruits. People want some unusual and original content. Words said by a famous person always sound unique. If your life is filled with interesting and picturesque events, you can start blogging about your life with no doubts.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.