el sicario mexican assassin by charles bowden


el sicario mexican assassin by charles bowden‘EL SICARIO’ is a book written on the base of a video interview given by a notorious Mexican assassin. ‘EL SICARIO’ is the autobiography of the Mexican killer who was working for Ciudad Juarez drug cartel. The boss of the organization was infamous Amado Carillo. Thus, the Mexican killer was directly working for Amado Carillo. El Sicario was being ordered to kidnap, torture, and kill people in Mexica. These were his duties. The killer was working for the cartel for several decades. Fortunately, due to mystical circumstances, El Sicario – the Mexican killer decided to give up his business and become a devoted Christian. This is what he exactly did.

A famous writer Charles Bowden and Molly Molloy (not sure this is a real name) managed to meet El Sicario and get his interview. Further, by the help of Italian film director Gianfranco Rosi, the documentary film ‘El Sicario, Room 164’ was shown on French and German television in late November 2010. The film has won numerous awards since its premiere in Venice.

Actually, ‘EL SICARIO’ is an autobiographical book. Hence, you may wonder why I decided to include it on the list of best books on sociology. Though the book tells about the life of one person, throughout the book, you will see the whole society of Mexico.  You will see Mexican students working for drug cartels, Mexican military and policemen serving drug lords, and loads of Mexican people kidnapped, robbed, blackmailed, and killed in the book. Thus, ‘EL SICARIO’ expresses all society of Mexico. It is a purely sociological project. ‘EL SICARIO’ is a book that shows the reality of corrupt Mexico. When you read the book, you will learn how Mexican society functions. This is one of the books you won’t be able to reading.

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