use paypalPayPal is one of the most controversial companies in the world. It has loads of significant advantages, and at the same time, it is not free of some negative sides. There are a lot of people who love PayPal. These individuals are very devoted clients of this wonderful online payment company. Others refuse to use PayPal due to a number of disadvantages. I am not a fan of PayPal. What is more, I think that it is not the best idea to use PayPal for serious business purposes. On the other hand, I think that PayPal is the best online payment system for online shopping. Of course, if you use PayPal as a merchant, you will also get very important benefits of PayPal. Thus PayPal clients are divided into three groups. The first group of PayPal customers uses PayPal with a great pleasure. These people are usually very devoted clients of this company. The second group of individuals truly hates PayPal. Consequently, these people refuse to use PayPal for any purpose. The third group of personalities has another opinion. These PayPal customers think that PayPal has both several disadvantages and advantages. I belong to the last group of PayPal users. I assume that it is good to use PayPal in some instances. At the same time, I think that it is tremendously risky to use PayPal while making business with huge money transactions. There is no need to prove how risky PayPal can be for big businesses. There are such terrifying things as PayPal account access limitations. In some serious situations, your account might be entirely blocked, and then, all of your PayPal funds will be held during 180 days. PayPal can do these things absolutely legally. If you are merely suspected of something, you will be put under a big risk to lose your PayPal funds.

To be honest, I have not made any serious businesses with PayPal. Therefore, I have never lost even a single cent by dealing with PayPal. Then again, I am aware of all the scary stories told by PayPal haters. I have visited different online communities that are dedicated to PayPal haters. I have read dozens of stories about how people lose their money with PayPal. In fact, most of these people have done something to get their money frozen or their PayPal accounts accesses limited. I won’t be fully honest with you if I say that I had absolutely no problems with PayPal. Sometimes, I was not able to send my payments due to some PayPal technical problems. In other situations, I was not able to receive payments from my buyers since my bank account was not linked to PayPal. Hence, my PayPal experience is not completely smooth. Nevertheless, I successfully use PayPal for online shopping. What is more, I will continue to use PayPal further. Advantages and benefits of PayPal are so obvious that you do not even recognize its disadvantages. I have already written a good article describing some of the best advantages of PayPal. Today, I will tell about the reasons why I think that you should use PayPal. This post will be slightly different from my previous PayPal article. Today, I will not talk about the benefits of PayPal. I will solely describe some of the factors that make me use PayPal.


While making online shopping, we are usually required to provide our credit card credentials. When you buy something on Amazon, you are absolutely sure that your credit card information will be absolutely safe. Nobody will use your credit card credentials to steal your money. In fact, when you know someone’s credit card 12 digit numbers, the date when it expires, exact name and surname, and 3 digit number on the back of the card, you will be able to use this information for online shopping. Even if you don’t have that credit card in your hands, its credentials will be absolutely sufficient for you to buy something online. These actions are illegal. Nonetheless, there are loads of people who may wish to get your credit card credentials. While shopping on less authoritative and trustworthy online stores, it is very risky to provide your credit card information. I am absolutely sure that Amazon will never use my credit card data for illegal activities. Therefore, I can self-assuredly use my credit card to buy something on Amazon. Even though, Amazon is not the only online store in the world. We always want to buy different things from dissimilar online shops. Not all of them are as trustworthy as Amazon. In this case, almost everyone wants to get his credit card information secure.

One of the reasons why I use PayPal is because it hides my credit card credentials from the people and online stores. This is an amazing feature of PayPal that I admire. When you use PayPal to make payments online, you will be absolutely sure that nobody will get your credit card information. Thus, you will be safe from online criminals. Of course, not all of the international online stores accept PayPal payments. However, the most authoritative and popular online stores will definitely accept PayPal transactions. Secure payments make PayPal one of the most convenient online payment systems in the world. With PayPal, you are absolutely sure that your credit card data is protected. This is one of the reasons why I always use PayPal for online shopping purposes.


While making online purchases, you are not sure that your seller is an honest person. What if he takes your money, and then, he will not ship your item? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I still ask myself this question before I start shopping on new online stores. Do you remember your first online purchase? I bet you were hesitating to order your first item since you were not sure that the product will be shipped. This is what exactly happened to me before I bought my first item online. For this reason, my first purchase was extremely cheap. Further, I started learning about different online payment systems. My online worldview started enlarging. Even now, I realize that online shopping is not always secure. If you prefer shopping on respectful and popular online stores, it is very likely that you will never lose even a single cent due to fraudulent activities of your sellers. While buying something on unpopular and new online stores, you will always have some big risks. First of all, nobody guarantees you that your product will be shipped. Secondly, nobody will provide you with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. 
Usually, online payment systems consider all of the above mentioned, factors, problems, and risks. Therefore, they try to do everything in order to protect their buyers from online fraud. PayPal is one of the companies that will definitely protect your seller rights. In fact, PayPal is a very strict company. If somebody is suspected of something, PayPal will immediately punish that person by PayPal account access limitation or other things. When a seller uses PayPal, he clearly knows that he needs to do everything very well. He needs to sell high-quality products, and then, he needs to deliver them honestly on time. Otherwise, he can be punished by PayPal. This strictness of PayPal is beneficial for both sellers and buyers.

I will be correct if I say that everyone is afraid of PayPal. I like this fact very much. If something goes wrong with my seller, I know that there is PayPal that will protect my rights.  I use PayPal because I know that my item will be shipped on time. Moreover, I know that using PayPal will allow me to return the item if I dislike it. PayPal gives me a lot of rights. You never get these rights while buying something without using PayPal.


Currently, I am not involved in any online financial transactions. However, a few months ago, I was actively trading on Ebay. Thus, I was a seller on Ebay. Sometimes, I had problems with my buyers. For example, I made refunds to all of my buyers by mistake. What would you do in this situation? Your actions are foreseeable. You would contact your buyers, and then, ask them to send the money back to your PayPal account. If your buyers were honest people, you would get the money back. Otherwise, you would be simply ignored. I was in this situation. Here is something I did in order to get the money back to my PayPal account. I contacted my buyers and explained the problem. Most of them sent the money back. Others refused to do it. One of them said that it was not his problem. Thus, he ignored me. After this, I contacted PayPal and explained my situation. PayPal contacted that buyer and warned him. Finally, I got all of my money back to my PayPal account. This was my personal story.

If you want to be protected as a buyer, PayPal will be the best option you can choose. My story clearly represents how PayPal can assist you in difficult situations. These were some of the most significant reasons why I use PayPal. Though there are a lot of people who always criticize PayPal, I find this online payment system very convenient and safe. I will continue using PayPal despite all of its negative aspects.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.