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guest postingWhen you finished building your gorgeous blog, you sill definitely want strive to add as much material on it as possible. It is absolutely logical. A blog with huge amounts of posts attracts more readers. When a reader comes to a blog, he will pay foremost attention at the amount of articles published on your blog. The amount of information on your blog represents the maturity of your website. A new blog will usually have a pity amount of articles. Therefore, after a blog is built, bloggers strive to add as much information as possible. It is also said that blog with a big amount of information will get more web traffic from search engines. Actually, search engines do not count the amount of information on a blog in their algorithms. Therefore, it whether your blog is full or empty, it won’t make any impact on the quality of your SEO.

So what do bloggers do after their blogs are built and filled with all the necessary information to captivate their readers? In this stage, bloggers look for some exposure for their online resources. All of the professional bloggers want to make their blogs famous and popular. For this purpose, they use all the available marketing, promotion, and advertising tools. As I have already mentioned in some of my previous posts, blogging is a universal system consisting of different types of activities. And of course, PR is one of them.

In this post, I will tell you about the benefits of guest posting. Since it is one of the most popular tools to promote a blog, all beginning and professional bloggers use it in their business strategy. Guest posting is not a mere instrument to advertise a blog. It has much more objectives and advantages. Let me start describing some of the most significant benefits of guest posting.


Most of the bloggers use guest posting in order to build high-quality backlinks pointing to their own blogs. As you already know, link building is the best thing in order to improve the authority of your website. If you want to receive a huge amount of web traffic from search engines, you won’t reach your objective without building some powerful backlinks. There are many different options used to build backlinks. However, the most effective of them is guest posting. While post comments on high-quality websites, you always get nofollow backlinks that are absolutely useless for SEO purposes. There is no a single famous website that will reward you with a dofollow backlink for free. Most of the niche blogs accept guest posting. Guest posting is the only possible way to get some powerful backlinks from the website with high authority.


By guest posting on famous and popular websites, you promote and advertise your website or online business. After your article is finished, there will always be your photo, some bio, and a dofollow link to your web resource. Whilst your personal website is not yet popular, guest posting lets you become famous in a very short period of time. The only thing you will need to do is to write a very good article. After you publish several articles on some prestigious blogs, you will become a well-known expert in the sphere you are writing about. Write a single article for the Huffington Post, and you are already a star. Millions of people will get acquainted with you and your web resource. Guest posting advertises and promotes your current online business. This is one of the most beneficial advantages of guest posting.


It is known that web traffic has quality. High-quality web traffic is a type of traffic that is interested and related to the main niche of your blog. For example, if your blog is dedicated to travel, for you, it would be better to have visitors who are interested in traveling. Moreover, it would be great if they are active travelers. In this situation, your blog will be easily monetized through your affiliate products and other services sold on your website. Thus, targeted web traffic is better than the traffic that has no relation to the main niche of your website.

While guest posting, you will definitely post your articles on the blogs that are similar to the niche of your own blog. In the end of your article, there will be a long pointing to your website. Most of the readers, who thought your article to be very interesting, will click that link and come to your website. As a result, every article posted on famous websites will give you additional web traffic.

To successfully monetize a blog, you will need loads of web traffic. Bloggers use all the available means in order to get as much web traffic as possible. Social media marketing, advertisements and promotions, guest posting, and SEO are some of the most popular traffic-driving tools.


While writing on your own blog, you might not worry much about the quality of your writing. To post on famous and popular websites, the quality of your posts must be ideal. Thus, you will strive to prepare as better materials as possible. This will make you more professional.


Guest posting also lets you get to know with different people. When your posts are published on the world’s most famous websites, you will be easily recognized by millions of readers. What is more, some of the readers will be professionals in different specialties. If your writing sounded interesting and engaging for them, many of them will write you private emails. Furthermore, your chat may grow to the real friendship.

Guest posting might seem to be very time-consuming. However, its benefits are so significant that anyone of us should never underestimate its virtues. Guest posting is one of the best tools to develop and enhance your blogging activity and business.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.